Minutes of March – Branksome Park Canford Cliffs and District Residents’ Association

Minutes of monthly meeting held Wednesday March 8, 2017, at 19.30

PRESENT                              Terry Stewart                    President
Bob Reid                              Chairman
Carol Parkin                        Secretary/Minutes Secretary

Cllr. May Haines and approximately 30 wardens and members.

APOLOGIES                       Cllr. Mohan Iyengar, Mike Parkin, John Gunton, Paul Fearnley, Roger Alan, Dawn Goodson, Alan and Libby Bentall, Ken Sanson, Tracy Holmes.

The Chairman welcomed those present and was pleased to see some new members.


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


Parking Charges Update
RP reminded members that the Association had objected strongly to the full metering plan on the grounds that:

  1. It had been overwhelmingly rejected by residents.
  2. No evidence of congestion had been offered by the Council
  3. No complaints of lack of parking or congestion had been received by the Council.
  4. No regard had been given by the Council to the availability of off-road parking ie Beach Road car park.
  5. The scheme was to cater in part for the 25 years Beach Development Plan and was therefore premature.

The Council had now reduced the impact of the Branksome Park/Canford Cliffs portion down to the East and West sides of Western Road.  Following the advertised Traffic Order to which we had also objected, metering of the East side of Western Road, adjacent to Beach Road car park had been agreed on Monday March 6.  Proposals to meter the West side of Western Road had been withdrawn to enable a new Order to be advertised for a reduced length between Pinecliff Road Junction and the Southern boundary of No. 9 Western Road, to which we also object.

RP will now discuss the possibility of requesting a formal review of the Council’s decision with the Executive, and remind the Council that we shall still object to any metering on the West side of Western Road, even for the reduced length now proposed.

Closure of Public Toilets
The Chairman attended a call-in meeting. There was quite strong opposition to closing the toilets, especially in Baiter Park but despite this the decision was that the toilets would be mothballed.  John Sprackling commented that the closure of the toilets at the ferry to Studland was very important as during the summer when there are long queues for the ferry there will be no provision for a public toilet.   There was discussion about the various ways community toilets could operate, but generally this is not finding favour with Traders, with some places even having notices that their toilet facilities are for customers only.
There was a question as to exactly how much money was being saved in the council budget by closing toilets.  Cllr MH pointed out that as well as the maintenance costs to the Council, some toilets would need upgrading. TS suggested that CIL money could be made available for this.
Cllr Haines assured the meeting that all options were being looked at and suggestions would be welcome.

Beach Road Car Park Update.

RP reminded members that at the presentation to the meeting in December there were mixed views from the members as to the desirability of the Council developing the car park and he had reported accordingly to the Council in response to the consultation.  It would be helpful for the Association to give the Executive a more definite view and he hoped that there may be time to take soundings at the forthcoming AGM.  In this way the Council would be of no doubt as to the views of the members on the future of the car park, in the context of the review of the Local Plan due for consultation this year.
Tony Beale is currently researching old covenants on this area.  He is ill at the moment and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Canford Cliffs Beach Shelter.

The Council plan is to turn this into a cafeteria/restaurant with extra beach huts built above it, and to demolish the current ice cream kiosk.  At our last meeting there was a question as to whether the Council had made a business plan.  When this was enquired into, the Council replied that a Business Plan is not needed to submit a planning application.  Cllr MH had no knowledge of this.  The meeting is questioning whether this plan is viable.


5 Ormond Road                Planning Application for alterations and extensions to convert existing house
Into 4 ‘Cluster Houses’ with new vehicular access, parking and bin storage.
There is a lot of neighbourhood opposition to this.
Nick Robinson, from 11 Chester Road gave the meeting his objections to this plan.  He currently lives in a flat which has been converted very sympathetically with the area.  This Application would massively affect the street scene and undermine the integrity of the area.  ‘Cluster Houses’ is a euphemism for flats.  The adjacent houses have already disclosed that they intend to convert and extend the properties into more ‘cluster houses’.
This would mean more traffic with all the attendant risks.  Mr. Robinson feels that the Council should apply ‘Affordable housing’ in a responsible way.
If the planning application for 5 Ormond Road is passed it will set a precedent.  He feels that Poole Council displays a lack of responsibility by not maintaining this area in a sympathetic way; litter, fly tipping etc., and that this area needs to be preserved.  He encourages everybody to look at these issues – Mr. Robinson’s e mail address can be obtained from the Chairman.
Cllr MH said that she agreed with everything that has been said and was originally responsible for having this area designated a Conservation Area.
She will have very strong views to put forward to the Planning Committee.
She advised Mr. Robinson on the best way to put his objections to the Planning Committee.
There was general discussion on the Planning that has been allowed by Poole Council.

4 Brackenhill                      Demolish existing house and garage.  Construct two semi-detached houses.  Eleven letters of objection have been received.

10 Nairn Road                    Demolish existing dwelling and construct two replacement dwelling.  Some objection letters have been received.

11 Martello Rd. South    Demolish existing dwelling and erect three storey block of nine flats.  There is neighbourhood opposition to this scheme.

12 DeMauley Road          Demolish existing semi-detached dwellings and erect two replacement detached dwellings.

14 Pinewood Road          Partial demolition of building and construction of two-storey rear extension to convert to six apartments, and semi-detached house.  Continued submissions objecting to this scheme.  Amended site plans submitted.

6 Newton Road                Demolition of existing building and construction of two semi-detached dwellings.
This has been Granted.


There is currently a sum of £32,467 in the account.
The Chairman was pleased to report that the funds raised from advertising in the Spring
Magazine almost covers the cost of production of the magazine.  Roger Allan, who is responsible for
advertising in the magazine had reported that this is going extremely well.
Copies of last month’s accounts are available if anyone wished to take a copy.


The Chairman reported that he attended a meeting last night of the Canford Cliffs Collective
Group. This has been set up to improve the appearance of Haven Road through the Village.
Carol Parkin also attended the meeting as she currently lives in Canford Cliffs.  She reported that
Steph Stevenson who owns the hairdressers, HNB, on Haven Road is leading this group.  Steph has
quite a few ideas to invigorate Haven Road.
These include       Holding a yearly festival – Oyster and Champagne, in September, to be organised
by a company who run all kinds of festivals all over England.
Flag poles for the walls of shops where Christmas trees, flags etc. can be displayed.
Heritage Lighting installed.
Ornamental pear trees provided to shops and business to display in tubs outside
their premises.
A defibrillator could be installed in say the Post Office area.

Funds raised from the festival would be used to improve the appearance of Haven.
This should increase footfall.

All these ideas were agreed in principle.

There was an idea to have a website, but this was shelved for the time being and  social media could be used to promote the village.

The Chairman was asked a question as to the current situation of Tesco moving into the empty shops in Haven Road.  At the Collective meeting, Matthew Robson from Poole Council had said that he expected a Planning Application to be put in imminently by Tesco.  The Chairman expected that when Tesco move into Canford Cliffs they will inject money into helping improve Haven Road.

There is a rumour that Tesco on Sandbanks will close, and if this is the case, it could be that trade in Canford Cliffs increases.

There was discussion on parking in Canford Cliffs.

TS asked Cllr MH what the Council intend for the use of Section 106 money that is still outstanding.
Cllr Haines replied that she would make enquiries.

Steph Stevenson will give a short presentation on the plans for Haven Road at our AGM in April, and it is hoped that Matt Robson and Adrian Trevett from Poole Council will come along too.


Nick Robinson asked Cllr MH for a contact at Poole Council to contact in relation to Fly Tipping.
Cllr MH supplied this.

JS asked about ‘the man in the woods’.  This man appears to be living in a den in the wood.  Cllr MH will report this to the Council.

There will be no monthly meeting in April as our AGM will be held Saturday 22nd  April.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

Minutes of January Meeting – Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs District Residents Association

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 7.30 pm.

Present Roger Allen (RA)              Vice Chair

Terry Stewart (TS)                           President

May Haines (MH)                     Ward Councillor, Deputy Leader Conservative Group

Mohan Iyengar (MI)                  Ward Councillor, Conservative

10 Wardens and Members

Welcome and Apologies

Bob Reid Chair, Carol Parkin Secretary and minute secretary, Mike Parkin membership secretary, Paul FernleyTreasurer, John Gunton magazine editor,
ChrisStracey, Tracy Holmes, Martin Heath Julie Reid.

Roger Allen opened the meeting at 7.30 as Chair and Minute Secretary combined.

Minutes of the meeting 14th Dec 2016

The Chair explained that the Secretary Carol Parkin was unwell and hadn’t been able to write up the minutes as normal. Bob Reid had prepared the shortened version that was presented to members for approval. Terry Stewart proposed their adoption which received unanimous support.

Matters arising
Parking issues were to the fore and in effectthe discussions moved straight onto item 4 on the January agenda.

Item 4: On Road parking charges, latest update, raising parking charges
MH didn’t have the information as what the rise in parking charges would be but confirmed that BOP will be conducting a benchmarking exercise with other authorities.
TS said it was unfortunate that the detail was only notified three days before and that all traders were objecting. TS went on to say that town centres are facing big challenges with business retail shops closing and more charity shops opening. We have a marketing team to promote the town centre and raising car park charges is counterproductive to their work.
MI said that the decline of Poole town centre goes back many years with contributory factors being high rents and the rail line which crosses the pedestrian thoroughfare. He pointed out that BOP is investing £3.5 million and Legal & General’s contribution brings the total investment up to £10 million. This represents a huge investment and BOP has to balance the books.
StanAlfert (SA) asked if the new charges would be higher than Bournemouth. MH replied that the benchmark exercise would determine this. She went on to say that BOP would be funding the repairs to address the structural problems of the car park over WH Smith. SA expressed concern that if parking fees are raised to high there could be an actual loss of revenue as well as a negative impact on the businesses.
TS identified that parking fees in district car parks are doubling. TS said that he would conduct a research study and produce a matrix of current car parking fees against proposed increases.
MH and MI made the case strongly that BOP is facing a funding crisis. RA suggested that BOP could put forward a matrix for increases in community charge against services that would be saved etc. and then go out for a referendum. MH said that research shows the likely result would be a no to any increases above the cap and that the cost of a referendum at £120.000 is not affordable.

Item 5: Planning

Unfortunately our Planning Officer Tracy Holmes was out of commission after a riding accident, notwithstanding she kindly emailed a list of planning applications for discussion. RA read through the list many of which were new applications and some refusals. Please see Tracy’s Planning List which is a separate document attached.
The discussion centred on The HMO saga on Pinewood Road. The HMO is now closed. The owners have dropped plans to build a nursing home changing back to a block of flats and that application has now been changed to a bigger block of flats.
MH confirmed that she is monitoring the situation.
SA has concerns over the seemingly never ending situation at 4 Bracken Hill with applications for a larger house being refused and then going to appeal again and so on. The residents of Bracken Hill, some of which are members would like to see the RA backing a continual refusal of these out of character house designs.

Paul Fernley will be asked to check our memberships along Bracken Hill.
John Sprackling (JS) referred to the application at 8 Martello South where the
Planning Committee overturned an officer recommendation. JS and TS separately said that the committee overturns officer recommendations for refusal quite often and in so doing totally ignores the BOP Core Strategy. JS agreed that he would review the history of officer recommendations being overturned by committee. SA said that this part of the world appeared to overturn more decisions than was the norm.

Items 6 & 7 Plans for the Civic Centre reception and the closure of public toilets
These two items were discussed at the same time as the public and the press have linked the cost of remodelling the reception with the savings to be gained by closing public toilets.
MH opened the discussion by saying that there is no statutory requirement for BOP to provide public toilets at all. Her view is that the Civic Centre reception and cash office are very dated. There are issues around client confidentiality which would be improved if there were private interview facilities. And that advances in technology mean that a cash machine could be installed to receive payments and for those troubled by using such a machine help and support would be on hand. The saving from installing a cash machine would be in staff costs, and that redundancy costs had been factored into the calculations. The cost of for the work would be £216,000 of which £150,000 would come from existing budgets. The cost of maintaining the toilets earmarked for closure would be £72,000 and it wouldn’t stop there. The toilets in question are old and out of date and would in reality require capital investment to keep them going as well as scheduled maintenance. MH referred to the “Pay Back” of the costs for the reception project which would come in over a number of years.
RA asked if the project had actually been approved in principle, how the socalled “Pay Back” works as there isn’t actually an income stream being invested in and just because there is spare money in a budget shouldn’t mean it has to be spent on a project given the dire financial situation. MH replied that the pay back would be a result of savings on staff wages, and held to her position on the need for remodelling the reception justified the spend from existing budgets.
SA said that if the pay back was being calculated over a number of years and the building did become redundant in the relatively near future then the figures cannot be justified. The membership generally remained very circumspect over the perceived pay back. Roy Pointer confirmed his doubts over the pay back notion too and asked MH through the chair why they were intending to spend this money given the challenging financial situation if as the plan for conurbation develops the Civic Centre might well cease to be. MH stuck to her position that the reception is outdated and the work is essential.
In simple terms the general view at the meeting was that it’s not whether in an ideal world the changes that MH envisages should be carried out. Rather that the project should be delayed in the face of the move to form a conurbation which our council has now voted for. Following what had become an impasse between our Ward Councillor and the members.
Stan Alfet proposed a resolution as follows.
Discretionary expense that is not essential in the light of forthcoming prospects for change should be deferred for two years until we know more about future arrangements concerning the conurbation to bring Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch together and how this may affect Poole Civic Centre.
The proposal was seconded by Roy Pointer and carried with a unanimous vote in support.
It was agreed that TS would distribute the details of our resolution the following day.
SA asked for our disappointment over the closure of the public toilets to be
recorded. SA asked why BOP couldn’t look at the continental model for public toilets where prefabricated toilet pods are placed into public areas with a charge levied for use. RP mentioned that Wessex water have toilet schemes. RA said that in some areas toilet blocks have been sold for development as bars or cafes on the agreement that the operators will provide a public toilet.
MI said that he would he would follow up with BOP to explore business and
commercial opportunities with council WC’s. MH said that vandals inhibit
development of public toilets. SA said we should explore commercial options and not let vandals win the day.

Item 8: Beach Road car park
RP said that the date for submissions had been extended and he is crafting a
response accordingly. It was felt that the RA should be seen to be active where such a large project is being considered.
Item 9: Accounts
Copies of the 2016 accounts had been circulated. RA said that a late payment for advertising was now in which would bring the magazine within budget. The overall position remained much the same. It was mentioned that Sundries and Meeting costs were well over budget but other headings were either spot on or under.
It was suggested that the budget for 2017 should be reviewed to take account of the reality of sundries and that the budget needs to include likely costs for ad hoc meetings required during the progress of our various campaigns. RA said he would liaise with the Treasurer in this regard. RA thanked the Treasurer for his work.


TS referred to the report that made the claim that there had been a powerful
response to the consultation regarding the merger of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch and asked MH if a response of 3% could be considered as such. MH responded that the data against norms suggest the response was good and there was little adverse comment. RP by 31.01.17 all nine Dorset Councils will have voted on their various plans for amalgamations.
Mike Wrigley asked a question of MH as to where he can find information on
regeneration projects.
Before closing the meeting RA thanked our Ward Councillors for attending and paid particular tribute to May Haines who had come under fire somewhat but had held her ground and made many valuable points. RA said that we all very much appreciate her hard work and dedication as a councillor.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Roger Allen
BPCCRA Vice Chair
13th January 2017

Provisional Minutes for meeting 14 December 2016

Provisional Minutes for meeting 14 December 2016

Present:-         Bob Reid          chairman

Carol Parkin     Secretary/minute secretary

Mike Parkin     Membership secretary

Tracy Homes   Planning Officer.

John Gunton   magazine editor.

Terry Stewart President

17 Wardens and Members


Minutes of November approved

Apologies:-  Mohan Iyengar, May Haines, Chris Stracey, Paul Fernley, Neil Denning, Roger Allen, Martin Heath.

Parking issues :- Chair confirmed that the meters in Canford Cliffs and Branksome Park are not going ahead and we are pleased the council listened to our objections.

We are still monitoring proposed meters on Western Road.

Planning:- Due to time constraint only 14 Pinewood was mentioned by the Chair who explained that a larger plan had been submitted but the HMO situation might be stopping.

Beach Road Car Park Draft Proposals:- Nick Perrins (Planning Policy & Implementation Manager at BOP Council. Gave a presentation on the proposed draft plans.

He took questions after the presentation.

After he left we had a straw pole and about 1/3 felt totally against any building on the Car Park.

About 1/3 thought a nursing home would be a good idea.

About 1/3 did not mind if building took place.

Accounts:-  Showed a continued balance and the income from the magazine is now in. Most items close to budget.


The meeting closed at 8.30 and Mulled Wine and Mince Pies were enjoyed by all.

Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & District Residents’ Association Minutes Sept 2016

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 19.30


Present             Bob Reid (BR)                         Chairman

Terry Stewart (TS)                   President

Tracy Holmes(TH)                   Planning Officer for Branksome Park


Cllr Mohan Iyengar(MI)          Ward Counsellor


18 wardens and members.


Welcome and Apologies

Roger Vice-Chairman, and Zofia Allen, Carol (CP)and Mike Parkin Secretary and Membership Secretary, John Gunton magazine editor, Paul Fernley Treasurer, and members Vivienne Evans, Dawn Goodson, Christine Norman, John Cribb and Sarah Holt.

Cllr May Haines (MH) Ward Councillor

BR thanked Julie Reid for helping to make notes for the minutes of the meeting, in the absence of CP


2 Minutes of meeting 13th July 2016

These had been circulated and a few were available at meeting for new members or reference.

3 Matters arising

William Mutlow (WM) pointed out that his comments had not been included in the minutes regarding Julian Osgathorpe as the Executive Director for Corporate Services for Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Pool.


Submitted by John Sprackling (JS) with reference to item 7. We are still waiting to learn the official outcome of the Licencing Sub Committee on26 July 2016.

MI Agreed they should be online by now and explained that the confidential element would probably be due to requirements of the Legal Department.

BR pointed out that Martin Heath (MRH) has had a letter confirming that the Licence was granted with an end time of 11pm rather than 1am and restrictions on noise levels. Copies of the letter were available.


BR pointed out that the membership forms, separate from the magazine are already available and comply with ICO data protection requirements.


BR also announced that following from the June meeting when questions were asked about the four empty shops in Canford Cliffs. There has been a development in that Mandy Payne, Economic Development Officer at Borough of Poole came to a meeting with JS, BR and George Perrins of the Land Society and discussed ways in which the appearance of the shops could be improved.

Various options were discussed and it is hoped some progress can be made.

She hopes to set up a Traders Collective.

MI filled us in with the information that he has been talking to Mandy about this and she has great experience in the field business promotion professionally, He did advise caution as the four shops pay full business rates and there will be legal restrictions on what can be done. The shops are family owned and their accountant baulked at spending £2000 on improving them.


On completing the matters arising TS proposed accepting the minutes and JS seconded.


4 On Road Parking Charges, Update after the Cabinet meeting.

BR informed that the Steering Group had been meeting regularly and is awaiting to hear when the Poole Cabinet will next consider the proposal. Cllr May Haines had indicated that it probably would not be at its October meeting.

We are carrying out preliminary work for a Judicial Review if necessary should the decision be to go ahead with the meters. And have started preliminary enquiries on legal advice to that end. Any such action would be referred to members for approval.

Roy Pointer(RP) reminded members that we have issued a newsletter, on our strategy and objections copies of which are available on the website. Following a number of unsatisfactory responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, RP had referred them to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for review. The latter had instructed Poole Council to provide better answers by 12th October. This £1/2 million project is claimed to ease congestion in Sandbanks area and to contribute to the 25 year Seafront Development Plan the only part of has been approved are some new beach huts.

RP explained that the public meeting in March and Poole Committee meetings had been filmed for a TV programme called “Parking Wars” to be screened on Tuesday next.

MI said that he could not add to what Janet Walton or MH have said and he said that Council would keep this proposal alive as it is their duty to consider all proposals that could raise money.

Martin Heath (MRH) said that Cabinet have never discussed congestion in detail and the project was simply about making money.

A member pointed out that the only congestion is on Sandbanks and most of the roads earmarked for meters are not congested

RP confirmed that when asked, the Council, admitted they had not recorded any complaints about congestion or the lack of parking.

A member said that living in Bingham Avenue for 15 years parking congestion had never reached their road.

Several members pointed out that you cannot legally use parking charges on roads simply to bring in funds.

Several other members spoke against the proposed scheme but no one spoke in favour.

A member said that the congestion at Sandbanks became worse after the Council took away the feeder lane to the car park.

He had also talked to the senior transport officer who told him that ‘people needed to change their attitude to the car and make more use the buses’ but all agreed that a family going to the beach would not do that, the buses are very infrequent and the “equipment” needed for a family day at the beach made the bus impractical.

5 Neighbourhood Watch  


BR announced that Neighbourhood Watch had a coffee morning at Sandbanks Hotel last Friday 9th September and Pat Halliday invited us to take a table to promote what we do. BR, RP, JS attended and as a result we found some new residents who have now joined up. And we explained to others how we are opposing the parking scheme and other areas we help with. We work closely with N. W. as some of our concerns overlap e.g. Party Houses

BR also pointed that their Newsletter is available and has dates for future events.


6 New Council Options

BR said that the consultation for the amalgamation/reorganisation of councils started at the end of August and he outlined some of the options currently proposed and that there are “roadshow” drop in sessions, and the next one is outside Budgens in Broadstone on Friday. Also that the questionnaire and more information is online at BOP website.

Several members pointed out that the survey is available in local libraries and that only 20,000 have been posted out to individual homes.

BR pointed out that some of the cards giving the options were available provided by MH on Monday.

While the objective is to reduce costs and save money it was noted that over 70% of the budget is spent on child, and elderly services so savings by reducing some staff will not make a huge saving.

MRH said the financial basis on which the reorganisation is based has many flaws and does not show how the savings will be made unless you read the Local Partnerships’ Financial Analysis report which is difficult to follow.

Several members pointed out that there is little information available on which we are meant to make a decision.

A member was concerned that the financial planning was not properly done and that the planning and information available is very poor.

MRH pointed out that the Financial Analysis report shows that new Town Councils

for Christchurch and Weymouth were being considered, but none for Poole and

Bournemouth. It appears that existing Town and Parish Councils across Dorset are to

remain. A member observed that if ceremonial Mayors were to be retained, then it

would be necessary to have Town Councils.

A member queried whether there would be extra funding from the Government, but

MRH said that this has happened with the creation of Combined Authorities with

elected Mayors and extra responsibilities, but was not applicable to the proposed

Local Authority mergers.

BR mentioned the ORS firm doing the consultation, and MH pointed out that it is more market research than consultation.

A member noted that there had already been a consultation on a combined

authority for Dorset.

Suggestions were made to combine the whole area as a unitary council but BR explained, and MI confirmed that the whole area would be too big.

MH discussed the funding around having Mayors.

TS clarified that there are two totally different exercises here. One is the merging of the nine councils into two Unitary Authorities, one urban and one rural. Separate from that there is the Dorset Authority which is linked in with the LEP. The LEP is the source of funding from Government but the LEP was being run my commercial managers with little democratic input so now they have made the leaders of the nine councils on the board and they have two responsibilities, one is transport for the whole county, and two the economic development for the whole county.

RP informed the meeting that on Monday MH had suggested the plan was to reduce staffing and other costs and save millions but that is unlikely to save very much.

BR suggested that MH, who had offered to talk to our committee could perhaps talk to our members at a meeting.

MRH was concerned that the harmonisation of council taxes was based on the assumption that Poole’s council taxpayers would be paying annual increases of 3.99% for the next 20 years, doubted the calculations and suggested that Poole residents will be paying an extra 3.99% for the next 20 years.

WM had also said that it would fall to the Tax payers to make up any shortfall.

The general feeling expressed by several members was that we had insufficient evidence on which to make a judgement so the consultation is largely irrelevant.

John Sprackling (JS) suggested we may need a public meeting to be more informed.



7 Planning issues  

Report from Tracy Holmes was read out by BR
1 Beaumont Road, Poole, BH13 7JJ

Application: Demolition of the existing building and construction of three detached houses with associated parking and access (revised scheme)


9 Elmstead Road

Application: demolish existing dwelling and erect two new dwellings. Grant subject to conditions


The Gatehouse, 6 Tower Road West, Poole, BH13 6LA

Application: Use of The Gatehouse as a self-contained and non-ancillary unit of accommodation


33 Cliff Drive, Poole

Planning Committee : Grant with conditions installation of flue stack


5-7 Chaddesley Glen

Application for flats ongoing


14 Chester Road

Application for side extension: Appeal lodged


30 Tower Road

Application for 12 flats: Ongoing


15 b Bury Rd

Tree work application: Hearing today


HMO at 14 Pinewood

Following from my correspondence with Stephen Thorne, he has made an appointment to see BR.


2 Martello Park the original approved plan has been modified to raise the height by what appears to be 1 metre. Looking into this.BR



8 Residents parking scheme


BR informed the meeting that Roger Allen had contacted Stephen Dean (SD) regarding the parking problem at Ormonde, Chester roads and that area.

BR referred to SD’s reply, thanking Roger for his introduction and said that POB council would want a positive and constructive relationship with the Residents Association and that he would pass the email to our ward councillors and to the Portfolio Holder for Transportation Drew Mellor

BR read out the final line of the email “I’ll look into the background of the situation and get back to you.”

Mike Wriggley (MW) introduced Himself and Fanchea Clarke who live in Chester Road heard about us from Neil Denning and told the meeting that the problem of parking in Chester Road has increased dramatically over the last 4 years.

He further told members that since Zone K was implemented there has been no survey of the present situation and when contacting the Council they feel fobbed off. Every 6 months it goes round in circles.

MI pointed out that he has met with Neil and Mike and filled in the background.

Originally Chester Road residents did not want to join the scheme and forest road had Yellow lines painted.

MW responded that time has moved on and LV employees, and the Nursing Home staff are causing congestion now.

MI explained that in the current climate this is a very minor issue which Officers are not likely to reconsider the original decision.

BR suggested LV run a Park and Ride from the underused Beach Road carpark.

Julie Reid explained that from her daily commute, the current LV park and ride goes through the narrow railway bridge and causes congestion to which MI said without it the on road parking would be much worse.

BR also added that since the item of parking had appeared on the Agenda there has been a huge number of emails regarding this and where yellow lines should and should not be.


9 Accounts

BR said the balance on the accounts is still healthy at £30457.78 and members could take a copy of the details if they wished.



JS had brought to the Chairman’s attention that at the March Cabinet Meeting it was announced that Members were keen to ensure that work was started on the process of developing a commercial approach to the use of Council Assets as soon as possible.

At last weeks Cabinet meeting, we learnt that (a) the tender process had now been concluded and the Project will be moving forward with Deloitte as the council advisors and (b) Officers have produced an issue log- which enables specific actions agreed by the group to be progressed and reported back to the Regeneration Working Group.

The tender document included the “Poole Town Centre” and Sustaining Poole’s Seafront Supplementary Planning Documents. Are we permitted to know what Council-owned assets in Canford Cliffs Ward appear on the Council’s issue log.

JS explained that not all the Council properties are listed in the issue log. The question is what Assets in the Canford Cliff Ward are included.

MRH was concerned that items that had been ruled out for development in the SPD might come back in for consideration.


Terry Stewart (president) then briefed the members on The Draft Local Plan for Poole, put out for consultation. In this there has been an increase in the number of houses to be built, 11000 or 12000 houses and the whole conurbation would be 30000 houses which if you calculate is over 40000 cars in the borough. This seems over-development in an area bounded on the south and west by the sea and Bournemouth to the east, with protected heathland to the north.

So this will result in 12 story towers along the river. Higher density for many areas and encroaching onto Green Belt land such as at Canford Magna, and there is a campaign group to prevent this happening on green belt. TS thinks that 450 houses a year would be more realistic and not the 710 suggested by central government.

He went on to explain the problem of the brown field sites which developers find too uneconomic to build on so they lie derelict. He suggested the Developers have us “over a barrel” as there are over a million sites countrywide with planning permission but no developer will take them on.

We will circulate the details of the campaign to protect Poole’s green belt to those interested.



Meeting closed at 8.45, The next meeting will be on 12th October 2016

Neighbourhood Watch – Presentation On The Risks Of Cyber Attack – 20 July



You are invited to a FREE ‘Cybercrime’ event at the Sandbanks Hotel.

 The Dorset Police Cyber Security Team will give a presentation on the risks of cyber attack and give advice on how you can protect yourself from cyber criminals:

*  The threat of cyber attack is real

*  Be aware of the risks

*  Protect yourself and your electronic devices from cyber criminals


Date:          Monday 20th June

Time:         10am – 12noon

Venue:       Sandbanks Hotel, Banks Road

Poole    BH13 7PS


Be ‘Cyber Savvy’ – keep your personal data safe


Complimentary Tea & Coffee

Everyone welcome

Protected +70 Ft Monterey Pine Trees Bessborough, Bodley & Beaumont Roads


PROTECTED +70 ft MONTEREY PINE TREES Bessborough, Bodley & Beaumont Roads


I wanted to stop the felling of trees at 1 Beaumont Road through the High Court.   Since my action, six trees were killed by ring barking on Easter Monday and will be felled from tomorrow onwards.   I will continue to try to protect the remaining trees and seek replanting with like for like trees.

If you would like to support me, then please email:



Alex Roden 23 Bessborough Road


Summary of Events

  • Single dwelling at 1 Beaumont Road occupies a corner plot bordering Bodley, Bessborough and Beaumont Roads. Plot is unique as it has 22 trees on site and is surrounded by 18 mostly 70ft Monterey pines protected under TPO 1966.
  • Appeal made to Planning Inspector by property owners to fell three Monterey pines (middle of row of 9)

on 1 Beaumont Road bordering Bessborough Road was dismissed on 1 August 2011 due to the pines providing “high public amenity value to this residential part of Canford Cliffs” and removal “would leave a significant gap in the belt of pines and significantly reduce its landscape impact.”.

  • On 6 March 2015 landowners applied to Poole Council for demolition of existing single dwelling and

erection of three new dwellings.

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment report by AJ Scott submitted on 24 March 2015 cites conflicting numbers of trees to be felled on different pages and schedules. Tree protection plan by AJ Scott submitted 24 March 2015 grades all 22 trees on 1 Beaumont Road to have life expectancy of less than

10 years.

  • Poole Council’s Russ Fisher on 1 May 2015 describes arboricultural report as “wholly inadequate”, “with glaring errors in both assessment and categorisation of trees”, “not fit for purpose, as defined by BS5837:2012 and should therefore be disregarded”.
  • Poole Council refuses planning 1 June 2015 for different reasons, the first reason being that it “would

be harmful to the immediate and future health of protected trees”.

  • Landowners appeal to Planning Inspector. On 11 February 2016 appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted subject to conditions, including “arboricultural method statement prepared by an arboricultural consultant …providing comprehensive details of construction works in relation to trees shall be submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority, and implemented prior to the commencement of all demolition and development. All works shall be subsequently carried out in strict accordance with the approved details. In particular, the method statement must provide the following: ….9c a schedule of tree works conforming to BSe998:2010, Tree Work – Recommendations.” To date none of the conditions have been met.
  • Alex Roden commissions new tree report by Arboricultural Association approved Consultant. 17 March

2016 expert Mark Carter confirms criticism by Poole Council of tree report.

  • On 22 March 2016 Weightmans solicitors sends notice to landowners, developer Fortitudo, Poole

Council and Secretary of State that Alex Roden is challenging the Appeal decision in High Court.

  • On Good Friday morning, 25 March 2016, Richard Carr representing Fortitudo visited Alex Roden at her home three times confirming he did not need to fell the trees and he was “happy to enter into an agreement that in perpetuity we will not make application for any of the trees to be removed”, he requested Alex Roden to withdraw the judicial review.
  • On Easter Monday morning 28 March 2016 Richard Carr and two men with chain saws accessed 1

Beaumont Road and ringbarked 4 Monterey pines in a row including the 3 subject to the unsuccessful appeal in 2011, 1 Beech tree and a holly, without consent of landowners.

  • Police and Poole Council were notified that day.
  • Arboricultural expert has confirmed that the ringbarked trees will now die within 12-18 months’ time.
  • Weightmans 1 April 2015 writes to Poole Council informing that under “1990 Act and Regulation 13 of the 2012 Regulations it is an offence to wilfully damage a tree” “unless the work is necessary to implement a planning permission.”
  • Poole Council’s response 5 April 2016 was that “whilst the necessary pre-commencement conditions have not been complied with that does not prevent the felling of trees prior to the Commencement of Development.” “Whilst it is not accepted that ‘ring-barking’ was a necessary pre-requisite to the implementation of the planning permission given the authority in any event to fell these trees it would not be in the public interest to investigate that action when, in any event, the trees are to be felled.”
  • Weightmans on 6 April 2016 disagrees with Poole Council and its suggestion that “no offence has been

committed”, and “considers that the Council would be making an error of law if this is its interpretation

of the Regulation 14 exemption based on these facts”.

  • Awaiting decision from Judge whether case should go to full hearing of High Court Planning Court, decision expected early May 2016. Full hearing would be approx. six months later.

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter of Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & Sandbanks for February 2016

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & Sandbanks
Newsletter Editor - Pat Halliday tel. 01202 700911
Distribution Manager - Peter Waldron tel. 01202 708495

Watch Annual General Meeting – Saturday 13th February

Canford Cliffs Village Hall, Ravine Road BH3 7HT 10.30am – 12noon

All residents in our Watch area are invited to this popular FREE annual Neighbourhood Watch event.

The guest speaker will be the Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset, Martyn Underhill. Our local Neighbourhood Policing Team will attend, but this is always subject to other priorities. You are invited to stay on afterwards to meet the speaker, talk with the Police officers about local safety and security matters and speak to active members of Neighbourhood Watch. This is an opportunity to meet like minded residents over a free glass of wine or soft drink & nibbles and speak to your Neighbourhood Watch Area Co-ordinators and other active Watch members.

Please arrive in good time to be seated and ready for a prompt start at 10.30am

Admission FREE— Everyone welcome

New Year message from Neighbourhood Watch

The mid-Winter festivities are over, and we have welcomed the New Year. The evenings are still long and dark and whilst it is cold and very damp outside this can be the time to check when the annual service is due for the house alarm, and when insurance policies are due for renewal. More importantly, you should also review insurance policies annually. Check that values are up to date. Remove any items sold or thrown away and add any new valuables whether

Christmas gifts or purchases over recent months. Record serial numbers and take photographs (with a ruler or tape measure in the frame) and attach to the receipt. Keep these in a safe, fireproof box or metal filing cabinet.

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service offer free home safety checks. They fit smoke alarms and give free home safety advice. See their website for eligibility and book your appointment online www.dorsetfire.gov.uk or phone 0800 038 2323 for details (free of charge on mobiles & landlines).

Throughout the year Dorset Police hold free bike tagging sessions at local venues. See the Dorset Police website for dates when this is available or contact our Neighbourhood Policing officers for details.

Wishing you a very safe and happy New Year.


Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT)

PS 1317 Ray Willmore

PC 2431 Sian Coombs, PC 2685 Aimee Garner

PCSO 5680 Linda Wilson, PCSO 6939 Chris Hardy

Follow them on TWITTER @SandbanksPolice

NPT Contact Details

Police non-emergency telephone number 101

E-mail: pp&c.snt@dorset.pnn.police.uk

Dorset Police website www.dorset.police.uk

Danger to life or crime in progress 999

How to contact Dorset Police

If your call is an emergency, i.e. a threat to life, or if a crime is in progress, always call 999 – don’t tweet or send a Facebook update. PHONE!!

For all routine or non- emergency matters, send an email to: enquires@dorset.pnn.police.uk or call 101

Crime in our area

During December, there were no house burglaries in our Watch area, but thefts of high value bicycles stored in sheds and garages have increased across Poole. Thefts from motor vehicles have also in-creased. Leave nothing on display, remove all valu-ables and always lock the vehicle even if it is parked off the road in a garage or on the drive.

See full crime figures online at www.police.uk

Dorset Alert – community messaging

Register with ‘Dorset Alert’ to receive regular infor-mation and updates from Dorset Police on criminal activity in your area. For more information contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) details above or log on to www.dorsetalert.co.uk

Watch Information Centre

Meet a member of Neighbourhood Watch at the Canford Cliffs Library on the first Friday of every month 10.30am-12noon. Speak to them about any issues or concerns about local safety.

A Police officer always attends and you can ask for advice on home security.

There is a small stock of safety & security items.

Flashing armbands for pedestrians and cyclists are free of charge. They help you to be seen in dark morning and evenings. Also suitable for children and dog walkers wearing dark clothing.

Recently car a registration plate was stolen from a vehicle in Penn Hill. Car registration number plate security screw kits are available for £1.50 from the Information Centre.

Pick-up free Watch window stickers.

Click Here to Download the Newsletter


Minutes of Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & District Residents’ Association – Jan 2016



PRESENT:       John Sprackling (JS)                 Chairman


Keith Alcroft (KA)                      Planning Officer


10 Members/Wardens


JS welcomed those present.    
Apologies: Cllrs May Haines & Mohan Iyengar, John Gunton, Carol & Mike Parkin,    
Stan Alfert, Martin Heath & Tracy Holmes.    
Accuracy: JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of JS  
the meeting held on 09 DECEMBER 2015  
Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported.. JS  


  1. Quayside (former Dolphin Quays) development – No new developments
  2. Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – ditto
  3. Quay Thistle Hotel site – ditto
  4. Old Orchard House – ditto
  5. Land at West Quay Road ditto


Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:


Victoria Education Centre (Landscaping to the new entrance) No new developments

Martello Corner, Martello Road (also known as 83 Canford Cliffs Road) – (Change of use of residential garage to dentists surgery} – Appeal lodged 14/07/15. Site visit took place on 11 January 2016.


Community Working Group (CWG): The Minutes of the CWG meeting held on 25 WH    
November 2015 will be distributed with the Minutes of this meeting. The next      
meeting will be the AGM on 23 March 2016      
Council Budget Monitoring report (2015/16) – JS said that the Council Budget WM    
Monitoring report (1 April 2015 to 31 December 2015), Medium Term Financial Plan      
report and the report on the Council Tax for recommendation to Council is due to be      
presented at the next Cabinet meeting on 09 February 2016.      
William Mutlow expressed concern that the there was never any mention of the      
Council’s contribution to the Local Government Pension Scheme which currently runs      
at 13.6% of the Council’s payroll bill, whereas within the EU, the figure is 10%.      
Roy Pointer expressed the view that there must come a time when Local      
Government Pension Scheme will become unsustainable and employees will have to      
join a defined contribution scheme which now applies to most employees in the      
Private Sector.      
Public Rights of Way RD    
Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – No new developments.    
Karol Gorny reported that he is in touch with Rights of Way officer about establishing      
another Right of Way within the area covered by the Association. He is currently      





Pinecliff Gardens (Sunken garden): No new developments.

Community Engagement: JS said he and other Residents’ Association WH  
representatives will be attending a Meeting with representatives from Residents’  
Association and Commerce and Industry on 15 January 2016 about next years      
The Minutes of last month’s ‘pilot’ Community Themed meeting will be distributed      
with the Minutes of this meeting.      
Sustaining Poole’s Seafront Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)      
(Formerly Seafront Beaches Master Plan SPD): The Sustaining Poole’s Seafront      
SPD was adopted by the Full Council its meeting on 15 December 2015..      
The final adopted version of the SPD has yet to be posted on the BoP website.      
JS said that the Cabinet Forward Plan shows that a report on the proposals for the      
Beach Road car park is due to be presented at the Cabinet meeting on 12 April      
Tony Beale said that he had visited the archive section of the Waterfront Museum but JS/TB  
had struggled to find any useful information about the dedication of the land for the      
Beach Road car park. JS said that he would provide names and contact details of      
persons who may be able to assist with his enquiries.      
Roy Pointer said that he would contact the Meyrick Estates which were very helpful      
when he was dealing with the Navitas Bay issue.      
RP was concerned about the lack of signage directing visitors to the Beach Road car      
park – the Association had raised this with the Council on many occasions in the      
Tony Beale added that this has been closed for public use since before Christmas      
and is, currently, closed.      
JS reported that he had met Mr Montgomery of Tanner & Tilley earlier in the week      
and was told that new plans have been drawn up for a much reduced version of the      
Sports Stadium at Sandbanks and these are likely to be submitted shortly.      
JS added that one of contacts wrote to him last week “I spent quite a long time      
studying the two versions of the SPD and it looked rather to me like the 2013 version      
would have meant Mr Mitchell had no chance of getting permission, whereas the      
2015 version gives him every chance of getting permission.”      
Succession planning: JS said that the Association’s Advertising Manager had been JS  
in touch earlier in the week to say that it was necessary for her to step down as,      
owing to domestic circumstances, she would, no longer, able to fulfil this role. Roger      
Allen, the former Association’s Advertising Manager, has kindly agreed to take her      
place, at least, for the next two editions. JS advised those present that some of the      
Executive were due to meet, informally, with Roger Allen the next day for a coffee at      
Compton Acres and JS would be raising the subject of his successor then.      
Chairman’s note. At the informal Executive meeting, it was suggested that in order to      
reduce the burden of the next Chairman, meetings should, in future, be held on a two      
monthly basis.      
Keith Alcroft, the Association’s Planning Officer, announced his wish to stand down at      
the Association’s AGM on 23 April 2016. So, the Association will be looking for      
nominations for the following officers at the forthcoming AGM      



Vice-Chairman – Roger Allen has indicated that he might be willing to take on this role

Planning Officer

Thecatalyst for my departure has been the comments from some quarters over my








handling of the 12A Western Ave application. It is to be hoped that those who have

had the most to say about this will now come forward to take over the Chairmanship    
and the role of Planning Officer.    
(UTC) – JS said that he received a note that day from John Probert, the Secretary of    
the UTC Steering Committee and he would include an extract from this in the    
Minutes (see below)    
JS said that at last month’s ‘pilot’ Community Themed meeting, he had suggested    
that the Councils should engage the services of an independent consultant to review    
the proposals and William Mutlow suggested that a suitable candidate might be Prof    
Gerry Stoker of Southampton University who spoke at the UTC AGM in April 2015    
Extract from note from John Probert, the Secretary of the UTC Steering Committee    
“…It now seems that Dr. Steph Lyons is preparing the case for an unelected    
combined authority (a.k.a. Combined Economic Development Authority) – albeit    
headed by an elected mayor* – for all of geographical Dorset, which is one of just    
three options for public consultation. * In a subsequent note John Probert says “An    
elected mayor and a combined authority are “negotiable” when negotiating for    
devolved powers.“    
However, I don’t understand why a unitary authority for the urban area of S E Dorset    
should not itself be responsible for Economic Development.    
Why add a new and costly layer of bureaucracy when one of the aims is to save    
costs and streamline the structure of our local government?    
If it is said that rural Dorset is not big enough to handle economic development    
matters on its own (implying of course that the urban authority will subsidise the rural    
area) the better way forward is surely to create a Combined Economic Development    
Authority for Dorset and Wiltshire. Why isn’t the Dorset Leaders’ Growth Board    
exploring such a fourth option for the forthcoming public consultation?”    
Refreshing the Core Strategy and review of Community Infrastructure Levy: TS
(CIL) – Roy Pointer asked if the Branksome Park Conservation Area Appraisal and    
Management Plan still carried any weight, particularly, in relation to the ¾ rule.    
JS said that Terry Stewart is in touch with Steve Dring, Planning Policy &    
Implementation Manager, to request that the ¾ rule is included in the revised Core    
Strategy. Nick Perrins is due to re-commence employment with Poole’s Planning &    
Regeneration Dept next month.    
William Mutlow asked if it might be possible to know the amount of Affordable    
Housing contributions currently held by the Council. He thought that this might be a    
significant sum accumulated over a number of years. JS said that, at the previous    
day’s Cabinet meeting, the Council had authorised a grant of £603,000 for the 100%    
Affordable Housing Scheme at Holes Bay Road.    
Improving Association’s communications – No new developments. MP
Leaning garden wall at (?)25 The Avenue – Cllr MH May says that “the leaning wall MH
in The Avenue should hopefully be addressed by now as officers were going out to    
visit before Christmas.” Roy Pointer will check.    
Branksome Park & plot size: As this involves an important point of principle, with TH
the consent of the Executive, Tracy Holmes engaged the services of Boyle &    
Summers Ltd, Architecture and Masterplanning Consultants of Southampton to act    
on her behalf and the Association in opposing the 12A Western Ave application and    
the Association has agreed to cover the firm’s bill totalling £2180.    
Projection equipment for Canford Cliffs Village Hall – RP is liaising with Martin ACTION


Since this is where the major talks are given they were less concerned about  
portability since we have the fall back option for local talks using other screens.  
Further advice is being sought on the best projector and PC for purchase by the  
Association. This equipment would be needed to be able to give good projection  
using the large screen in the village hall of course.  
JS reported that the application re Ormonde Nursing Home, 12 Pinewood Road KA
(Alterations, extensions and conversion of the building to six flats with associated  
parking and landscaping) was due to be determined at the Planning Committee  
meeting the following day – officer’s recommendation is to Grant.  
Chairman’s note: This was granted by the Committee with one Member voting  


Other current planning issues

4 Brackenhill (Demolish existing house and garage and construct 2 No. detached houses) – Application registered on 14 December 2015. Local concerns and Cllr MH is in touch with neighbours and reports that “it is in hand for the moment”.

Burnage Court, 6 Martello Park (Outline planning application for the demolition of the existing flatted building and the erection of a new apartment building containing 13 flats in total with associated access, cycle and bin stores) – Application validated on 28 September 2015. Letter of objection lodged on 20 October 2015.

Salterns Harbourside Hotel, 38 Salterns Way (Demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of 2 multi-storey mixed use developments containing 73 residential units, a 60 bedroom hotel as well as restaurants, offices and marina service facilities) – Controversial application.


  1. ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JS reported that the total Association funds as at 31 December 2015 amounted to £31,362.51. Paul Fearnley plans to get the accounts off to Schofield’s shortly.


Proposal to introduce on-street charges on roads adjacent to beaches – Cllr MH JS
asked JS to mention that a proposal to introduce on-street charges on roads adjacent  
to beaches is going to the Transportation Advisory Group meeting next Thursday  
(12/01/16). The committee are asked to recommend going out to consultation on this.  
This will cover roads in Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs village.  
Chairman’s note: This proposal was well aired land rejected less the two years ago  
at the Call-in Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 27 February 2014 -Minutes  
available via http://ha2.boroughofpoole.com/akspoole/users/public/admin/kab12.pl?  
Embankment fall at Branksome Dene Chine – Ray Wylde asked about this and JS No
said that he would include an extract from a note received from the Council on this further
subject. action


“The work has been agreed and formally licensed to be carried out in accordance with our design approval. The cost of the project is all at the property owners expense apart from some of my time as a supervising engineer. Interestingly the sandy gravel fill material is coming straight from major excavation works at Christchurch hospital. It is ideal for use on this site as it is naturally well graded for compaction and has good drainage properties.


At present the slope is initially being filled to provide a high level work platform to enable the stabilisation and reinstatement of the owners garden behind the piled wall

Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & District Residents’ Association Agenda for January 2016



WEDNESDAY 13 JANUARY 2016 @ 7.30 pm



1.Apologies/Accuracy of Minutes (11 November 2015)

2.Matters arising (Not covered under “Review”)

Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel etc sites – update

John Sprackling

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update


Community Working Group


Council Budget Monitoring report (2015/16) & 2016/17 Budget

William Mutlow

Public Rights of Way

Richard Dimbleby etc

Pinecliff Gardens (Sunken garden)

Wayne Hancock

Community Engagement

Terry Stewart

Sustaining Poole’s Seafront (Formerly Seafront Beaches Master Plan DPD)


Succession planning

John Sprackling

Uniting the Conurbation (UTC)

John Sprackling

Refreshing the Core Strategy and Review of Community Infrastructure

Terry Stewart

Levy (CIL)

Improving Association’s communications

Michael Parkin

Leaning garden wall at (?)25 The Avenue

Cllr May Haines

Branksome Park & plot sizes

Tracy Holmes

Projection equipment for Canford Cliffs Village Hall

Roy Pointer

8.00 pm.


New Housing Development

Keith Alcroft


Accounts to date

John Sprackling


Date of next meeting

John Sprackling

8.30 pm.

6. Any other business

Any other business should be advised to the Chairman at the meeting. Items raised during the evening may be put on the Agenda for the following month.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 10 February 2016 at 7.30pm – The Committee Room, Rear of Branksome St Aldhelms Parish Centre (Access via Lindsay Road

Dates for your diary:

24 Feb 16 Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill Area Committee Venue – TBC

Minutes Of The Branksome, Canford Cliffs & District Residents Association December 2015





John Sprackling (JS)


Michael Parkin (MP)

Membership Secretary

Keith Alcroft (KA)

Planning Officer

Carol Parkin (CP)

Secretary/Minutes Secretary

John Gunton (JG)

Magazine Editor

Cllr Mrs May Haines (MH)

Canford Cliffs Ward Councillor

10 Members/Wardens


JS welcomed those present, particularly, Cllr Mrs May Haines

Apologies: Terry Stewart, William Mutlow, Wayne Hancock & Martin Heath

Accuracy: JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 11 NOVEMBER 2015



Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported..


1.Quayside (former Dolphin Quays) development – No new developments

2.Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – ditto

3.Quay Thistle Hotel site – ditto

4.Old Orchard House – ditto

5.Land at West Quay Road ditto

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:


Victoria Education Centre (Landscaping to the new entrance) No new developments

Martello Corner, Martello Road (also known as 83 Canford Cliffs Road) – (Change of

use of residential garage to dentists surgery} – Appeal lodged 14/07/15. Date of site

visit not yet announced.

16 Western Avenue (Erection of Single Storey Garden Room) – Application granted

by Planning Committee at it’s meeting on 03 December 2015.

Community Working Group (CWG): The Minutes of the CWG meeting held on 25


November 2015 are not yet available and the next meeting will be the AGM on 23

March 2016

Council Budget Monitoring report (2015/16) – In the absence of William Mutlow,


JS reported that the Council Budget Monitoring report (1 April 2015 to 30 September

2015) presented at the Cabinet meeting yesterday shows an end of year surplus of


WM has sent JS the following note about the Council Budget Monitoring report (1 April

2015 to 30 September 2015)

A number of budgets within Children’s Social Care Services have continued to

overspend with significant mitigation provided from savings in other budgets across

the People Theme. The small surplus delivered overall is from reduced demand within

key budgets in the Place Theme, across Business Improvement activity and from the

receipt of Community Infrastructure Levy to support financing the Twin Sails Bridge.

The improved forecast outturn includes a saving within central financing of £0.5m over

the second quarter and a further growth of £0.3m in Children’s Social Care, to give an

annual forecast overspend for this Service of £1m for the year. The increased ACTION pressure is largely offset by savings within Education Services after allowing for two

additional resources agreed by Cabinet in September.

A number of budgets within Adult Social Care (ASC) have moved favourably over the quarter with a net movement of £1.3m, giving a total for the year of £1.6m. The favourable movement includes retention of unspent grant of £0.6m from the postponement to 2020 of the implementation of the Care Act Part 2, reduced budget pressures and additional income of £0.7m.

The net favourable movement in ASC budget variances has been offset by the need to take account of the increased cost of £1.4m from a revised Ordinary Resident claim from Dorset County Council (DCC). The Council’s final accounts for 2014/15 and the June 2015 Council Budget Monitoring report for 2015/16 were prepared on the basis of an agreement with officers from DCC. in July 2015. A creditor of £0.4m was set up for an agreed back-pay element. Poole had begun making payments directly to care providers for the accepted clients from the start of the financial year in good faith that a back pay element was close to agreement. However in October, DCC confirmed that they were not going to abide by the agreement reached in July. A fresh claim was submitted including that Poole should accept funding responsibility for further clients and from an earlier point in time. This higher claim was for £1.8m.

The Council is not accepting the additional £1.4m is now due to DCC, with officers continuing to negotiate a fair settlement and we are required to set aside a provision to reflect the potential liability until the matter is resolved.

Taking into account the above issues, the net forecast pressure across the People Theme is £0.6m. Work is ongoing to establish the extent to which there will continue to be a pressure over the period of the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).

Other services and central items are forecasting combined net savings of £1.3 million to offset additional costs within the People Theme and deliver the surplus overall. The most significant savings are within Transportation Services (£0.5m), across Business Improvement Services (£0.3m) and growing Community Infrastructure Levy receipts supporting financing of the Twin Sails Bridge to replace payments previously charged to the General Fund (£0.5m).

The current Capital programme is £26m with expenditure in the half year at £10.9m, representing 42% of annual spend. This reflects the profile of individual project expenditure within the overall programme.

The Forecast revenue variance movements June to September 2015 greater than £100,000.

£292k increase for Children – Looked After: Pressures continue to grow for placements of Children.

£145k saving in Children – Education Staff Costs: Vacancies in the Capital Team and other service areas.

£111k saving in Children – Education – Other Savings: Education Services Grant retained due to schools not converting to academy status (£75k) saving plus other net saving (£36k).

£579k saving in ASC – Care Act (Parts 1 & 2) Implementation: Further savings following Government announcement of implementation delay to 2020 of Part 2 and the grant can be retained to support budget pressures.

£359k saving in ASC – Residential Care & Community Based Services: Main items: “Reduced over spending on Learning Disabilities from potential service users not taking up care, plus existing clients moving to more cost-effectivepackages (209k saving) Clients aged 18-24 leaving care (£106k saving).”

£171k saving in ASC – Other Income: Client contributions from fairer charges (£77k) plus other income (£94k)

£165k saving in ASC – Ordinary Resident Claims (excluding Dorset): Ordinary resident claims settled without back-pay and with lower on-going

costs than provided.

£1,362k increase in ASC – Ordinary Resident Claim Dorset: Increase in

Dorset claim from position agreed in July 2015. Correspondence in October


confirmed Dorset are pursuing a higher claim to include additional clients and


for 6 full years of historic costs.

£250k saving in ECPS – Waste Disposal: Sustained reduced tonnage over the first

half year expected to continue.

£216k increase for ECPS – Street Scene: Additional drainage works and carriageway

& footway repairs.

£702k saving in Prudential Borrowing

£1,200k increase for Poole Bridge Funding Contribution: Community Infrastructure

Levy receipts applied to replace the forward funding previously used for the Twin Sails

Bridge. This has allowed the General Fund to be compensated for previous Minimum

Revenue Provisions (MRP) made.

Earmarked reserves at the 1 April 2015 was £24.2m, with £3.6m programmed to

support the 2015/16 Budget. Details of forecast movements greater than £100,000

since June 2015 totalling £885k:

Grant Related £248K saving

Reserves Supporting the MTFP £255K saving

Culture and Community £191k saving

Corporate Maintenance £158k saving

Corporate Re-organisation Fund £143k saving

Schools Dedicated Schools Grant £328k increase

NHS Partnership in ASC £188k increase

Carbon Management Programme £89k increase

Street Scene £57k increase

Preventing Homelessness £0 change

Reserves to support the 2015/16 budget £0 change

ICT reserve virement to capital £250k increase

ASC reserve virement to capital £0 change

Public Rights of Way


Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – No new developments.

Pinecliff Gardens (Sunken garden): No new developments.


Community Engagement: At its meeting on 15 December, the Council is being


asked to adopt the revised Statement of Community Involvement, with the provision

that notification to neighbours by letter remain unchanged and that minor changes be

delegated to the Head of Planning and Regeneration including Building Consultancy

Services in consultation and the Portfolio Holder with responsibility for this area.

JS reported that he had attended a ‘pilot’ Community Themed meeting at the Civic

Centre this morning which was attended a wide group of residents representatives

from throughout the Borough. Notes of the meeting will be circulated as soon as these

are available.

Agenda items included the following presentation by Cllrs Mrs Walton and Mrs Haines

Combined Authority Business Case for new Unitary Authority

Current position on Council budget for 2016/17

Proposal for change to waste collection

Sustaining Poole’s Seafront Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)


(Formerly Seafront Beaches Master Plan SPD): The Sustaining Poole’s Seafront

SPD was recommended for adoption by the Full Council at the Cabinet meeting on 08

December 2015.. This includes the following proposals for Branksome & Branksome

Dene beaches…

6.5 Branksome Beach – A Window on the Beaches

The height of the cliff and spread of vegetation combine with the curve of the cliffs to present an opportunity for panoramic views from a new café/restaurant projecting from Western Road car park. Subject to full technical reports and identified SNCI

mitigation, this new Sky Café could be a truly iconic addition. Whether a destination

or a family café, an elegant architectural and engineering solution would be




Redevelopment of the existing library site for flatted development with provision of

new community facilities could be proposed.

Cllr MH said that there would need to be a replacement facility before there could be a

decision to demolish Canford Cliffs library.

6.6 Branksome Dene Beach – The Watersports Beach

Change here could include a new and larger community and leisure venue in an

elevated position with an enlarged terrace and a handful of rooms for hire. It could

include new changing space, toilets and showers. A kiosk could be located on a deck

that projects over the sand in a similar style to the decks at Shore Beach and Canford

Cliffs. Identified parts of the woodland of the Chine shall be managed and reinforced

to retain or create ecological habitats. Furthermore the woodland could be accessed

via a new rope zip wire? adventure activity feature, and watersports should be

supported here (subject to approval of environmental reports and mitigation) with

improved facilities and access.

The beach area is the preferred location for a watersports hub to be built. Storage

space for small craft and changing facilities for users could combine with training and

teaching areas, as currently exists for the Branksome Chine Surf Life Saving Club. It

is possible that it could be managed by a commercial operator.

Additional 8 beach huts could be constructed, of which all could be capable of

overnight accommodation.

Tony Beale asked if, when the area of the Branksome Beach car park and the chine

was ceded to the council, there were any covenants put on this at that time. JS said

that this needed to be looked into.

Succession planning: No new developments.


Uniting the Conurbation (Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch) – the Council


exploring options for the future of local government in Poole, Bournemouth and


Option 1 – A Pan-Dorset Unitary Council including all nine councils in


This option is a single unitary council to provide local government services for the

whole Dorset county area as well as Poole and Bournemouth. This would bring

together the current two unitary councils with the County Council and District

Councils, creating a single tier authority.

A unitary Council for this area would be the third largest local authority in England,

smaller than Birmingham and Leeds, larger than Sheffield.

Option 2 – A Unitary Council for South East Dorset This proposal is to create a

new unitary Council to provide local government services for Poole, Bournemouth,

Christchurch and East Dorset to come into effect in April 2019.

This would bring together the services of five Councils for the South East Dorset area

i.e. the two unitary Councils (Poole and Bournemouth), the two District Councils

(Christchurch and East Dorset) and the relevant part of Dorset County Council.

A new unitary Council for South East Dorset would be bigger, for example, than

Bristol, Southampton, Reading or Brighton and Hove.

Given that the proposal affects the Dorset County Council area, it will be necessary to

consider the costs and benefits of a revised local government structure for the rest of

the County area comprising the four District Councils and Dorset County Council.

creation of a new unitary council for South East Dorset would need to be




balanced by a new arrangement in the rest of Dorset. This could be retention of the

status quo or a new unitary council for the areas of Purbeck, North Dorset, West

Dorset and Weymouth& Portland Councils.

Option 3 – No change – Retain the existing local government structure The two

unitary councils in Poole and Bournemouth and the two tier structure in the Dorset

area with a County Council and six district councils would remain as they are.

Refreshing the Core Strategy and review of Community Infrastructure Levy:


(CIL) – No new developments.

Improving Association’s communications – No new developments.


Autumn 2015 ‘Pines & Chines’ magazine – Nothing to report




Leaning garden wall at (?)25 The Avenue – Cllr MH will follow up.


Branksome Park & plot size: In the absence of Tracy Holmes, JS reported that KA


had drafted a letter to go to the Planning Inspectorate refuting a number of assertions

made by Mr Horden in relation to the meeting between, himself, JS and Mr Horden in

April 2015.

Chairman’s note: I omitted to report that Terry Stewart has written a letter to Cllr Ian

Potter, the Portfolio Holder responsible for Planning & Regeneration, seeking the

requirement that all sites in the Branksome Park Conservation Area be a minimum of

0.3 hectares be reinstated in the Core Strategy.


KA reported

16 Western Avenue (Erect a single storey garden room (Retrospective) – Application 


granted by Planning Committee at its meeting on 03 December 2015.

66, 68 & 68A Lilliput Road (Outline planning application for the demolition of the

existing properties and the erection of two separate apartment buildings containing 20

flats in total with associated access, cycle and bin stores) – Application refused by

Planning Committee at its meeting on 03 December 2015.

Other current planning issues

Salterns Harbourside Hotel, 38 Salterns Way (Demolition of the existing buildings

and the erection of 2 multi-storey mixed use developments containing 73 residential

units, a 60 bedroom hotel as well as restaurants, offices and marina service facilities)

Controversial application

Ormonde Nursing Home, 12 Pinewood Road (Outline application for alterations,

extensions and conversion of the building to six flats with associated parking and

landscaping) – The Association lodged a letter of objection to this application on 13

August 2015. Still a ‘current application’.


ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JS reported that the total Association funds as at 30


November 2015 amounted to £31,420.22



Former Cllr Neil Sorton – JS said he was very sorry to inform those present that Neil

passed away on 06 December 2015. The funeral will be held at 1.30pm at Canford


Magna Church, Merley, BH21 3AF on 17 December 2015 followed by a private



Projection equipment for Canford Cliffs Village Hall – RP reported that at the


Neighbourhood Watch conference in the Canford Cliffs Village Hall, there was an embarrassing amount of trouble with the Power-point presentations. He suggested that maybe the Association could donate funds to be used for some equipment which could be used by all groups needing such equipment. JS suggested that RP liaise with Martin Heath who is a Trustee of Canford Cliffs Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.00pm with Mulled wine and mince pies.

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday – 13 January 2016 – Committee Room (formerly Lounge), Rear of Branksome St Aldhelms Parish Centre (Access via Lindsay Road.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm..