Community Working Group Meeting Minutes 28th May 2014

COMMUNITY WORKING GROUP MEETING MINUTES Planning & Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy Wed 28th May 2014 2.00pm 5.00 p.m. Cattistock Room


Borough of Poole Attendees:
Stephen Thorne (ST) Head of Planning & Regeneration inc Building Consultancy (chair) Richard Genge (RTG) Planning and Regeneration Manager
Sue Ludwig (
SPL) Business Manager
Gwendoline Brennan-Barrass
(GBB) Economic Development Officer
Gillian Cathcart (
GMC) Business Support Officer minutes

Community Working Group Members / Resident Associations Attendees:

Terry Stewart (TS) – Mary Parsons (MP)

Graham Whitehall (GW) – Chris Mills (CM)
Chris Allenby (CA)
Ann Wood (AW) – Brian Finch (BF) – Gerald Rigler (GR)

Sue Chapman (SC) Ken Bearcroft (KB)

Steve Cameron (SC)

Lake Res Assoc Hamworthy / Friends of Hamworthy Park Lilliput and Neighbourhood Assoc
Bridging Communities
Poole Old Town Conservation Group
Hamside Residents Assoc
Friends of Harbour Reach

Society of Poole Men Poole Agenda 21 Parkstone Bay Assoc

Canford Cliffs & Branksome Park Residents Assoc

Julie Bagwell (JB) Watch this Space Tony Hamilton (TH) Poole Agenda 21

Gabriella Cobelli (GC) PA to Stephen Thorne (minutes)

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Minutes & Matters Arising: Last Regular CWG meeting (20.11.13) & CWG AGM (01.04.2014)

Minutes of previous CWG meeting held on 20.11.2013
Item 10.3, re: Repair of Hoarding
GR wishes to express his thanks that these repairs had been carried out. All items agreed as an accurate account of the meeting and therefore ratified.

Minutes of previous CWG meeting held on 01.04.2014
Question 4 from Q&A sheet (Item 6): Link Road on Gallagher site:
This was raised by TS who requested confirmation that this item was accurate, GR also contributed to the discussion.
Action: It was agreed that ST will discuss the issue with his Portfolio holder to seek clarification/confirmation. (Post meeting note: GC spoke to ST the minute is accurate).
Item 6.2: Interim Chief Exec arrangements: MP asked on what grounds there was a non-appointment of Chief Exec post. ST gave overview of current situation. Vote of confidence in existing team.


Item 25: Planning creep via non-material changes: GR registered his disappointment with this item and expressed his views accordingly. RTG reassured that there were no difficulties within the Borough on this issue. ST gave overview of the process and Enforcement action issues. GR thanked the Chair and RTG for explanation.

BF raised issues surrounding “The Boat Shed” development: RTG assured and explained how/why decision made relating to this site. ST explained Permitted Development rights and why enforcement action could not be taken on this issue. BF was satisfied with information imparted by ST & RTG.


Community Working Group Communication & Consultation

SPL explained Data Protection implications on email address sharing. Consensus was everybody happy to share their email address with Members of the Group. Action: GC to contact those not present at this meeting to see if they are also happy with this arrangement.



CWG Communication & Consultation

In response to question from TS re: email listing, SPL responded by explaining the limitations due to Data Protection Act for email addresses and that Data Protection is an obstacle in realising an email list Action: SPL will contact Emma Leatherbarrow (Corporate Strategy Team Manager) and ask her to give us an update on where she is with this issue.



Member Tour of Inspection Wednesday 2 July 2014

ST explained the ethos behind this Tour. Completed forms to be given to GMC/SPL at end of meeting. SPL said that as the Tour will be returning to Civic Centre (and NOT Upton House), members have option to attend either a.m OR p.m. RTG assured Members that there would not be much walking involved!


Access & Movement Workshop 9.04.2014

Chris Allenby raised question (by email to ST) i.e.: The Access and Movement seminar took place on the 9th April, can we have an update regarding the process and at what stage we are? What was the detailed outcome after the seminar? (We have probably all read the workshop Notes).

Various workshops have taken place. ST explained money had been found to carry out the modelling work (£250K). Various options are involved. RTG also contributed to the discussion. It was hoped that full Approval for an SPD should be obtained by Xmas 2014 after another consultation phase on the whole document during the Autumn.

In relation to the Port Link Road two-thirds are committed to be built by May 2017 (but the Port Link Road is a very important/significant issue). The remainder is dependant upon Gallaghers, and under the dedication agreement for Rigler Rd, will be completed within 12 months of commencement of development on the Power Station site.

MP expressed concern relating to vehicles coming off the Bridge and turning left to the Port, felt it was an accident waiting to happen” and she wished to register her concern on this issue. ST replied that he was aware and that was why the

Port Link Road was a priority. ST gave update on costing for Twin Sales Bridge and where funding had come from and confirmed that it was a £40 million project.


Protection of the High Street

ST introduced Gwen Brennan-Barrass (GBB) who gave a brief introduction explaining that the complexion of retail had changed over the years and policy must reflect this and change accordingly. De-Regularisation has simplified the “Change of Use” process (explained by ST & RTG) through the adoption of a Local Development Order.

Trams definitely regenerate and rejuvenate any High Street but it was agreed that this was not an option for Poole due to obvious constraints. GBB shared with

members the “Vacancy Rate Survey” for Poole which indicated that at present the vacancy rate was at 8% compared with the national average of 14%.

GBB set the scene, introducing the role of the Town Centre Management Board to increase the vitality on the High Street and circulated copies of their 5 year strategic plan and highlighted the projects that they are involved with Markets, Street Entertainers, Christmas Parade, Film Day in Falkland Square and Xmas Lights.

GBB referred to the £50,000 from reserves which had been allocated for projects on the High Street supporting business start-ups to test new ideas, introduction of 3-D virals to give a look of vitality to vacant units and improve the internal and external look of these units.

GBB spoke about working with Town Centre Management Board and consultants to evaluate the interest of businesses to apply for a Business Improvement District in the town centre and if so to help access a loan grant to process the scheme.

GBB referred to the Commercial Property Database and how our units/land are marketed to interested businesses Property Pilot. GBB spoke about the Top of the Shops Event which is in its 9th Year involving a Mystery Shop exercise across, Poole Town Centre, Ashley Cross, Ashley Road, Canford Cliffs, Penn Hill and Broadstone and culminating in an awards evening sponsored by Breeze Volkswagen and Sibbett Gregory.

GBB updated the meeting about the sponsorship by Economic Development at the Borough of Poole, Poole Tourism and the Dolphin Centre Management team to assist BU students on the Retail Course in researching opportunities for the town and producing their joint dissertation/report on developing Poole into a 21st Century town. A copy of the report was circulated. This is the third report which has been produced by the students from this course, brilliant, innovative ideas but unfortunately the funding is not available to implement them.

GBB mentioned the development of a Night Time Economy Strategy and various members of the Community Working Group confirmed that they were aware of the strategy and were involved in the research.

GBB fielded questions from MP re: Growth Hub etc. and explained some of the support that Economic Development gives to new/businesses. Please see the following web site addresses:-

  •   Growth Hub
  •   Dormen –
  •   WSX Enterprise
  •   Borough of Poole Web Business Pages


Planning Applications & Communication

TS expressed concern with regard to the Magna Road application. RTG explained a weekly list is published and details can be found on the web site. BF felt it should be better identifiable and that often different descriptions of addresses picked up different results. Action: ST agreed to speak with Keith Pegram (Projects & Performance Manager) to try and find ways the system can be made more user-friendly and addresses consistently used.



Hamworthy Park

BF felt that an official Enquiry should be held regarding this matter. RTG clarified some of the issues re: Fields In Trust. BF introduced documents/pack of information, the contents of which were noted. RTG & ST of the opinion that the myriad of issues raised by BF would be better addressed outside of this meeting and advised BF to arrange a meeting with RTG to discuss and hopefully resolve. MP expressed concerns surrounding Hamworthy Park and whether this should be the subject of a Planning application, felt that public open spaces being taken over by developers. ST explained this was more of a matter for Sarah Varley (Asset, Estate & Data Management Senior Manager) to address as outside the remit of the Planning Service. (Post meeting note: This matter has been passed to Kevin McErlane (Interim Strategic Director).


Review of Planning Practice Guidance RTG rebutted comments made

by TS and clarified policies all of which was supported by ST.
Campaign for Sensible Tree Management Update GW RTG clarified/informed members on this issue. The Green Infrastructure Strategy

was discussed and explained to the Group by RTG.

  •   Viewpoint at Harbourside Park GW The application for the removal of 5 Oak Trees at the “viewpoint” was withdrawn because of the number of objections. Do Planning consider this a viewpoint? General no-specific discussion about engagement with residents by the Council.
  •   Target for Employment TS raised the issue of Employment Sites being given permission for residential use. There was concern that we won’t have enough land left to deliver the requirements of the Core Strategy. RTG referred to the evidence given at the Magna Road Planning Inquiry that there is plenty of Employment space in Poole at this time.
  •   Section 106 as opposed to CIL TS Terry asked whether Gallaghers are entering into a Section 106 Agreement or CIL? RTG advised that developer’s legislation allows developers to decide.
  •   Party Houses – TS had brought Mr Steve Cameron to the meeting specifically to discuss “party houses”. Mr Cameron is an affected neighbour. ST explained the action that the LPA is taking in order to determine (in each individual case) whether a material change of use as occurred.

Date of the Next The Community Working Group Meeting: –
Wed 3
rd Sept 2014 2.00pm-4.30pm ROOM 134 CIVIC CENTRE

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