Terry Stewart President Bob Reid Chairman

Carol Parkin Secretary/Minutes Secretary Mike Parkin Membership Secretary Roger Allen Magazine Advertising

Dugald Eadie Planning Officer Cllr. Mohan Iyengar

Cllr. May Haines

Approximately 30 members and wardens The Chairman welcomed those present. APOLOGIES

John Gunton, Paul Fearnley, Roy Pointer, Linda Brook, Julie Reid, Steph Stephenson. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD JULY 12, 2017

The Chairman explained why these minutes were longer than usual.

There were no comments from the members about these minutes and so they were approved. TRAVELLER INCURSIONS

Since the last Association meeting The Chairman went along to a meeting at the Council where Traveller Incursions was discussed. The Council are rather tied with the rules and laws from the Government.

The Association made a presentation at the meeting at the Council where the Associations views and opinions were presented by John Gunton along with details of the assault and the car damage, which the Council listened to carefully. They appeared to be concerned that the police were not being active enough and will speak with the PCC, Martyn Underhill.

The idea of Temporary Stopping Place (TSP) on a rotation basis was mooted, in order that there could be a site to which the Travellers could be directed. Travellers used to have a permanent site allocated to them in Poole, but this was taken away as they ‘trashed’ it. There is no TSP in Poole currently. DE brought up the question of definition of Traveller, as the ones we have in Poole appear to be ‘tourists’. The Chairman said that this is another whole new issue. A member pointed out that when he visited Winchester last month a large proportion of the Travellers illegally camped in the car park there were French. There was then general discussion on ‘Travellers’. John Sprackling said that there was presently a Traveller presence on the car park at Sandbanks. Cllr MI then brought us up to date with progress so far made by the Council. There is general agreement that there needs to be adjustment to the law but that Poole Council are unable to do this. He has had a meeting with the PCC’s office about police inactivity towards Travellers. They insist that they can do nothing until the law is changed. There is no support at the Council for having rotating TSPs. There is still the reticence of the population of Poole to have a site in proximity to where they live, but more importantly, no one rotating site would be large enough. There is the question as to whether there should be a TSP outside the Borough in a rural area, but the stipulation is that we must have a site

within the borough, and this is part of the law that Poole Council would like to be changed because of the constriction of space within the borough.


We’re still waiting a Government decision on this but plans need to be made because of the budget. Cllr Haines detailed the shared services Poole Council already has with Bournemouth.

For instance, there is now only one Head of Legal and Democratic Services, HR, Financial Services, and IT.

There has been a voluntary redundancy programme in order that each section of Corporate Services may reach its target of 20% saving.

The Seafront and library services are currently being negotiated.


TS asked how much had to be saved and Cllr. MH told him that it is about £10.8Million but as this is a work in progress there cannot be an exact figure.

MP asked if anybody is monitoring that those who take redundancy are not rehired as consultants. Cllr.MH said that this is very unlikely to happen.

JS said that he would like more detail to be provided when consultants are hired.

DE said that he hoped that our Council had some concept of ethics. It was pointed out that Stephen Thorne, who was the Head of Planning, had been re-hired on a consultancy basis!

Cllr MI explained that even though some beachfront services were shared, Poole seafront remains in the ownership of Poole Council, and the same for Bournemouth.

TS brought up the question of lack of information from Poole Council; Cllr MI agreed that there is still work to be done on communications.


This is a working group between the Council, the traders of Canford Cliffs and the residents of Canford Cliffs. Things are now beginning to happen. We had hoped that Steph Stevenson from HNB would be able to come to our meeting to give us a talk about the aspirations for Haven Road, though Canford Cliffs Village, but, unfortunately, she is unable to attend. However, the proposed plans for Haven Road are on display in HNB salon until the 15th of September. Steph Stevenson is extremely disappointed that she couldn’t be at the meeting, and hopes to be able to be at the next meeting of the Assn. to talk about that proposals for Haven Road. However, things are now going ahead, albeit very slowly due to Council resources and commitments.

A bid for CIL money to be used has been launched.

Work on the new Tesco in Haven Road should begin quite soon. PINECLIFF GARDENS

Roger Allen reported that things are going well with the garden and it is applying for a Green Flag Award. PLANNING APPLICATIONS



APP/17/01005/F 24/08/2017


2a Martello Park (Martello Lodge) Increase existing approved 4 storey block to 5 storeys. Neighbours in South Lodge, having accepted the original plan, are not happy with the extra floor. All blocks around that area are 4 storeys. Red card is expected.


APP/17/01157/F 23/08/2017


1-5 Lindsay Road McCarthy & Stone proposal for 37 retirement apartments to replace 5 bungalows. Advance consultation has already taken place. 5 letters, of which 2 object, 3 approve (unusual).


APP/17/01114/F 15/08/2017


43 Western Road Replace existing 5 bedroom house with three blocks of flats (10 in total) Difficult to see how this can be justified in Conservation Area (existing house is listed in Poole Council documents). 18 objections so far Dover Road residents quite active, objection from BPCCRA


APP/17/01164/F 9/08/2017


1,1A Canford Cliffs Avenue Demolish existing bungalow and erect two 4-bed detached houses. See comments on 5 Canford Cliffs Avenue below. 4 objections from immediate neighbours, particularly concerned about impact on road, which has a cultivated central reservation. Also, a complete change to the style of the properties.


APP/17/01084/P 25/07/2017


19 Canford Cliffs Road Demolish garage and erect new detached house, creating new entrance where there is an existing pedestrian gate. As usual. This will increase the density of housing. No objections so far.


APP/17/01070/P 20/07/2017


9 Martello Road South Demolish existing bungalow and replace with three dwellings. Further increase in density of housing in this area. Main objection from neighbour in Oratory Gardens, worried about overlooking windows and impact of basement construction.


APP/17/00962/P 13/07/2017


2 Mornish Road Demolish existing house and replace with single dwelling. No objections.


APP/17/00997/F 10/07/2017


5 Canford Cliffs Avenue Demolish existing house and replace with 2 detached houses. 8 letters of objection appears to be a threat to the whole stretch of land to Widdicombe Road. Several neighbours say that there are “covenants” which should prevent this.


APP/17/00957/F 3/07/2017


19 Wilderton Road Demolish existing house and erect block of 6 flats. Blatant follow-on from approval for single dwelling on 19 May 2017. 7 objections, including BPCCRA. Allowing a block of flats in this part of the road would be against the principles of the Conservation Area.


APP/17/00785/F 13/06/2017


11 Martello Road South Demolish existing house and erect block of 14 flats. This is an expansion of the existing approved plan for 9 flats. 4 letters of objection, but note that residents already tried hard to prevent original application, and will probably do less now. On 28 July 2017, Robert Syms MP wrote to the Chief Executive of Poole Borough Council to object to this proposal.


APP/17/00742/F 02/06/2017


22 St Clair Road Demolish existing 3 flats and erect 2 no 4 bed houses with parking Unusually, 5 letters of support, only 1 objection, concerning privacy. Current building is an “eyesore”.


WITHDRAWN on 3 August 2017. Applicant knew that planning officer was going to refuse it, and it is likely that an amended version will be proposed. The Planning officer was clear that the buildings were too big for the site and the area.


APP/17/00206/F 15/02/2017


5 Ormonde Rd

Alterations, extensions and conversion of existing house to form 4 cluster houses with new vehicular access, parking and bin storage. Neighbourhood opposition with representatives attending the May BRCCRA monthly meeting. At least 20 letters of objection. Revised proposal on 9/08/2017, reducing to 3 dwellings, but neighbours still objecting. DECISIONS

APP/16/01623/F 28/10/2016 46-48 Tower Road

28 retirement apartments (McCarthy & Stone) Grant 3/08/2017

Variation on existing approval, some controversy about location/ traffic issues. APP/17/00405/F 22/03/2017


2 Western Ave

Plot severance and erection of detached dwelling with access from Canford Cliffs Road. Refused 28/07/2017

Strong objections seem to have worked (for now). Impact on trees was a major factor. Appeal made on 30/08/2107 (as expected) Appeal quotes 12A Western Avenue as a “model” to justify splitting the site.

APP/16/01353/F 1/09/2016


22 Balcombe Road New 2-storey house in plot carved out of existing.


Grant 28/07/2017


Some controversy due to increase in density, but numbering suggests that this was expected.


APP/17/00594/F 21/04/2017

11 Newton Road Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement Grant 14/06/2017

APP/17/00697/F 18/05/2017


7 Chaddesley Glen

Demolition of existing dwelling, to be replaced with block of 4 flats.


Grant 20/07/2017

Main point is that planning already exists for a similar building. The “right of light” issue raised by neighbours is a legal matter, and does not affect planning decision.

APP/17/00669/P 18/05/2017


6 Pinewood Road

Demolish existing dwelling and replace with 8 flats and basement parking Refused 13/07/2017

Reasons for refusal are consistent with the many objections. Slight inconsistency with original pre-app advice. PINES AND CHINES MAGAZINE

Just a reminder that anything for the forthcoming issue of the magazine should be given to John Gunton by Friday 15th September.


The Accounts are available with the Chairman if anyone wished to look at them. We currently have £32,658 in the account.


Terry has been the President of the Association for some years and has been with the Association for 25 years.

Terry is moving out of the area and is resigning his duties as President. Chairman presented him with a local painting in order that he might remember his association with Poole.

Terry thanked the Association and remarked that our Association is remarkably active in the area. He wished to pay tribute to John Sprackling who was Chair of the Association for 14 years, and to Bob Reid, the current Chairman. ANY OTHER BUSINESS

The Chairman has had an e mail from Cllr. MI detailing the restoration of the landslip at Cliff Drive. If anyone wants to see this contact Bob Reid and he will send a copy.

The latest Neighbour Hood Watch newsletter is available here at the meeting if anyone wishes to take one. John Sprackling informed the meeting that the group Unite the Conurbation are fully supporting

The amalgamation of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Councils. The ‘minded to’ notice may be received on Friday 15th. If this letter is not received, the Unite the Conurbation Group want to send a letter to Sajid Javid (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) to encourage him to make a decision. JS went on to say that the group wanted to get an idea or how people feel about this and asked that we could have a show of hands of those who support the unification of the conurbation. There was overwhelming support and two people against the idea.

Cllr. MI asked what the reasons were for being against this plan. The main reason was the fear that Poole would lose its identity and be steamrollered by Bournemouth.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.








Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs Residents Association C/O Bob Reid (Chair)

46 The Oasis, 45 Lindsay Road Branksome Park Poole BH13 6AP

Website www.pinesandchines.co.uk

Minutes of March – Branksome Park Canford Cliffs and District Residents’ Association

Minutes of monthly meeting held Wednesday March 8, 2017, at 19.30

PRESENT                              Terry Stewart                    President
Bob Reid                              Chairman
Carol Parkin                        Secretary/Minutes Secretary

Cllr. May Haines and approximately 30 wardens and members.

APOLOGIES                       Cllr. Mohan Iyengar, Mike Parkin, John Gunton, Paul Fearnley, Roger Alan, Dawn Goodson, Alan and Libby Bentall, Ken Sanson, Tracy Holmes.

The Chairman welcomed those present and was pleased to see some new members.


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


Parking Charges Update
RP reminded members that the Association had objected strongly to the full metering plan on the grounds that:

  1. It had been overwhelmingly rejected by residents.
  2. No evidence of congestion had been offered by the Council
  3. No complaints of lack of parking or congestion had been received by the Council.
  4. No regard had been given by the Council to the availability of off-road parking ie Beach Road car park.
  5. The scheme was to cater in part for the 25 years Beach Development Plan and was therefore premature.

The Council had now reduced the impact of the Branksome Park/Canford Cliffs portion down to the East and West sides of Western Road.  Following the advertised Traffic Order to which we had also objected, metering of the East side of Western Road, adjacent to Beach Road car park had been agreed on Monday March 6.  Proposals to meter the West side of Western Road had been withdrawn to enable a new Order to be advertised for a reduced length between Pinecliff Road Junction and the Southern boundary of No. 9 Western Road, to which we also object.

RP will now discuss the possibility of requesting a formal review of the Council’s decision with the Executive, and remind the Council that we shall still object to any metering on the West side of Western Road, even for the reduced length now proposed.

Closure of Public Toilets
The Chairman attended a call-in meeting. There was quite strong opposition to closing the toilets, especially in Baiter Park but despite this the decision was that the toilets would be mothballed.  John Sprackling commented that the closure of the toilets at the ferry to Studland was very important as during the summer when there are long queues for the ferry there will be no provision for a public toilet.   There was discussion about the various ways community toilets could operate, but generally this is not finding favour with Traders, with some places even having notices that their toilet facilities are for customers only.
There was a question as to exactly how much money was being saved in the council budget by closing toilets.  Cllr MH pointed out that as well as the maintenance costs to the Council, some toilets would need upgrading. TS suggested that CIL money could be made available for this.
Cllr Haines assured the meeting that all options were being looked at and suggestions would be welcome.

Beach Road Car Park Update.

RP reminded members that at the presentation to the meeting in December there were mixed views from the members as to the desirability of the Council developing the car park and he had reported accordingly to the Council in response to the consultation.  It would be helpful for the Association to give the Executive a more definite view and he hoped that there may be time to take soundings at the forthcoming AGM.  In this way the Council would be of no doubt as to the views of the members on the future of the car park, in the context of the review of the Local Plan due for consultation this year.
Tony Beale is currently researching old covenants on this area.  He is ill at the moment and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Canford Cliffs Beach Shelter.

The Council plan is to turn this into a cafeteria/restaurant with extra beach huts built above it, and to demolish the current ice cream kiosk.  At our last meeting there was a question as to whether the Council had made a business plan.  When this was enquired into, the Council replied that a Business Plan is not needed to submit a planning application.  Cllr MH had no knowledge of this.  The meeting is questioning whether this plan is viable.


5 Ormond Road                Planning Application for alterations and extensions to convert existing house
Into 4 ‘Cluster Houses’ with new vehicular access, parking and bin storage.
There is a lot of neighbourhood opposition to this.
Nick Robinson, from 11 Chester Road gave the meeting his objections to this plan.  He currently lives in a flat which has been converted very sympathetically with the area.  This Application would massively affect the street scene and undermine the integrity of the area.  ‘Cluster Houses’ is a euphemism for flats.  The adjacent houses have already disclosed that they intend to convert and extend the properties into more ‘cluster houses’.
This would mean more traffic with all the attendant risks.  Mr. Robinson feels that the Council should apply ‘Affordable housing’ in a responsible way.
If the planning application for 5 Ormond Road is passed it will set a precedent.  He feels that Poole Council displays a lack of responsibility by not maintaining this area in a sympathetic way; litter, fly tipping etc., and that this area needs to be preserved.  He encourages everybody to look at these issues – Mr. Robinson’s e mail address can be obtained from the Chairman.
Cllr MH said that she agreed with everything that has been said and was originally responsible for having this area designated a Conservation Area.
She will have very strong views to put forward to the Planning Committee.
She advised Mr. Robinson on the best way to put his objections to the Planning Committee.
There was general discussion on the Planning that has been allowed by Poole Council.

4 Brackenhill                      Demolish existing house and garage.  Construct two semi-detached houses.  Eleven letters of objection have been received.

10 Nairn Road                    Demolish existing dwelling and construct two replacement dwelling.  Some objection letters have been received.

11 Martello Rd. South    Demolish existing dwelling and erect three storey block of nine flats.  There is neighbourhood opposition to this scheme.

12 DeMauley Road          Demolish existing semi-detached dwellings and erect two replacement detached dwellings.

14 Pinewood Road          Partial demolition of building and construction of two-storey rear extension to convert to six apartments, and semi-detached house.  Continued submissions objecting to this scheme.  Amended site plans submitted.

6 Newton Road                Demolition of existing building and construction of two semi-detached dwellings.
This has been Granted.


There is currently a sum of £32,467 in the account.
The Chairman was pleased to report that the funds raised from advertising in the Spring
Magazine almost covers the cost of production of the magazine.  Roger Allan, who is responsible for
advertising in the magazine had reported that this is going extremely well.
Copies of last month’s accounts are available if anyone wished to take a copy.


The Chairman reported that he attended a meeting last night of the Canford Cliffs Collective
Group. This has been set up to improve the appearance of Haven Road through the Village.
Carol Parkin also attended the meeting as she currently lives in Canford Cliffs.  She reported that
Steph Stevenson who owns the hairdressers, HNB, on Haven Road is leading this group.  Steph has
quite a few ideas to invigorate Haven Road.
These include       Holding a yearly festival – Oyster and Champagne, in September, to be organised
by a company who run all kinds of festivals all over England.
Flag poles for the walls of shops where Christmas trees, flags etc. can be displayed.
Heritage Lighting installed.
Ornamental pear trees provided to shops and business to display in tubs outside
their premises.
A defibrillator could be installed in say the Post Office area.

Funds raised from the festival would be used to improve the appearance of Haven.
This should increase footfall.

All these ideas were agreed in principle.

There was an idea to have a website, but this was shelved for the time being and  social media could be used to promote the village.

The Chairman was asked a question as to the current situation of Tesco moving into the empty shops in Haven Road.  At the Collective meeting, Matthew Robson from Poole Council had said that he expected a Planning Application to be put in imminently by Tesco.  The Chairman expected that when Tesco move into Canford Cliffs they will inject money into helping improve Haven Road.

There is a rumour that Tesco on Sandbanks will close, and if this is the case, it could be that trade in Canford Cliffs increases.

There was discussion on parking in Canford Cliffs.

TS asked Cllr MH what the Council intend for the use of Section 106 money that is still outstanding.
Cllr Haines replied that she would make enquiries.

Steph Stevenson will give a short presentation on the plans for Haven Road at our AGM in April, and it is hoped that Matt Robson and Adrian Trevett from Poole Council will come along too.


Nick Robinson asked Cllr MH for a contact at Poole Council to contact in relation to Fly Tipping.
Cllr MH supplied this.

JS asked about ‘the man in the woods’.  This man appears to be living in a den in the wood.  Cllr MH will report this to the Council.

There will be no monthly meeting in April as our AGM will be held Saturday 22nd  April.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

BPCCRA Meeting Agenda – March 8th

Agenda for March 8th 2017 at 7.30 pm.
To be held in the Lounge meeting room of St. Aldhelms Church (accessed from Lindsay Road).


  1. Welcome and apologies.
  2. Minutes of the meeting on the 8th February 2017.
  3. Matters arising
  4. Update on Parking charges and parking meters.
  5. Closing of the public toilets
  6. Beach road car park update on consultation.
  7. Canford Cliffs Beach Shelter result of enquiries.
  8. Other Planning reports
  9. Accounts
  10. Canford Cliffs Co-operative meetings.
  11. A.O.B

Minutes of February Meeting

The Next Meeting will be our AGM the 22nd April in Canford Cliffs’ Village Hall at 10.30 am.
There will be a presentation and refreshments afterwards.

Minutes of February Meeting – Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs District Residents Association

Minutes of monthly meeting held Wednesday February 8, 2017,at 19.30

at St Aldhelms Church Lindsay Road in the Lounge Meeting Room.


Terry Stewart                    President
Bob Reid                         Chairman

Roger Allen                     Vice Chairman

Carol Parkin                        Secretary/Minutes Secretary

Tracy Holmes                     Planning Officer

Cllr. Mohan Iyengar and approximately 25 wardens and members.
APOLOGIES                       Cllr. May Haines, Mike Parkin, John Gunton, Paul Fearnley, Dawn Goodson, David Mauleverer, Charles Boyle, Linda Brook, Martin Heath, Christine Blake, Julie Reid.

The Chairman extended a welcome to those present.

Minutes of the January meeting
The Chairman pointed out that Cllr. May Haines had emailed that it was not just the Civic Centre reception area which was planned to be refurbished, but the whole Customer Services reception, of which 77% of customers surveyed had said was not fit for purpose.  Since the last meeting the whole scheme has been scaled back, and we shall be looking at the new scheme.

With this correction, the minutes of the January meeting were approved.

Matters arising
Apart from the above amendment there was no other matters arising

Parking Charges.

The Chairman gave the latest update on the raising of parking charges.

The feedback has not just been from residents, but also from traders who will be affected by these charges and fear that they will lose trade.  Saying this, the Chairman went on to say that he felt the Council were not going to go back on this decision.  JS pointed out that this had been approved at last night’s Cabinet Meeting.   TS said that the charges most affecting our area are the increases to the fees charged at the car parks in Canford Cliffs and Pen Hill which have doubled.

RP commented on the other issue affecting our area – namely the proposal to install parking meters at the bottom end of Western Road.  There was a proposal by the Council, last year, to install numerous parking meters in our area, and this has now been scaled back to the area between Martello and Pinecliff Road.   RP feels that if parking meters are installed in this area, it could open the floodgates and parking meters will be installed in the other areas which were originally proposed.  This is the main reason the Assn. will object to this proposal.  The first area of objection will be the Consultation.  The second will be that the Council have stated that it will relieve congestion.  The Assn. does not feel that there has been any congestion in this area and it is not sufficient grounds for installing parking meters.  The third is that the reason for installing meters is when there is no off-road parking in the area.  As there is a car park close to this area, it is not felt that this is sufficient grounds for parking meters.  The last reason for objecting is that the Council are proposing to allow for possible congestion when the whole beach area has been redeveloped, and the Assn. does not believe that they can quantify this need at the present.
The members present showed their support of this objection by a show of hands.

Beach Road Car Park

The Council’s proposal is to sell half of Beach Road Car Park for development, and this will put extra pressure on on-road parking – namely Western Road.
When Nick Perrins, from the Council, presented the Council’s proposals for Beach Road Car Park at our December meeting, the views of those present were not overwhelmingly against this proposal.
There are a number of covenants on this land, and one from 1931 states that nothing should happen that could cause annoyance or disturbance to neighbouring residents.  This may be a reason that could be used to restrict the proposal, although it is rather vague.
Once again the issue of the signage for Beach Road car park was raised.
RP says that we ought to get a feeling for the issue of what will happen to Beach Road Car Park at our AGM in April.
There was a show of hands of those objecting to selling off part of Beach Road Car Park for development (i.e. Flats). There were eight votes objecting to selling off for development of flats.
Next there was a show of hands of those objecting to selling off part of the Car Park for a Council-run resource such as a nursing home.  There were no objections to this suggestion.
RP has suggested this to the council.
RA suggested that a care home may not be viable in the light of the number of closures of care homes across the country, and indeed in our area.
Mike Wrigley asked why, Dorset council had the amount of a reported £330M sitting in reserve as reported in the Echo, this was deemed ‘untouchable’.  JS commented that there is a sum of £6M of un-earmarked reserves, the rest is earmarked. He has a breakdown of the whole £68M.

Closure of Public Toilets

The Chairman asked if our Assn. should be objecting to the closure of public toilets as most are no in our area.  There was a general opinion at the meeting that we should be, if only as residents of Poole.  The most important closures are those at the Ferry and those in Baiter Park.
There was much discussion on this matter.  One member pointed out that as we are a tourist area, there ought to be adequate provision for visitors.  RA suggested that the toilets on the green in Ashley Cross could be re-developed as a café, with a proviso that they maintain toilets for public use. This is something he has seen in practice in other areas.

Planning Applications
4 Brackenhill                      A further application to demolish existing dwelling and erect semi detached house.  One objection has been received.

10 Nairn Road                    Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two replacement dwellings.  Letters of objection received.

11 Martello Road South                         Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of three-storey block of nine flats.

8 Dornie Road                    Demolition of existing dwelling and erecting two houses. Neighbours are objecting to this scheme.

2 Dornie Road                    Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two houses with garaging.  Currently this scheme is supported by neighbours.

12 De Mauley Road         Demolish existing semi-detached dwellings and erect two houses with garaging.  Currently there are no objections.

6 Newton Road                 Demolition of existing building and erect semi-detached dwellings.   Continued neighbourhood objections.

14 Pinewood Road          Partial demolition of building and construction of two-storey rear extension to convert to six apartments and semi-detached house.
Continued objections to scheme as the extension is considerably larger to that originally proposed. This property is no longer being used as an HMO.

12 Pinewood Road          The Chairman has seen a very strange bin store which can be seen from the road.  This is a conservation area.  The original plan was to have the bin store somewhere else, but it was moved and an amended plan was put in.  This was unnoticed by the Council and the Chairman believes there Is going to be a review of this.
1 Beaumont Road            Demolition of existing building and construction of three detached houses. Grant
11 Leicester Road             Erect two four bedroom detached houses.  Grant
A member brought up the subject of ‘land banking’.
TS replied that the Government is now proposing that if Planning Permission has been given and building has not begun after two years the Planning Permission will be withdrawn.  He believes that there are eight brown field sites in Poole that do not have any Planning Permission and currently there is nothing that can be done about this, as the Council do not have sufficient funds to carry out compulsory purchase.

Canford Cliffs Promenade Shelter

This is currently being used by the beach lifeguards as a store.  Behind this shelter are public toilets and to one side is a beach café/kiosk.  It is proposed that this is developed as a restaurant, extra beach huts are built on top and the kiosk is demolished.
The Chairman asked for comments on this plan.
The first comment was that the only access to this site was down a chine (which isn’t lit) and there is no car parking.
RP asked if a financial plan has been carried out by the Council to ascertain that this is viable.  RA asked who would carry out the development; the Council or a developer?
TS proposed that the Council be asked formally for their financial analysis of all the building costs and revenue to see if this is viable.
JS said that he would send a copy of the minutes of the Beach Hut Association’s AGM to the Chairman in order that he can see exactly what is proposed for the beach area. For instance, the promenade will be closed between Canford Cliffs and Flaghead Chines from September 4, 2017, whilst the work is being carried out.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman had a meeting with the Treasurer and have made some proposals for next year’s budget to be agreed by the Executive and agreed at the AGM. The annual accounts are ready to be signed off.

Any other business
The Chairman explained that he had been invited to meetings with Mandy Payne from the council who set up meetings with residents and traders to improve Canford Cliffs Village Some positive ideas have been put forward at the meetings which are now carrying on since MP left the council.
Tesco are putting in plans for the four empty shops and will be moving in when planning goes through.  At our AGM we shall have a presentation from Steph Stevenson from HNB the hairdressers in Canford Cliffs who is involved in the working party.    RA suggested that BPCCRA could give a donation to the Traders to help with any plans they have.

The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Neighbourhood Watch AGM will be held on Saturday February 11, at Canford Cliffs Village Hall.
Planning Enforcement
JS reported that the Council proposes to save money by merging Planning Enforcement with the Enforcement sections of Environmental & Consumer Protection Services & Transportation Services.
Planning Enforcement is not a Statutory requirement but Poole has a dedicated Planning Enforcement team which was formed just over 10 years ago, and a Planning Enforcement policy. JS proposed a resolution that members do not wish to see any further diminution of the Planning Enforcement team.  This was unanimously approved by a show of hands.

Spring Magazine
The deadline for the Spring Magazine is the first week of March, and copy for the advertising the end of the first week of March.

RA reported that advertising for the magazine is sold out and income from the advertising is £2,000 for the Spring Magazine.  It is hoped that Tesco will take up advertising in the future.

TS appealed to members to respond to the reorganisation of Dorset NHS which has some worrying features, such as the closing of the Poole Hospital A & E, stroke and heart attack units, and moving them to Bournemouth Hospital.
Please see the website  www.dorsetsvision.nhs.uk or e mail to ask for copies of the brochure involve@dorsetccg.nhs.uk or telephone 01202 541946.
The deadline for response to the Consultation is February 28, 2017.
The number of mental health beds at St. Anne’s Hospital, Canford Cliffs is increased from 67 to 94.
TS’s main concern is whether there is adequate funding for the Dorset changes, considering the current crisis in the NHS.

Fly Tipping
Jan Wilde wished to point out that the McCarthy & Stone site on Tower Road is now being used for fly tipping, since the hoardings blocking the site have disintegrated with time.  The Chairman said that he would contact McCarthy & Stone to let them know and ask if it is their responsibility or the Council.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.​

Minutes of January Meeting – Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs District Residents Association

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 7.30 pm.

Present Roger Allen (RA)              Vice Chair

Terry Stewart (TS)                           President

May Haines (MH)                     Ward Councillor, Deputy Leader Conservative Group

Mohan Iyengar (MI)                  Ward Councillor, Conservative

10 Wardens and Members

Welcome and Apologies

Bob Reid Chair, Carol Parkin Secretary and minute secretary, Mike Parkin membership secretary, Paul FernleyTreasurer, John Gunton magazine editor,
ChrisStracey, Tracy Holmes, Martin Heath Julie Reid.

Roger Allen opened the meeting at 7.30 as Chair and Minute Secretary combined.

Minutes of the meeting 14th Dec 2016

The Chair explained that the Secretary Carol Parkin was unwell and hadn’t been able to write up the minutes as normal. Bob Reid had prepared the shortened version that was presented to members for approval. Terry Stewart proposed their adoption which received unanimous support.

Matters arising
Parking issues were to the fore and in effectthe discussions moved straight onto item 4 on the January agenda.

Item 4: On Road parking charges, latest update, raising parking charges
MH didn’t have the information as what the rise in parking charges would be but confirmed that BOP will be conducting a benchmarking exercise with other authorities.
TS said it was unfortunate that the detail was only notified three days before and that all traders were objecting. TS went on to say that town centres are facing big challenges with business retail shops closing and more charity shops opening. We have a marketing team to promote the town centre and raising car park charges is counterproductive to their work.
MI said that the decline of Poole town centre goes back many years with contributory factors being high rents and the rail line which crosses the pedestrian thoroughfare. He pointed out that BOP is investing £3.5 million and Legal & General’s contribution brings the total investment up to £10 million. This represents a huge investment and BOP has to balance the books.
StanAlfert (SA) asked if the new charges would be higher than Bournemouth. MH replied that the benchmark exercise would determine this. She went on to say that BOP would be funding the repairs to address the structural problems of the car park over WH Smith. SA expressed concern that if parking fees are raised to high there could be an actual loss of revenue as well as a negative impact on the businesses.
TS identified that parking fees in district car parks are doubling. TS said that he would conduct a research study and produce a matrix of current car parking fees against proposed increases.
MH and MI made the case strongly that BOP is facing a funding crisis. RA suggested that BOP could put forward a matrix for increases in community charge against services that would be saved etc. and then go out for a referendum. MH said that research shows the likely result would be a no to any increases above the cap and that the cost of a referendum at £120.000 is not affordable.

Item 5: Planning

Unfortunately our Planning Officer Tracy Holmes was out of commission after a riding accident, notwithstanding she kindly emailed a list of planning applications for discussion. RA read through the list many of which were new applications and some refusals. Please see Tracy’s Planning List which is a separate document attached.
The discussion centred on The HMO saga on Pinewood Road. The HMO is now closed. The owners have dropped plans to build a nursing home changing back to a block of flats and that application has now been changed to a bigger block of flats.
MH confirmed that she is monitoring the situation.
SA has concerns over the seemingly never ending situation at 4 Bracken Hill with applications for a larger house being refused and then going to appeal again and so on. The residents of Bracken Hill, some of which are members would like to see the RA backing a continual refusal of these out of character house designs.

Paul Fernley will be asked to check our memberships along Bracken Hill.
John Sprackling (JS) referred to the application at 8 Martello South where the
Planning Committee overturned an officer recommendation. JS and TS separately said that the committee overturns officer recommendations for refusal quite often and in so doing totally ignores the BOP Core Strategy. JS agreed that he would review the history of officer recommendations being overturned by committee. SA said that this part of the world appeared to overturn more decisions than was the norm.

Items 6 & 7 Plans for the Civic Centre reception and the closure of public toilets
These two items were discussed at the same time as the public and the press have linked the cost of remodelling the reception with the savings to be gained by closing public toilets.
MH opened the discussion by saying that there is no statutory requirement for BOP to provide public toilets at all. Her view is that the Civic Centre reception and cash office are very dated. There are issues around client confidentiality which would be improved if there were private interview facilities. And that advances in technology mean that a cash machine could be installed to receive payments and for those troubled by using such a machine help and support would be on hand. The saving from installing a cash machine would be in staff costs, and that redundancy costs had been factored into the calculations. The cost of for the work would be £216,000 of which £150,000 would come from existing budgets. The cost of maintaining the toilets earmarked for closure would be £72,000 and it wouldn’t stop there. The toilets in question are old and out of date and would in reality require capital investment to keep them going as well as scheduled maintenance. MH referred to the “Pay Back” of the costs for the reception project which would come in over a number of years.
RA asked if the project had actually been approved in principle, how the socalled “Pay Back” works as there isn’t actually an income stream being invested in and just because there is spare money in a budget shouldn’t mean it has to be spent on a project given the dire financial situation. MH replied that the pay back would be a result of savings on staff wages, and held to her position on the need for remodelling the reception justified the spend from existing budgets.
SA said that if the pay back was being calculated over a number of years and the building did become redundant in the relatively near future then the figures cannot be justified. The membership generally remained very circumspect over the perceived pay back. Roy Pointer confirmed his doubts over the pay back notion too and asked MH through the chair why they were intending to spend this money given the challenging financial situation if as the plan for conurbation develops the Civic Centre might well cease to be. MH stuck to her position that the reception is outdated and the work is essential.
In simple terms the general view at the meeting was that it’s not whether in an ideal world the changes that MH envisages should be carried out. Rather that the project should be delayed in the face of the move to form a conurbation which our council has now voted for. Following what had become an impasse between our Ward Councillor and the members.
Stan Alfet proposed a resolution as follows.
Discretionary expense that is not essential in the light of forthcoming prospects for change should be deferred for two years until we know more about future arrangements concerning the conurbation to bring Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch together and how this may affect Poole Civic Centre.
The proposal was seconded by Roy Pointer and carried with a unanimous vote in support.
It was agreed that TS would distribute the details of our resolution the following day.
SA asked for our disappointment over the closure of the public toilets to be
recorded. SA asked why BOP couldn’t look at the continental model for public toilets where prefabricated toilet pods are placed into public areas with a charge levied for use. RP mentioned that Wessex water have toilet schemes. RA said that in some areas toilet blocks have been sold for development as bars or cafes on the agreement that the operators will provide a public toilet.
MI said that he would he would follow up with BOP to explore business and
commercial opportunities with council WC’s. MH said that vandals inhibit
development of public toilets. SA said we should explore commercial options and not let vandals win the day.

Item 8: Beach Road car park
RP said that the date for submissions had been extended and he is crafting a
response accordingly. It was felt that the RA should be seen to be active where such a large project is being considered.
Item 9: Accounts
Copies of the 2016 accounts had been circulated. RA said that a late payment for advertising was now in which would bring the magazine within budget. The overall position remained much the same. It was mentioned that Sundries and Meeting costs were well over budget but other headings were either spot on or under.
It was suggested that the budget for 2017 should be reviewed to take account of the reality of sundries and that the budget needs to include likely costs for ad hoc meetings required during the progress of our various campaigns. RA said he would liaise with the Treasurer in this regard. RA thanked the Treasurer for his work.


TS referred to the report that made the claim that there had been a powerful
response to the consultation regarding the merger of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch and asked MH if a response of 3% could be considered as such. MH responded that the data against norms suggest the response was good and there was little adverse comment. RP by 31.01.17 all nine Dorset Councils will have voted on their various plans for amalgamations.
Mike Wrigley asked a question of MH as to where he can find information on
regeneration projects.
Before closing the meeting RA thanked our Ward Councillors for attending and paid particular tribute to May Haines who had come under fire somewhat but had held her ground and made many valuable points. RA said that we all very much appreciate her hard work and dedication as a councillor.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Roger Allen
BPCCRA Vice Chair
13th January 2017

Agenda for Monthly Meeting 11 Jan 17


For Monthly Meeting 11 January 2017 at 7.30p.m. in the Lounge, rear of St. Aldhelm’s Parish Church (access via Lindsay Road)


  1. Welcome and Apologies.
  2. Minutes of meeting 14 December 2016.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. On Road Parking Charges, latest update. Raising parking charges.
  5. Planning issues.
  6. Proposed Plans for the Civic Centre Reception.
  7. Closing Public Toilets.
  8. Beach Road Car Park.
  9. O.B

The next meeting will be on the 5th February 2017

Agenda of Cabinet Meeting – BOROUGH OF POOLE





A Meeting of the Cabinet will be held on 10 January 2017 at 7:00pm in the Committee Suite, Civic Centre, Poole, Dorset


To Members of the Cabinet:


Councillor Mrs Janet Walton (Chairman) (Leader of the Council)

Councillor Mrs May Haines (Vice Chairman) (Deputy Leader of the Council)

Councillors: Drew Mellor, Mohan Iyengar, Ian Potter, John Rampton, Mrs Karen Rampton and Mike White





To receive any apologies for absence.


To receive any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest(s) of Members and/or Officers in matters appearing on the Agenda.



To confirm that the Decisions of the previous Meeting held on 6 December 2016, (previously circulated to all Members), are a correct record.





That Cabinet recommends to Council as follows:

  1. That there has been a powerful public response acknowledging a compelling case to change local government structures in Dorset.
  2. That a submission should be made to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government requesting that the existing nine county, district, and unitary Councils should be replaced by two new unitary Councils.
  • That based upon the weight of public opinion and the financial and other analytical evidence, the two new unitary Councils should be based upon the following local authority boundaries:

Unitary A – Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole plus the services currently provided by Dorset County Council in this area.

Unitary B – East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland, plus the services currently provided by Dorset County Council in this area

  1. That the Chief Executive be authorised after consultation with the Leader to agree the wording of the submission to the Secretary of State demonstrating our ambition for local government transformation and drawing on the evidence that has been presented to Councils to be made along with any other Council that has agreed to support the same option for reorganisation.
  1. v) That the Chief Executive be authorised after consultation with the Leader to work with other Councils that support the same option for reorganisation to develop and implement appropriate plans and allocate appropriate resources to progress local government change in Dorset and that a report on next steps be presented in due course.





That Cabinet approve:

  • The new parking charges as shown in Appendix A.




The Cabinet be asked to approve:

  • The report of the Head of Financial Services for the calculation of the Borough’s tax base for the year 2017/2018;
  • That pursuant to the Head of Financial Services’ report, and in accordance with the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base) (England) Regulations 2012, the amount calculated as the Council Tax Base for the Borough of Poole for the year 2017/2018 shall be 56,366;
  • This decision will be acted upon on the day following cabinet. It is not subject to call in with the exception of process.




Cabinet recommends to Council that:

  • The site of the Bourne Valley Community Centre and surplus adjoining land is utilised for the purpose of affordable housing.
  • That the Corporate Property Officer and Head of Housing and Community Services agree the allocation of the site to a preferred Registered Provider (RP) Sovereign Housing Association for the feasibility and design work in order to assess its development potential and subject to satisfactory feasibility and design work to submit a planning application.
  • That the requirement to submit a Planning Application be delegated to the Head of Housing and Community Services in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Housing.
  • That authority is delegated to the Corporate Property Officer in consultation with the Head of Legal, Democratic and Strategy Services and the Head of Financial Services to negotiate the legal and financial documentation required transferring the site.
  • That the existing community centre building is immediately demolished pending disposal.




That Cabinet endorse the view of the Regeneration Working Party and expand the project brief to include additional land and property outside of the ownership and / or control of the council and then:-

  • Approve that the Strategic Director for Place and the Head of Financial Services, in consultation with the Head of Legal and Democratic and Strategy Services, proceed to put in place a revised contract for the provision of advice that will support the Borough in concluding an options appraisal, masterplanning and market sounding exercise with indicative costs and recommendations on suitable delivery models.
  • Set aside a further £50,000 from the capital contingency fund, which is in addition to the £100,000 already earmarked for this purpose following the Decision made by Cabinet on 22nd March 2016.
  • Recognise that these funds will take the process to a stage where Cabinet and Council can decide whether to proceed to procure a joint venture or other strategic partner or partners and that further funds will be required to conclude the procurement process.




That Cabinet note the Review and approve the new priorities within the Annual Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2016-17.




That Cabinet:

  • approve and endorse Poole’s drive to continue to secure sustained improvement in educational outcomes for learners at Poole schools.
  • Note the updated Strategy for Supporting School Improvement (Appendix A).
  • Note the letter to the Leader of the Council from the Regional Director of Ofsted recognising the success of the partnership between the Council, Poole Schools Association and Poole Schools Teaching Alliance as being instrumental in the improved attainment levels of Poole pupils in 2016 (Appendix B)
  • Approve the continued employment of two Specialist Posts, as outlined in Sections 4.6 and 4.7 until August 2017 in order to enable the delivery of the Strategy for Supporting School Improvement




Cabinet is recommended to approve the retention of three adult social care posts which are necessary to maintain safe and efficient operational and commissioning practice within adult social care. They are:

  • An interim Service Manager for adult safeguarding and statutory mental health
  • A specialist solicitor to advise on Continuing Healthcare, the Mental Health Act (1983) and Mental Capacity Act (2005) on an continuing basis.
  • A specialist interim Contracts Manager




Cabinet is recommended to –

  • Approve the continued employment of a specialist Children’s Social Care Service Manager until 31 March 2017 (see Section 4 of the Report)
  • Approve continued employment of an ICT Specialist Programmer until 30 June 2017 (see Section 5 of the Report)
  • Approve continued employment of a specialist Senior Commissioning Manager until March 2017 (see Section 6 of the Report)




  • That Cabinet approve the closure of a further eight public toilets (see appendix 1). To be closed as soon as practical arrangements can be made.
  • That Cabinet approve the continued support of the Community Toilet Scheme (CTS) to encourage participants in those areas of highest footfall and to maintain the current participants (see appendix 2).

To consider an extract of the Cabinet Forward Plan.



None received.


Tim Martin

LLB Solicitor

Head of Legal, Democratic and Strategy Services

30 December 2016


Contact Officer

Pauline Gill, Democratic Services Manager

Tel: 01202 633043


Provisional Minutes for meeting 14 December 2016

Provisional Minutes for meeting 14 December 2016

Present:-         Bob Reid          chairman

Carol Parkin     Secretary/minute secretary

Mike Parkin     Membership secretary

Tracy Homes   Planning Officer.

John Gunton   magazine editor.

Terry Stewart President

17 Wardens and Members


Minutes of November approved

Apologies:-  Mohan Iyengar, May Haines, Chris Stracey, Paul Fernley, Neil Denning, Roger Allen, Martin Heath.

Parking issues :- Chair confirmed that the meters in Canford Cliffs and Branksome Park are not going ahead and we are pleased the council listened to our objections.

We are still monitoring proposed meters on Western Road.

Planning:- Due to time constraint only 14 Pinewood was mentioned by the Chair who explained that a larger plan had been submitted but the HMO situation might be stopping.

Beach Road Car Park Draft Proposals:- Nick Perrins (Planning Policy & Implementation Manager at BOP Council. Gave a presentation on the proposed draft plans.

He took questions after the presentation.

After he left we had a straw pole and about 1/3 felt totally against any building on the Car Park.

About 1/3 thought a nursing home would be a good idea.

About 1/3 did not mind if building took place.

Accounts:-  Showed a continued balance and the income from the magazine is now in. Most items close to budget.


The meeting closed at 8.30 and Mulled Wine and Mince Pies were enjoyed by all.

Minutes of Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs & District Residents Association Nov 2016


Minutes of monthly meeting held Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 19.30

PRESENT                              Bob Reid                              Chairman

Roger Allen                         Vice Chairman

Carol Parkin                        Secretary/Minutes Secretary

Mike Parkin                        Membership Secretary

Tracy Holmes                     Planning Officer

Cllr. May Haines and approximately 30 wardens and members.

 APOLOGIES                       Terry Stewart, Mohan Iyengar, John Gunton, Paul Fearnley, Dawn Goodson

Christine Blake, Julie Reid.

The Chairman extended a welcome to those present.



The minutes of the meeting held in October were accepted as a correct record.

Methods of sending out minutes to members were discussed.



Our Steering Committee are keeping a close eye on this even though nothing is happening at present.

Roy Pointer (RP) asked if Cllr. Haines could give him advance warning of Council intentions in order that there is time to make representation.  Cllr. Haines responded that she is not in a position now to confirm which Council meeting will be dealing with an alternative plan.



The Chairman (BR) reported that he feels the new magazine was a success and that he has had a great deal of positive feedback.  He thanked Roger Allen for his work on procuring the advertising, John Gunton, the Editor and the wardens for their work in distributing the magazine which is co-ordinated by John Sprackling.  There was a box of magazines available for attendees at the meeting to take if they wished.   The Vice Chairman, Roger Alan (RA) reported that the new magazine had cost no more to print than the old black and white one, due to changing printer.

RP suggested printing stick on labels for the front of the spare magazines with an invitation to join our organisation, and distributing these in areas under threat from the proposed parking schemes, as this might encourage people to support our cause.  Various methods of encouraging new members through the distribution of the magazine were discussed.  Mike Parkin (MP) suggested a label on a magazine addressed to the Chairman of the board of a block of flats who are not block members asking if the board could consider block membership, as there are some 80 blocks of flats in our area who are not members.  He asked that any ideas for blocks of flats be addressed to him as Membership Secretary.  John Morison said that a decision was taken by the board of the flats he lives in to pay for block membership from their service charges as they feel this is important.

RA suggested that MP could approach the Managing Agents of flats in our area who take out advertisements in the magazines, suggesting that if they can introduce new members they can have a free page of editorial in the magazine.


3 Beaumont Road.   Demolish Existing house and build two dwellings – granted.

The Gatehouse, 6 Tower Road West.  Use of gatehouse as self-contained accommodation –  refused.

5/7 Chaddesley Glen.  Demolition of existing buildings and construct two blocks of four apartments

Brought to the Committee with the recommendation to refuse; the committee granted permission.

14 Chester Road.  Erection of a side extension.  An appeal has been lodged.

30 Tower Road.  Outline application for 12 flats.  This has not yet been decided.

15B Bury Road.  Tree works appeal.  A split decision. Tracy Holmes, planning officer, explained that some trees are to come down and others still protected.

2 Western Avenue.  Erection of a garden Room.  Grant with conditions.

14 Pinewood Road.    Permission has been granted for a block of flats and the application for an HMO has been withdrawn.  RR wrote to Stephen Thorn (Head of Planning) to ask why it had taken so long for the application for an HMO had been removed as this property has been used as an HMO for some three months without permission.  BR read the answering letter from Stephen Thorne.

It explained that as the application was incomplete it took a long time to get the Applicant to comply and then it was Red Carded by Cllr. May Haines so had to go to a decision before which it was withdrawn.

Cllr Haines denied that her ‘red carding’ this application had delayed matters.  Christine Norman pointed out that this application had only been withdrawn once the application to build flats had been granted, and that the building is still being operated as an HMO.  Cllr Haines said that as soon as she knew that the application for an HMO had been withdrawn, she asked the Enforcement Officers to pursue this as the use as an HMO should cease.  In the Light of what Christine Norman reported, Cllr Haines will follow this up.

John Sprackling asked if Chris Stracey could ask the ABI to check the insurance for this building.  Christine Norman also asked if there could be a check on whether the correct Council Tax for this building was paid.  JS said that this was being investigated.  Roger Alan asked if there is a safety issue here. Roy Pointer suggested a Freedom of Information Request to check the history of this Application. There was more discussion on why the Council has not enforced that the operation of 14 Pinewood Road as an HMO should cease as to operate it as an HMO is, allegedly, illegal.  Once again Cllr. Haines said that she would follow this up.

Martello Lodge, Martello Park.  Change of height – grant with conditions.

24 Ormonde Road.  Loft Conversion to First Floor Flat – grant with conditions.

38A The Avenue.  Demolish existing dwelling and erect five houses –  Appeal has been allowed.

5 Ormonde Road.  CLOPUD application to confirm works were lawfully commenced – appeal allowed.

4 Brackenhill.  Demolish existing dwelling and erect two houses –  Appeal dismissed.

46/48 Tower Road.  Erection of 28 retirement properties not yet decided.  McCarthy Stone have now put in formal planning for the retirement flats

BR feels that there are adequate parking spaces for these flats, despite concerns.

Land by 8 Martello Road South

Erection of a block of flats –  granted

1 Beaumont Road –  A resident pointed out that despite the efforts of Alex Roden, she has just had the result of the Judicial Review, and it had gone against her.



RA summarised the latest discussions on this for Cllr Haines, who was not present at our last meeting.  After a meeting between RA, BR and Steve Dean of Poole Council the Association was told that a Residents’ Parking Scheme is not Government Policy, not local policy and there is no funding available to re-introduce it.  As things, have moved on since the scheme was introduced and two of the ‘problem’ roads opted not to join it, the roads have now become a car park for LV Insurance as parking at their site is no longer sufficient.  RA asked Cllr Haines if Cllrs have the option of a ‘Notice of Motion’.  Cllr. Haines replied that there is no option with that name, but there are similar options available.  As the Association, has done all that it can on this question, RA asked if there were something that could be done by our elected Councillors.  May replied that there was, and the options had all been explored by Cllr Iyengar and we are still on ‘a merry go round’.  She went on to say that there was going to be a review of all parking in Poole and wondered if this question could be raised then.   It appears that all possible has been done by both our Association and the Councillors.

Neil Denning said that a parking review of our area was promised by the Councillors in 2014 but this was never carried out.  There is a question of congestion, emergency vehicle access, obstruction, and Mr. Denning thinks that it must be possible for something to be done to alleviate this – yellow lines?  White lines?  Cllr. Haines said that she would refer the problem to Cllr Iyengar again.

Chris Stracy pointed out that there are similar problems in Whitecliffe and he feels the main reason for these problems is just that there are too many cars.  MP asks why can the Council not alleviate the problem by painting parking bays on these roads.



At the end of October, the Accounts showed £31,918.  BR pointed out that this figure includes most of the revenue from advertising in the latest magazine, but not the cost of printing.  Copies of the accounts were available at the meeting.


George Perrins of Canford Cliffs Land Society (CCLS) had asked BR if the Association would consider increasing the amount of the donation by the Assn. to CCLS for the lights in Canford Cliffs Village this Christmas, as the lights are going to be vastly improved and will therefore cost CCLS more than in previous years i.e. £8,000 rather than £5,000.  The Treasurer had informed BR that £750 was the Assn’s usual donation and he had already budgeted that amount for this year.  There was a lot of discussion on this; the main objection being that the Traders in Haven Road should increase their donations, if in fact they donate at all.

SA (Stan Alfert) proposed that a donation of £750 be given and this was seconded by Roy Pointer.

TH (Tracy Holmes) proposed that a donation of £1,000 be given. This was seconded by CP (Carol Parkin).

There was more discussion.

SA pointed out once again that he had proposed a motion and this had still not been done.

There was still more discussion on the rules of the Assn.

BR said that he would put the rules of the Assn. about spending money on the Agenda for our next meeting, and if any member is unhappy with the way things are dealt with now, they can come along to the meeting.

It was eventually decided to hold a vote of the members present as to whether the Assn. donated £750 or £1000 to CCLS to help with the cost of the Christmas Lights in Canford Cliffs Village.

BR asked for a show of hands to vote for donating £750.  13 members were in favour of this and 1 member voted against.

BR then asked for a show of hands to vote for increasing the donation to £1,000.

6 members were in favour.

It was therefore agreed that an amount of £750 would be donated to CCLS.

John Sprackling asked Cllr Haines when the Council were going to introduce a charge £300 for memorial benches, and when was this approved.  Cllr. Haines was unable to answer this question and she said that she would find out.

BR informed the meeting that the Council had discovered that the foundations to the promenade are not adequate for their plans to build more beach huts by building a second storey to the existing beach huts.  This will be discussed more fully at our next meeting.

JS said that the Association usually sent three representatives to the meeting of Residents Associations, Commerce and Industry.  Cllr. Haines said that this would be on December 2, 2016, and

that the invitations had not yet gone out and maybe BR could decide who would attend then.



The next meeting will be held on December 14.  Mulled wine and mince pies will be available after the meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Agenda of Monthly Meeting October 2016


For monthly meeting 12th October 2016 at 7.30p.m. in the Lounge, rear of St. Aldhelm’s Parish Church (access via Lindsay Road)


  1. Welcome and Apologies.
  2. Minutes of meeting 14th September 2016.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. Update on the Licencing Hearing for Beach Volleyball event.
  5. On Road Parking Charges, latest update.
  6. Planning issues.
  7. Resident Parking Scheme.
  8. Accounts
  9. O.B
  10. The next meeting will be on the 12th October 2016