Minutes of May Meeting and Agenda for June 2017 – Branksome Park Canford Cliffs Residents Association

Minutes of monthly meeting held Wednesday May 10, 2017,at 19.30 at St.Aldhelms Lounge meeting room


Bob Reid              Chairman
Carol Parkin        Secretary/Minutes Secretary
Mike Parkin        Membership Secretary
Tracy Holmes     Planning Officer


Apologies were received from Roger Allen, John Gunton,  Paul Fearnley, Cllr. Mohan Iyengar,  Cllr. May Haines, who said she would be a little late.  Dawn Goodson.
There were 15 Wardens/members also present.

The Chairman welcomed those present and was pleased to see some new members.


The minutes of the last monthly meeting were accepted as a correct record.


The AGM which was held in April was well attended.  Refreshments were provided by Tesco.
The format of having more speakers who gave shorter talks, with no Q & A as they were available after the meeting during refreshments for any questions, was welcomed.  The principal speaker was going to talk about the plans for Haven Road in Canford Cliffs Village, but she was unable to attend at the last minute.

Closing public toilets in Poole

Although the public toilets in our area have not been closed there has been strong local feeling
regarding this issue.  There has also been national media attention.  One of the main reasons for the local objection to this Council plan, is that it will have a negative effect on tourism.  There will be no public toilet facility at the Sandbanks ferry area nor in Baiter park.  Stan Alfert feels that if there is no action or comment by the Council it should be recorded that there was adverse publicity as a result of these toilets closing.  At this point Cllr. May Haines joined the meeting.  She told the meeting that  a Press Release will be issued by the Council in the next two days.  She went on to say that there have been positive talks between the Council and local businesses in keeping some sort of facility open.  It was decided to leave things at the moment until the Council’s press release was examined.

JS asked if the Council were ‘in purdah’ on the subject of the closure of toilets, and Cllr MH replied that they were not, as far as she is aware.  Dougald Eadie asked if closing the toilets meant a saving of £100K why could the residents not pay for it, as this is a relatively small amount of money in the grand scheme.  It was pointed out that most of the  money used would be for servicing the toilets each year.  SA suggested that there could be a charge for the use of the toilet, in order to pay for themselves.  A member said that the Branksome Woods Tennis Club’s lease requires them to provide toilet facilities.  There is no notice there, nor is it on the BoP website.  Cllr. MH recognised this and replied that the website needs updating.  A member asked if the toilets could not be supported by local businesses, giving them publicity.  The Chair replied that this, and asking sports clubs, is the sort of thing that is being investigated at the moment.

Beach Road Car Park

This was discussed at the AGM in April.  There were over 100 people in attendance, and of these about 80% thought there should be no building at all on the car park and about 16% thought it would be acceptable to develop part of the car park  but some of those thought it should community based building.

Roy Pointer noted that the road parking in Western Road for portions of both sides had been signed off by the Portfolio Holder.
RP reported that AGM vote on the future of Beach Road car park had been taken from the 125 members present as follows:
Retain and improve the car park – 85, develop the car park – 16 of which 6 recommended community use.  The result meant that the Association would seek to convince the Council that the car park not be developed.

Following concern from members that the Covenants to Beach Road car park be enforced to prevent development, Cllr Iyengar had agreed that we should meet with legal and other officers at the Council; we were looking to set that up shortly.    We would also be representing in the Local Plan process that the car park (Site A11) be removed from the Plan prior to its adoption for recommendation to the Secretary of State.

Man in the Woods

Cllr. MH reported that the camp in the woods is no longer there. JS suggested that the Council remove some of the undergrowth which ought to help for the future.  Cllr. MH said that she would put this request to the Council.  JS reported that the car with no MOT certificate is still there.  Cllr. MH said that this is a police matter.


The Chairman reported that there had been a spate of car crime and attempted burglaries around the Tower Road area.  This is a warning to residents not to leave their cars unlocked.

Pinecliff Gardens, Canford Cliffs Library

Pinecliff Gardens is now up and running again after the winter break, and there are new volunteers.
We have spent money on tools, which are now stored in the Library Store.  The Chairman appealed for new volunteers to help with gardening on a Thursday morning when the main group meets, or a Tuesday when some people are there.  Any help would be very welcome.

Our Planning Officer, Tracy Holmes, stepped down at the AGM, but she has prepared the
Applications which have come through since then.


4 Brackenhill                      Demolish existing house and garage and construct two semi detached
Dwellings.   There have been 11 letters of objection.

12 De Mauley Road         Demolish existing semi detached dwellings and erect two replacement
Detached houses.  No overall objections by residents.

14 Pinewood Road          Partial demolition of building and construction of two-storey rear
Extention to convert to 6 apartments and semi detached houses.
There have been continued objections to the scheme and amended
Site plans have been submitted.


5/7 Chaddesley                Demolition of existing buildings and construction of two blocks of
Glen                                      four apartments.

4 St.Clair Road                   Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of four bedroom
Replacement dwelling.

11 Martello Road             Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 3-storey block of
South                                    9 flats.
Neighbourhood opposition to the scheme.

10 Nairn Road                    Demolition of existing dwelling and construct two replacement
Some objection letters received


We still have £31,580.
There will be some expenditure for Pinecliffe Gardens.  The budget for this year has not yet been set.


The Chairman reported that he gets a lot of letters and e mails about the Haven Hotel and the plans for Sandbanks.  As this is not in our area the Chairman is reluctant to ‘step on the toes’ of another Association.  SA feels that although this is not our area, the Association should express firm views that these plans are not acceptable.

There was much discussion on this – traffic problems, Poole’s amount of tourism trade with a loss of Hotel beds etc. Mr. Eadie pointed out that it was a difficult problem for the owner, as he maintains the hotel is no longer viable.   Cllr. MH said that there was no net loss of hotel beds because of the way the application had been worded.  She also thinks that this application will not be decided quickly as there are many factors involved.
JS said that a lady in Sandbanks is setting up an action group to fight this application, with the help of lawyers from London.  JS wonders whether we should have a representative at their meetings.
It was suggested that we offer our support to the Sandbanks Residents’ Association and perhaps invite Ken Sanson along to our next meeting to talk about these plans and what sort of help he requires.  Any resident can oppose the plans if they wish.

As there was no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30.


Agenda for June 14th 2017 at 7.30 pm.
To be held in the Lounge meeting room of St. Aldhelms Church (accessed from Lindsay Road).

Welcome and apologies.
Minutes of the meeting on the 10th May 2017.
Matters arising
Planning Officer
Planning List
Tesco in Canford Cliffs
Licenced event on Canford Cliffs beach.
Haven Hotel
Our next meeting will be on 12th July 2017

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