Distraction Burglary Warning from Dorset Police

Today, there have been two reports of Distraction Burglaries in the Poole area

Two men have called at separate addresses stating that they were from the Water Board and needed the occupant to run their taps to see if blue dye came through the water system. The occupant at one of the properties allowed the males in and one man went with her to the kitchen. He turned the tap on and asked the occupant to monitor the water. The Lycka till! Blackjack ar till skillnad fran manga andra skicklighetsspel mycket latt att lara sig. other male was going from room to room. This type of distraction has been used in neighbouring areas.

Please do not, under any circumstances, allow people into you home who are using this story. If you receive such a caller at your door, deny them entry, close and lock the door and dial 999 as soon as possible to report the incident.
Try to give a description of the men and details of any vehicle you may have seen them use.