1. Dear Mrs Halliday,
    I’m not sure if you are the person to contact, but it would be very helpful to have something put in the Branksome Park Newsletter.
    As you know we have not had many sunny days this year and when we are lucky enough to have a day that can be spent in the garden there is invariably a Leaf Blower in action. It sounds like a powerful motorbike but unlike a motor bike it does not go past. It stays in one garden after another. It can be going on for the best part of a day – or it seems like it. It is unbearable. It is unfair to ruin an otherwise pleasant day for neighbours. It also takes longer and is less efficient at gathering the leaves than the old fashioned and quiet way that is using a BRUSH. Please could people who have gardeners/handymen think about this because it is usually the garden handymen who opt to use these noisy machines and not the homeowners themselves. Perhaps they do not know what is going on while they are at work, but their neighbours certainly do.

  2. Be wary … a man came to our house selling Kochhaus cookware. He claimed to be Swiss and said he was on his way back after an exhibition. He said he could sell it for £300. Then dropped the price to £200. Which he said was 300 euros (it is £262). My wife pressed the chip and pin. There are three reviews online from people caught by the same “Johann.” It is not Swiss. It is German. The e-mail address on the business card does not exist. He claimed it was Swiss, like the famous Renaware brand of a few years ago. It is not. We were totally conned, and cannot get a credit card dispute started because “300 euros” was displayed on the machine. He should be stopped. Apparently (according to one review) he is driving a Maserati.

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