Help fight the ridiculous school situation in our area!

Do you have nursery age children – then this is a must for you…

Since late 2009, the parents and staff of Courthill First School have been asking to increase the admission numbers of the school – rising from a three form entry to a four form entry school. For many years, this has been the most popular first school in the Borough – with over a class full (30+) children in catchment being turned away year after year. This is because it has an excellent reputation, but it is also in the centre of a population hotspot – identified by the Council.

In 2011, 47 children in catchment did not get a place at this, their preferred school – but even more significantly three quarters of them did not get a place at any of their three preferred schools. This means that they have been given a place far afield – sometimes as far afield as Sylvan, Longfleet or Merley examtrue .

Yet unbelievably, the Council to date has turned down this proposed increase for two years. Now, with the ‘age of transfer’ looming in 2013, the school will have three empty classrooms plus three excellent teachers and other staff ready and waiting to accept an extra 30 children. Still, the Council says ‘no’ – saying that it has enough places within the Borough. Yes, but nowhere near where these families live…

If you are keen to understand why the Council continues to pursue this path, which denies some children in the Branksome Park area access to their local Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ school – please come along to a public meeting the Councillors are holding this Wednesday (20th August) in the Cattistock Room in the Civic Centre at 7.30pm. If you have nursery age children in the Lower Parkstone and Lilliput area, this is a must for you!

And if we don’t get an extra class the school will lose 30% of the budget and up to 9 members of staff so this affects everybody!

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