BPCCRA Minutes February 13th 2008





Terry Stewart President

John Sprackling Chairman

John Defty Treasurer

Keith Alcroft Planning Officer

John Gunton Magazine Editor

Bob Young Magazine Advertising

Val Short Minutes Secretary

Cllr. Neil Sorton Ward Councillor

Cllr Mrs May Haines ditto

18 Members/Wardens

Welcomes JS welcomed Cllrs Neil Sorton & Mrs May Haines and all those present, especially those attending for the first time. JS said that NS had rushed from an interviewing Committee meeting starting at 5.00pm short-listing candidates for the post of the Council’s Head of Financial Services – the highly-regarded Bob Jackson will be leaving Poole for promotion at New Forest D.C.


Apologies: Michael Bond & Bill Belshaw

Accuracy: JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 9th January 2008.


Poole Pottery/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported that

1. Quayside (former) Dolphin Quays development – Marston’s Inns & Taverns application to use the 1st floor open area in association with use of adjacent unit as a ‘bar/restaurant’ is subject of an appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2045557) on 28/02/08, in the Conference Room, Civic Centre at 10.00am.

2. Poole Pottery factory buildings in Sopers Lane – Plans to demolish existing and erect a 116 bed care home, day centre and ancillary facilities is subject to an Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/204437) on 20/02/08 in the Council Chamber at 10.00am.

3. Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – No further developments

4. Quay Thistle Hotel site – TS provided JS with a letter dated 08/02/08 from Planning Design & Control Services to say that the Borough of Poole has received a Scoping Assessment, for this proposed development. The letter goes on to say that “It is anticipated that a formal planning application with the finalized Environmental Assessment will be submitted following the Scoping Assessment. As such you are invited to offer your opinion and observations with regard to the Scoping Assessment”.JS has asked for a copy of the Scoping Assessment.

5. Old Orchard House. 39-61. High Street – No further developments.

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:

JS reported that, following a fine of £2000 (plus costs) for wilful damage to 11 mature pines on land adj. to 2 Mornish Road, Kingsbury Homes face a 2nd prosecution next month re 118 Panorama Road (Wilful damage to protected tree)

Barrington Homes are also due in Court next month on a s210(1) unlawful felling Summons re 19 Mornish Road and a s210(1) unlawful destruction Summons re 15 Westminster Road.

They also face prosecution for further offences including…

55 Canford Cliffs Road (s210(1) wilful damage and destruction to protected trees)

6a Bingham Avenue (Damage to roots to TPO trees damaged whilst carrying out works to lower drive)

It was agreed that, in view of the series of offences, the Assn should write to the Council requesting that it asks the Magistrates to refer these cases for hearing by the Crown



Unauthorised Advertisement Hoardings: TS has requested a copy of the final version of Policy on Advertising Hoardings around residential construction sites before this is presented at the Local economy Overview Group (LEOG) meeting on 28/02/08. JS said that the Agenda and supporting papers for the meeting should be posted on the BoP website next Wednesday 20/02/08 (i.e. at least five working days before the meeting).

NS referred to the latest Planning Notice Log (Enforcement Activity report) which accompanied the Agenda and supporting papers for the following day’s Planning Committee meeting and listed a number of cases where individuals had been successfully prosecuted with fines ranging from £100 to £2,500 plus costs..

NS also referred to the Head of Design & Control Services Report on the award of costs in Planning Appeals which refers to costs awarded in the case of 6 Birds Hill Road (Demolish existing and erect a block of 7 flats over 3 floor with associated parking) and 19-21 Munster Road (Demolish existing pair of detached houses and erect two 3-storey blocks of 7 flats each (14 total) with basement parking, cycle & bin stores)

NS said that Members need to have strong planning reasons for refusing an application.

A discussion ensued about whether Planning Officers should make a recommendation to ‘Grant’ or ‘Refuse’ in their report to the Planning Committee as it made it more difficult for the LPA to argue a case before an Inspector with conviction when the Planning Officer’s recommendation had been over-turned by the Committee. It was suggested the reports should go to the Planning Committee without a recommendation either way but NS said that Members needed to be guided by the professional advice of officers.

JS said that he would write the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for guidance.

Chairman’s Note: By co-incidence, Cllr Graham Wilson raised this issue at the following day’s Planning committee meeting and said the situation wasn’t helped by the fact that officer’s report was stamped in large letters “DECISION OVER-TURNED”. The Chairman, Cllr Mrs Stribley, said that this was a debate for another day” MH said that she knows the Vice-Chairman of Planning in Bournemouth and will ask him about their procedure

JS said that he would include details of various unresolved complaints relating to the area covered by our Assn in the Minutes – see below.

Compliance Date

05/02/07 15 Haig Avenue – Replacement trees required, following unauthorised felling Tree Replacement Notice issued and replant was due to have been pursued last October.

04/06/07 31 Western Ave – Change of ground levels damaging TPO trees. The

Enforcement Notice is being monitored by the Council’s Arboricultural team

Date unknown Plot 2, 20 Flaghead Road (Relief of Condition 16 of Planning Permission 04/29819/001/P granted 28.04.05, concerning fixing and obscure glazing on Plots 3, 4 & 5) – Appeal dismissed and Breach of Condition to be followed up by Planning Enforcement Team.

Date unknown 82 Haven Road – 210(1) TPO Prosecution – date to be fixed

03/08/07 1 The Glen, 166 Canford Cliffs Rd – Unauthorised engineering works Enforcement Notice Engineering works levelling site, which was previously sloping in

character. TPO issues also.

12/12/07 6 Flaghead Road – Temporary Stop Notice Sought Prosecution file passed to legal 07/01/08

Poole Beaches and Coastal Defences: JS said that he had been contacted about the deep sand blown on to the Promenade from the beach.

JS has also been told that there is serious sand erosion on the beach in front of the houses/apartments on the narrow stretch of Banks Road, prior to reaching the Pavilion

when heading towards Sandbanks. The beach front is now very close to those dwellings.


This has been discussed by the Sandbanks Assn they will pursue the matter with Capital Works Manager. NS said that he would follow-up.

JS said that he would include the text of a note about the sand on the promenade which he had received from the Waste Services Manager on 04/02/08 in the Minutes – see below.

“Please be advised that we have been working on the promenade over the last few weekends including the Christmas and New Year periods to from a clear pathway where possible, similar to the one your correspondent has suggested. In fact we cleared the promenade on Saturday morning the 2nd February, only to incur the storms yesterday, which replaced the sand that had been removed with more dunes.

We accept this is a continual seasonal issue and we will look to rectify this where possible, but it is not possible to clear the promenade on a continual daily basis at this time of year, due to the weather conditions that exist. In terms of resources, we also only bring our main beach cleansing operations on line in advance of the Easter period each year, which is earlier this year than normal, with Good Friday being on the 21st March 2008.

We will endeavour to keep the promenade as clear as possible during this interim period and we also work with our collection crews who have already made us aware of the position you highlight.

Council Tax 2008/09 & Financial Monitoring report: JS said that the 2008/09 Council

Tax rate is expected to be 4.9% but this has still to be ratified by the Full Council at their meeting on 21/02/08.

William Mutlow reported that the Council’s Financial Monitoring Report shows an overspend of £579,000 as 31st Dec.; 50% of the funds earmarked for Capital expenditure had been spent and some had been transferred into next year. The Council’s Financial monitoring is much improved and appreciated. Central Government have announced the amount of their financial support for the next 3 years and the Council are predicting a 5% increase in Council Tax for 2009/10 and 2010/11. There are some new resources available from Central Government, but also new demands and efficiency savings have to be found to get the new resources. Equal pay will cost another £0.5m a year. Funds can be raised by disposal of assets, but once sold cannot be recouped. The current deficit is likely to be offset by higher than expected interest rates.

Poole Partnership: Next meeting of the Steering Group is to be held on 13/03/08.

Lindsay Road to Station Road Corridor/Speeding in Lindsay Road: It was reported in

yesterday’s Daily Echo that the work on the traffic lights at Penn Hill is due to be completed on 28/02/08.

JG asked if anything could be done about speeding in Links Road. TS said that Beat Officers had been provided hand-held laser speed guns. At the moment, motorists are only being issued with a warning notices but the Police plan to get tougher shortly. TS suggested that JG should contact Acting Sgt. Jane Newcombe.

Canford Cliffs Village: JS reported that the planter on the corner of the Southern end of Ravine Road and Haven Road had recently been removed as a result of a motor accident. It seems that a car came out of Ravine Road and crashed into the centre of a Bedford van travelling along Haven Road. The van spun round and hit the planter which was bolted to the ground and pushed it across the pavement to the front of Berkleys Estate Agents. Luckily no pedestrian was injured as the van stopped dead at the kerb. It is now the subject of a Insurance claim.

JS said that he has been informed that Transportation Services checked the lines of sight before the CCTA were allowed to put the planters on the footpath and agreed their current positions.

Skywalk Tower, Sandbanks (Application No. 06/12765/016/F) & proposed Solar Pyramid: JS reported that the demise of the proposed Solar Pyramid was announced at the Cabinet meeting on 10/01/08.

Bus Service to serve Lindsay Road & Penn Hill Ave: Cllr Parker wrote to JS on 13/01/08 “We want a service from Penn Hill Avenue and Lindsay Road into Poole.”


Mobile ‘Phone Masts/Telecommunications masts roll-out procedure: JS said that he would include details of the amended procedures agreed at the Cabinet meeting on 29/01/08 in the Minutes – see below.

• To arrange an invitation for Mobile Operators (or their representative) to attend Area Committee meetings to discuss proposed installations, update on case law and other informative advice relevant to proposed applications.

• To produce a guidance leaflet which explains the broad principles of PPG8, permitted development rights, health considerations and answers commonly asked questions.

• To require a summary table of comments received from consultees, along with a response to those comments and copies of the actual letters to be submitted with an application seeking full planning permission or prior approval.

• To produce and maintain an ‘up-to-date’ mast register.

• To require Operators to submit an electronic map version of the Roll Out plans.

• To require Operators to submit ‘scaled’ photomontages or other illustrations that show the context, appearance and impact of proposed installations.

• To cross reference proposals within the Operator’s Roll Out to ensure consistency and other Operator’s plans to establish where mast sharing opportunities arise.

• To require Operators to submit cell coverage plans which are easy to read and understand.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road No further developments.

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – No further developments.

Bessborough Road – MH reported that the moveable bollard probably should not be there, but that there is a need to clarify the matter with the Land Society. It depends on the definition of a Right of Way, the present arrangement allows walking, but not cars.

Update re ‘Branksome Park Conservation Area is at RISK’

Branksome Park Conservation Area JS said that Bill Belshaw had copied him into the letter from the Head of Strategic Planning to a former member of the Assn dated 18/01/08. BB comments that the letter gives some re-assurance but we will keep trying for prescription. JS said that he would include the text of the letter in the Minutes – see below.

Haig Ave & Lawrence Drive – MH is to contact the Head of Strategic Planning to find out if a Special Character Area assessment for Haig Ave & Lawrence Drive carried out by a consultant is acceptable. There is a need to establish this before Lawrence Drive residents approach Phil Smith, who was Poole Council’s Conservation Officer until Sept 2007, who MH believes now works for the Matrix Partnership

The application for 8 flats at 3 Lawrence Drive has been refused. The application for 9 flats in Haig Avenue is being held in abeyance waiting to hear from English Heritage.

Branksome Park Residents Meeting -17 December 2007

I refer to the meeting attended by Peter Jackson, Bill Belshaw and yourself, together with Members and officers, on 17 December 2007. In addition, John McBride has passed me your letter of 19 December and I have attempted to respond to some of the points you make in that.

At the meeting it was agreed that I would write to you, setting out the relationship between

general and site-specific Local Plan policies and confirmation of the Council’s commitment to protection of Conservation Area character. Your loophole concern arises from what you perceive as a conflict and I hope that my explanation below puts your mind at rest.

Local Plan policies essentially fall into two categories; general and site-specific. Site-specific policies relate to sites or areas of land identified on the Proposals Map of the Plan. They are used when:

• The Plan is making specific development proposals for an area; or

• Site-specific policies need to be applied to an area(s) should planning applications be submitted. This usually, but not always, means that designated areas require some form of protection, whether that be of their use or character.


General policies are used when Borough-wide coverage is required and in circumstances where the future submission of planning applications cannot be predicted.

I can confirm that where there is a potential for conflict between a general and a site-

specific policy it is the latter that will take precedence. At the meeting you cited Local Plan

Policy H32 as generally allowing conversions of building to rest and nursing homes, subject to certain character and environmental safeguards. Policy BE23, on the other hand, indicates that for the Branksome Park and other named Conservation Areas, development should be restricted to single household detached dwellings, with supporting reasoned justification in paragraph 5.89. In this case, it is Policy BE23 that would take precedence.

At the meeting, John McBride also confirmed the Council’s continued commitment to the necessary protection of the Borough’s Conservation Areas as stated in the Poole Local Plan. You acknowledge this commitment in your letter. Necessary policy protection will of course vary from case to case, depending on the character of the Conservation Area concerned. We agreed at the meeting that ft would not be appropriate to have blanket Conservation Area policies because what might be acceptable in the Quay Conservation Area might not be acceptable in Branksome Park.

I have also indicated that the Council will be reviewing policies through the emerging Local Development Framework and that the Site Specific Local Development Document is the appropriate vehicle for revised Conservation Area policies. As part of that process we will engage with you in looking at the potential for greater policy prescription, assessing

whether that is practical and desirable. Again, you welcome this engagement. However, I cannot offer the hope of an interim policy; we have a reasonably up-to-date Local Plan and with the LDF now underway, an interim policy would be untested and would carry very little weight. Whilst I understand that you would prefer the greater certainty that you consider would follow prescription, the existing policy already gives Members and case officers the ability to refuse proposals that would adversely affect the character of the conservation area.

I note your comments about the relative merits of prescription and flexibility but, under the new Planning system, these will be weighed by an independent Inspector and his conclusions will be binding.

You refer to two other issues in your letter: the relative size of existing and proposed dwellings in the Conservation Area; and the question of demolition in advance of a planning permission for a replacement proposal. With regard to the former, my understanding is that Peter Watson is doing a piece of work on this. In respect of the latter, your interpretation is correct and I can only assume that your colleague must have misinterpreted Peter’s advice.

I hope this is the assurance you required.”


Possible Charitable Status for Assn: No further developments.


KA reported that…

3 Lawrence Drive (Block of 8 apartments with underground parking) – This application has been refused due to tree concerns and privacy issues relating to the neighbour at 4 Lawrence Drive. The applicant will either re-submit or appeal… so watch this space.

18 Buccleuch Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect 2 detached dwellings with

integral garages) – Letter of objection on behalf of Assn lodged on 14/01/08.

17-19 Torbay Road (Outline application to demolish existing and erect a

terrace of 7 houses and 1 detached house with parking and access from Torbay Road) – & 19 Torbay Road (Outline application to demolish existing and erect a terrace of 7 houses and 1 detached house with parking from Torbay Road)applications refused on 31/01/08.

31 Western Avenue (Demolish existing dwelling and erect new dwelling with integral garage (Revised Scheme) application refused on 10/01/08.

4 Brudenell Avenue (Outline application to demolish existing dwelling and erect two 3/4

storey houses) Application registered on 22/01/08. KA has drafted a letter of objection..

3 Westminster Road (Demolition of existing dwelling and erect 3 storey block of 8 flats

with basement parking to be accessed from Westminster Road) – Application granted by Planning Committee on 27/09/07. Earlier application for 9 flats subject to Appeal


Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2047001) on grounds of Non-Determination to be held on 27/02/08 in the Council Chamber at 10.00am.

4 Nairn Road (Erect two detached houses with integral garages. (Revised Scheme)

Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2049008) provisionally fixed for 12/03/08.

Canford Cliffs, Promenades 1 & 2 & Vacant plot of land to the west of Branksome Chine Car Park (Construction of 62 new beach huts) – The application registered on 22/01/08 is still for a two storey block which is contrary to NE25 which states that “Development or redevelopment of beach huts or chalets on existing raised sites behind

the promenade shall not exceed one storey in height”. A Poole resident has written to JS “I hope your Association will give consideration to this and the ward’s Councillors will investigate the position concerning the costs arising out of what appears to a further flawed application by our Local Authority.” MH will investigate.

TS asked about 12 St Clair Road. JS said that it was his understanding that the “Stop Notice” expired on 31 January 2008, but there is a voluntary agreement with Ravine not to work on site until their current Application as been considered by the Planning Officer.

TS also referred to

150 Canford Cliffs Road (Demolish existing building and erect 1 No block of 9 x 3 bed flats with associated parking, bin and cycle storage – subject to Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2045273) on 04/03/08.

1 – 3 Compton Avenue (Demolish existing and erect a block of 11 flats & 1 maisonette with basement parking (Revised Scheme) – Letter of objection lodged by Southern Poole Chairmens’ Liaison Group on 08/02/08. KA has drafted a letter of objection on behalf of the Assn and JS will lodge this in the next day or two.

Roy Pointer referred to 10 & 12 Wilderton Road. No 10 (Demolish existing dwelling and

erect replacement dwelling) is subject to a Planning Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/08/2061619 & APP/Q1255/A/08/206120) The date for final comments is 26/03/08. Revised application No: 08/39726/001/F) re No. 12 (Demolish existing and erect a two/three storey replacement detached house. (Revised scheme) registered on 18/01/08.

SA referred to 40 Lakeside Road (Demolish existing and erect 1 x 5-bed house and convert garage to office & storage) A previous application a few years ago for a chiropractic surgery was refused, but concerned that change of use from garage to offices may open up possibilities for this type of use. New building is also very close to boundary of adjacent properties..


Other current planning issues

7 Haig Avenue

(a) Outline application to demolish existing dwelling & annex and erect 3 detached houses – Application registered on 20/03/07 and was due to be determined at the Planning

Committee on 24/01/08 but deferred at last minute..

(b) Block of 9 flats with underground parking Application registered on 12/12/07 and was due to be determined at the Planning Committee on 24/01/08 but withdrawn.

46-48 Tower Road (Erect a 2 – 5 storey block of 14 flats with basement parking) – awaiting Inspector’s decision following Planning inquiry (APP/Q1255/A/07/2055901) on 12/02/08.

12 St Clair Road (Erection of 2 x 4-bed detached dwellings with associated parking and rear vehicular access from St Clair Road. (Revised Scheme) – application registered on 28/01/08. Appeal (APP/Q1255/A/07/2049975) against earlier refusal withdrawn on 14/01/08.

9 Ravine Road (Erect 2 detached dwellings with basement floors (as amended by plans received 15.01.08) – application granted 24/01/08.

19 – 21 Munster Road (Erect two 3-storey blocks of 7 flats each (14 total) with basement parking, cycle & bin stores) – Appeal allowed and costs awarded against the Council.

103 Lilliput Road

(a) Demolition of existing dwelling and redevelop with 2½ storey flatted block of 7 units, associated access and parking (as amended by plans received 18.10.07) – subject to

Written Representations appeal (APP/Q1255/A/07/2058028). The date for final comments was 16/01/08.

(b) Demolition of existing dwelling and its redevelopment with a 2½ storey flatted block

comprising 7 dwelling units, associated access and parking (revised scheme).– Application


registered on 23/01/08.

138 Canford Cliffs Road (Demolition of existing and erection of three detached

dwellings with integral garages) – application refused on 23/01/08. NB Outline consent

to demolish existing and erect 3 dwellings and garages was granted on 31/08/07.

146 & 148 Canford Cliffs Road (Demolish existing dwellings and erect a 3-storey block

of 12 flats with basement parking) ‘Written representations’ Appeal dismissed on 15/01/08.

18 Balcombe Road (Demolish existing and erect a part 2/part 3-storey block of 7 flats

with basement parking and bin store. As amended by plans received 09.11.06.) – appeal dismissed on 08/01/08.

27 Chaddesley Glen

(a) Erect 12 beach huts and create access to Public Right of Way. (Amended Plans altering the application site received 7.12.06) – application withdrawn.

(b) Add a rooftop bedroom to top flat – Appeal allowed.

1 Westminster Road East (Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 2 No. four bedroom detached properties with associated vehicular accesses, parking and landscaping)Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 22/11/07.

8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application. An

entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property.

6 Tower Road West (Erect a 2-storey side extension to create an additional 4

self-contained flats with associated parking) – Awaiting Inspector’s decision following Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2038901) on 05/02/08.

5 Durrant Road

(a) Erect 5 storey block of 8 flats) – Appeal dismissed on 20/12/07

(b) Demolish existing and erect a 4 storey block of 8 flats with basement garage accessed

from Durrant Road. As amended by information received 02/10/07 and plans received 28/06/07, 11/07/07 and 17/09/07 – subject to ‘Written representations’ Appeal (APP/Q1255/A/08/2062977) The date for final comments is 12/03/08

16-18 Durrant Road

(a) Demolish existing and erect two 4 storey blocks each of 6 x 2 bed flats (12 in total)

with associated access and car parking) – ‘Written representations’ Appeal (APP/Q1255/A/07/2054198) withdrawn.

(b) Demolish existing and erect 2 blocks of 6 flats (12 total) with single linked basement garage.– Application registered on 24/01/08.

1, 2 & 3 Alington Close & 2a & 2b Shore Road (Demolish existing and erect 6 x two / three storey blocks comprising 32 flats with basement car parking, accessed off Alington Close and associated works and landscaping. (Amended scheme) – Application registered 17/12/07. Considerable opposition.

1-3 Chaddesley Glen (Outline application to demolish nos. 1 & 3 Chaddesley Glen and construct 14 apartments with basement parking. Accessed from Chaddesley Glen) – subject to Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/07/2056180) – date to be announced. The date for final comments was 28/12/07.

60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – subject to Written Representation appeal (GOSW Ref SW/THM/8147/1038)

4. ACCOUNTS TO DATE JD reported that the audit for 2007 had been completed. Year end funds £34,535. Cash position to end of January £36,463.50.


BPCCRA Spring 2008 Magazine – JG said that material required by the end of this month.

Meeting with representatives of You Home – JS reported that Terry Stewart, Keith Alcroft and JS had met Adrian Black and Jeremy Priestley of You Home on 31/01/08.

KA introduced this item by advising members that You Home are Estate Agents and have recently opened an office in Bournemouth. They do not currently have an office in the area covered by the Assn and KA suggested that their approach to the Assn might be simply to get a foothold in this area.

You Home would like to advertise in our magazine and include an ‘Advertorial’ It was felt that this might cause problems with our existing Estate Agent advertisers, namely

Berkeleys and Key Drummond who have always had the front and back inside cover pages. You Home would be willing to pay for these pages, if necessary, and pay a commuted sum to cover the next few years. KA said that it was not entirely clear how the Assn would benefit from information that was not already available.


AB stated that he believed that You Home had a lot to offer the residents of Canford Cliffs by trying to make property transactions more transparent. Their intent was to offer ‘an olive branch’ to the Assn, who they feel would benefit by the information that they could make available

SA and others were concerned that the magazine should not be used to promote one Estate Agent.

TS suggested that AB should submit an article for editorial assessment, this was agreed..

Branksome Beach Restaurant – JS said that he had been approached by Resource Advertising to ask if they might be able to purchase the Assn’s data base. JS said that the restaurant re-opened on 04/02/08

SA said that he had taken legal advice when the Data Protection Act came in to force and, at present, the list of members is totally confidential and should only be available to the auditor or an officer.

NS was not aware of the law, but passing on a name without permission could quite possibly be illegal and would, in any case, create a precedent.

BH pointed out the danger of the list being sold on.

It was agreed that selling the list of members was outside the rules of the Assn.

Chairman’s note: The following article appeared in Daily Echo dated 14/01/08.

Cooking up something

Branksome Beach restaurant has been granted planning permission to alter its landmark building by installing state-of-the-art windows into its first floor terrace area to make the most of the stunning views over Poole Bay, the Purbecks and the Isle of Wight.

The restaurant at Branksome Chine will have a fresh new look on the first floor. In addition to the new windows, the interior is to be completely redecorated and terrace bar refurbished. The ground-floor open-plan kitchen will be re-furbished with Charvet kitchen equipment. Outside both terraces will enjoy new furniture.

Branksome Beach’s general manager Nadine Frost said: “The restaurant will close for a short period of lime so work can be completed quickly. We will close from January 7 until February 4 and will re-open not only with a brand new look but also a new spring menu.”

Branksome Beach has employed local interior designer, Mirco Design.

16 Torbay Road – Diana Rogers advised that an Enforcement Notice has been issued but JS said that, as far as he could recall, this does not appear on the Planning Notices Log.

JS to follow up with the Planning Enforcement Officer.

Poole Sports Centre – John Gunton asked if council could help ensure the future of the Sports Centre in the Dolphin Centre. NS pointed out that the Sports Centre has never been owned or run by the council.

Parkstone & Newtown Area Committee meeting (06/02/08) – William Mutlow reported on this meeting and said that the play area at Whitecliff Recreation Ground is to be improved at a cost of £200,000 which will come from Planning Obligations money. 30m cable zip wires are to introduced for use by all

Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) Development and Flood Risk – Ben Hurley referred to Planning Inquiry which he had attended the previous day re 46-48 Tower Road, where the appellants tried to justify the need for the proposed 14 flats in view of the restriction on other development in flood risk areas in Poole.

62 Haven Road – Ben Hurley alleged that there had been unauthorised felling of pine

trees at this site – logs there now. Application No. 07/04207/010/R granted 28/06/07 includes permission to fell T3 – a split stem pine only

Traffic signs at Westbourne Giratory – Ben Hurley wondered why traffic for the Beaches is directed down The Avenue rather than along Lindsay Road and up Canford Cliffs Road


which is has a much wider carriageway.

Possible meeting with Head of Strategic Planning – Roy Pointer reminded JS that it had been agreed that we would ask the Head of Strategic Planning to attend a meeting and JS was actioned to make this arrangement.

JS closed the meeting at 8.50pm.

Date of next Meeting: The next meeting is on Wednesday 12th March 2008 in the Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm’s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)