BPCCRA Minutes November 12th 2008





Terry Stewart President

John Defty Treasurer

John Gunton Magazine Editor

Stan Alfert Data Protection Officer

Bob Young Magazine Advertising Manager

12 Members/Wardens

Welcomes: TS welcomed our Ward Councillors, Mrs Carole Deas, Neil Sorton and all those present.


Apologies: John & Diana Sprackling (Holiday), Val Short (accident to foot), Michael Bond, Keith Alcroft (Holiday), William Mutlow & Ken Sanson (Chairman, Sandbanks Assn)

Accuracy: TS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meetings held on 08 October 2008.


Carole Deas invited a potential developer for 107 Lilliput Road to make a presentation on their proposal to demolish the half finished block of 12 flats and build 6 individual houses on the site, following the Richard Carr bankruptcy. The consensus of the meeting was that 6 lower profile houses were preferable to a high block of flats.

TS stated that we should encourage developers to consult residents before submitting major planning applications.


From here on TS read the reports from JS :

Poole Pottery/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported that…

1. Quayside (former) Dolphin Quays development – The solicitors acting for the Dolphin Quays Residents Association have put forward a very strong case to restrict the lateness of the hours of the Driftwood Brasserie and Pitcher & Piano . The Licensing Sub-committee for the Driftwood Brasserie is Monday 17th November at 09.00 and the Pitcher & Piano hearing date is not fixed but might be Monday 1st December.

2. Poole Pottery factory buildings in Sopers Lane – no further developments

3. Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – ditto

4. Quay Thistle Hotel site – JS has received a copy of the notes of the meeting held on 12/09/08 and Poole Council’s Regeneration Planning Manager has invited JS & others to a meeting to explain the ‘whole’ picture regarding this site from the Council’s perspective and explain his role in the site.

TS reported that the planning application for 260 flats with the doubling of the Thistle Hotel had been rejected. He was glad because the hotel had been hidden at the back of the site and the Environment Agency had stated that the site was liable to flooding.

5. Old Orchard House. 39-61. High Street – no further developments.

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:
TS said that JS had heard nothing further regarding the S210(1) unlawful felling summons re 19 Mornish Road.

Fitzmor Homes Ltd sites at 49 & 49a Haven Road & 7 Balcombe Road – No further developments.

75 Canford Cliffs RoadNew application (Proposed alterations and extension to garage)

registered on 23/10/08.


18 Balcombe Road (Oversize ‘For Sale’ board) – No further developments.

Poole Beaches and Coastal Defences: Mr Chris De Grouchy, Head of Flood Management Division has written to an objector unconnected with the Assn “I have written to John McBride, the Chief Executive of the Borough of Poole, to say that works can proceed subject to a commitment to produce information, to be made available for public examination, on the need for beach control structures and the proposals for managing risk to swimmers near the rock groynes.”

Council Tax 2008/09 & Financial Monitoring report: TS reported that Cllr. Brian Leverett had stated at the Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill Area Committee meeting that the Council’s 3 year Financial Plan faced steadily reducing Government grants, meaning several £million required cost savings. He hoped to be able to keep the Council Tax increase to 5% in April.

Poole Partnership: JS reported that the next Poole Partnership Steering Group and Poole Partnership Local Development Framework (LDF) meetings are to be held on 26/11/08 and 02/12/08. Chairman’s note: The LDF meeting has been cancelled due to “clash of dates”.

Lindsay Road to Station Road Corridor/Speeding: – The new Safer Neighbourhood Partnership had chosen speeding as their top priority for the next 3 months..

Canford Cliffs Village & proposal to plant trees in Haven Road: TS said that JS had contacted James Pride, Chairman of the Canford Cliffs Land Society about the proposal to plant trees in Haven Road. The Society are developing a plan to submit to the Council.

Local Bus Services: No further developments.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road nothing new to report.

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road ditto

Bessborough Road – ditto

Update re ‘Branksome Park Conservation Area is at RISK’

TS reported that the appeal against the Local Planning Authority’s decision to refuse 31 Western Avenue (Demolish existing house (retain pool complex) and erect 1 no. detached house with integral garage) and Conservation Area application to demolish existing dwelling) was dismissed on 21/10/08.

Possible Charitable Status for Assn: JS said that he had still to set up a small Sub-Committee to look at this.

Action to prevent Travellers accessing Beach Road car park: MH to advise if there has been any further developments. TS reported that the Regional Plan required Poole to provide 15 residential sites and 12 transit sites. The Council were considering sites at Merley Hall Farm, Ashington, which generated 200 protesters at the Broadstone, Merley and Bearwood Area Committee meeting held on 22/10/08.

Canford Cliffs Chine: Keith Alcroft and MH had inspected the unsightly Chine with Cllr. Peter Adams, Cabinet Member responsible for Leisure Services in September, who said he would consult with his Officers and submit proposals for improvement – none seen so far.


TS reported on Keith Alcroft’s statement :

7 Lakeside Road (Erect 1 block of 7 flats with underground parking. (Revised Scheme) application registered on 09/09/08.

3 Lawrence Drive (Development:Demolition of existing and erection of 8 apartments with underground parking (Revised scheme) subject to ‘Written representations’ appeal (APP/Q1255/A/08/2078484) The site visit was held on 04/11/08. Chairman’s note: MH writes “Planning Inspector has allowed the appeal …. which means that No 4 Lawrence Drive also recently refused will appeal. However as the Examination in Public has taken


place by the time this gets to the appeal stage, we may be able to rely on PCS6(iv).

Wind Turbine application at Tesco, Branksome TS reported that Tesco wanted to

erect 2 turbines 33 feet high. As a general rule, it is the Assn’s adopted practice to take a re-active approach only to planning applications and we have received no representations from residents about this application, although I sent a note to Jennifer Hamilton-Smith at Melton Court and a resident of one of the town houses at the adjacent Holly Lodge.

1, 2 & 3 Alington Close & 2a & 2b Shore Road (Demolish existing and erect 6 x two/ three storey blocks comprising 32 flats with basement car parking, accessed off Alington Close and associated works and landscaping) (Amended scheme).

TS reported that the Association had only just received legal advice on the possibility of providing further financial support to the Luscombe Valley Assn, the group of residents who were taking the Council to the High Court for Judicial Review on this questionable planning approval. So the Executive would review on JS’s return from holiday. The group are now confident that they have adequate funds to progress the case Win big as the story unfolds in this mobile pokies online underwater tale, and select your coin size, select your preferred number of paylines, then click spin! The goal of Mermaids Millions pokies online is to get 3 or more of the same symbols running from left to right across the reels, to land a wild with King Neptune, or a scatter with the mermaids. to Court.

Chairman’s Note: Mandy Loader, the spokesperson for the Luscombe Valley Assn writes “…you’ll be pleased to hear that yesterday (20/11/08), despite the recommendation for grant and the avowal from the Case Officer that this massive, 3-storey block was designed to ‘disappear’ (you can imagine the guffaws), every single one of the six councillors on the committee voted against this proposal on the basis that it was detrimental to Evening Hill Grange and the Conservation Area.

The Judicial Review came up several times but Peter Watson was adamant that it had no bearing on 1, Shore Road. When Xena suggested deferral until the judge’s decision, Watson refused. It was good that I had the opportunity of pointing out that as the Design and Access Statement of 1, Shore Road was virtually a mirror image of the Design and Access Statement of the Luscombe Valley development, it had set a precedent that was possibly perverse.

Anyway, that’s good news for the moment. I’m pursuing lizards and dragonflies and hope an article about endangered species and the effect the development will have on them (got two experts who attest it will be serious) might be acceptable to Diana Henderson next week, just to keep us in the public eye until the Judge’s decision.”

Other current planning issues

16-18 Durrant Road (Demolish existing and erect 2 blocks of 6 flats (12 total) with single linked basement garage) – application granted by Planning Committee on 17/04/08 and subject to complaint by local residents to Local Government Ombudsman (LGO). The LGO’s provisional findings received on 08/11/08 were that the Council did nothing wrong. She does seem to have accepted everything they said without question which is disappointing and still believed to be incorrect. Andy Reed, one of the complainants says that he needs “to work through her response over the next couple of days and get back to her with some comments for consideration before any final decision is reached.”

1 – 3 Compton Avenue (Demolish existing and erect a block of 11 flats & 1 maisonette with basement parking Revised Scheme) – application granted by Planning Committee on 17/04/08 and subject to complaint by Dorset Lake Residents’ Assn to Local Government Ombudsman. DLRA have received two ‘holding’ letters stating that the Ombudsman is in the process of investigating the complaint.

Canford Cliffs, Promenade 2 (a) Construction of 18 new beach huts)Application No: 08/24380/005/F & (b) Conservation Area application to demolish 8 beach huts (nos 99-106) adjacent to Canford Cliffs Chine. Application No: 08/24380/007/U The applications

were registered as long ago as 22/01/08 &13/02/08 respectively. MH will keep the Assn

advised of any further developments.

62 Haven Road (Erect 3 x 4-bed houses) subject to a Planning Inquiry (APP/Q1255/A/08/2081952) The date for Final comments was 07/10/08

Land rear of 2 Mornish Road (Erect 3-storey house with detached garage to be

accessed from Mornish Road) – Local concerns. The application withdrawn on 06/10/08.

19 Sandbourne Road (Demolish existing and erect 5 apartments over 3 storeys with

basement parking and associated cycle and bin store) – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 24/06/08. Still s ‘current’ application.

5 Shore Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect detached house with integral

garage) – Application registered on 03/10/08.

5A Shore Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect detached house with integral


garage) – Application registered on 03/10/08.

1 Shore Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect a block of 6 apartments with basement garage, bike store & associated vehicular access (revised scheme). – Application registered on 01/10/08.

8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application. An entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property.

1 Over Links Drive (Sever land and erect a detached house with integral garage) – application withdrawn on 27/03/08. Awaiting revised application.

60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – was subject to Written Representation appeal (GOSW Ref SW/THM/8147/1038). JS has just received a note from the Environment Team Casework Officer at the Planning Inspectorate that the records show that this case was withdrawn as “the appealant(sic) had sold the property and moved away.”

The condition requiring the replanting of replacement trees is now being followed up and the Council’s Arboriculturist will shortly be visiting both 60 and 60a to check tree issues. Letters will be sent to the owners requesting planting under Treework/Planning conditions.

4. Reports re

  • · Parkstone, Penn Hill & Canford Cliffs Safer Neighbourhood Partnership

meeting :

TS reported on the first meeting held on Oct. 29. This Partnership comprises Police,

Council, Neighbourhood Watch and other bodies with the objective of defining local

residents’ concerns on crime. Unfortunately, there had been no consultation with the Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & Sandbanks Watch.

  • · Exhibition of the local sites that are part of the Site Specific Allocations document :

TS reported that there had been an exhibition of proposed development sites for our Wards. The only site he objected to was the proposal to build a Care Home on the Penn Hill car park, which was a major community amenity.

  • · Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill Area Committee meeting

TS reported that apart from Cllr Leverett’s financial report, the key discussion was on the proposals to install cycle lanes from Evening Hill to the Sandbanks car park. This would mean losing some parking along the Bay, with meters in side roads.

5. ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JD reported that the Association’s balance at October 31 was £34,442.


Public Examination Hearing Sessions into the Core Strategy – TS reported that he had appeared at 8 sessions of the Public Inquiry into how Poole would develop over the next 20 years. A summary of the key transport conclusions is set out at the foot of these miutes. A key development is that the Environment Agency has stated that much of the Old Town is liable for flooding, which means that the proposed regeneration sites in West Quay Road must install flood mitigation measures.

Suspension of Cllr Mrs Carole Deas – TS reported that Cllrs Carole Deas and David Gillard had been suspended by the Conservative Group for 3 months. No statement had been issued for this. The Southern Poole Chairmens’ Group had issued a unanimous protest since these Councillors were respected for their support for Residents’ concerns.

He also reported that the meeting of the Council with 14 Residents’ Associations on June 6th had been promised that John McBride, Council Chief Executive, would submit proposals for improving communication to Residents Associations. So far nothing had been heard, despite an additional request to the Cabinet Meeting. A request had been made for a meeting with Cllr Dr Brian Leverett and John McBride, but had received no reply.

To try to resolve the situation, he would be meeting Cllr Peter Adams, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Association on Nov. 14.

TS closed the meeting at 8.55pm.

Date of next Meeting: The next meeting is on Wednesday 3rd December 2008 in the


Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm’s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)

NB Date brought forward as Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill Area Committee has been fixed for 10/12/08.


  1. Poole’s Transport Policy
    1. The Highways Agency stated that the A31 was already over capacity, and the A35 was approaching capacity.
    2. The Highways Agency is proposing to dual carriage the bypass around Wimborne, and probably install a fly-over across the roundabout at Canford Bottom (the 5 junction roundabout to Wimborne, Colehill, etc).
    3. The Link from Poole Port to the A31 will involve turning Gravel Hill Road (from Poole to Wimborne) into dual carriage way up to the A31. This is questionable since the Canford Heath SSSI is to the East and the Delph Woods SSSI is on the West.
    4. The Council has admitted that the development of Poole will increase traffic flows in Poole by up to 24% in the 20 years to 2026.
    5. The Council admitted that the target of year on year decrease in car park movements was unrealistic.
    6. Also unrealistic was the 10% reduction in pollutants by 2010.
    7. There has been a 63% increase in bus use in the last 3 years, but much of this is free bus travel by the over 60s.
    8. Each new household will generate 4 additional trips (car or bus) each day on average.
    9. Yellow buses are being fitted with GPS units that will enable traffic lights to turn green if the buses are late.
    10. Park & Ride extra rail station car parks are planned.
    11. 2 bus lanes are proposed along Wallisdown Road – surely there is not the width for this ?
  1. Several Funding Categories for Transport Projects

1. The Council is hoping for £9 million loan from the Regional Investment Fund, for the 2nd Lifting Bridge, they should hear the result of their application on December 5..

    1. The A31/35 improvements will be funded by the Highways Agency.
    2. The A31 Link Road depends on the S.E. Dorset Transport Study, and then will have to be funded by Region, fighting for priority.
    3. Other transport projects to support housing growth will mostly have to be funded by developer contributions, according to the Secretary of State’s RSS modifications.
  1. Problem of Timing Uncertainty
    1. The Core Strategy says that the Old Town Regeneration Area (West Quay Road) cannot be started until the 2nd Lifting Bridge is built since the Environment Agency states much of the Old Town is liable to flooding and the new bridge is the designated escape route.
    2. The Strategy says that the Power Station, Pilkington and Wood sites cannot be started until the 2nd Lifting Bridges is completed, and Gallahers are refusing to pay the Section 106 contributions to pay for the bridge infrastructure.
    3. The S.E. Dorset Transport Study will take another year, and probably another year to develop the Business Case for the A31 Link Road, so timing of Regional funding is very uncertain.
    4. The A31 improvements will not be completed until about 2016 according to the Highways Agency, because of funding delays. Theoretically no major development can happen in Poole until the A31 is improved.