BPCCRA Minutes April 14th 2010




  • John Sprackling Chairman
  • Keith Alcroft Planning Officer
  • Stan Alfert Data Protection Officer
  • Bob Young Magazine Advertising
  • Carol Parkin Minutes Secretary
  • Cllr Mrs Carole Deas Ward Councillor
  • Cllr Mrs May Haines ditto
  • Cllr Neil Sorton ditto


JS welcomed CD, MH & NS, all those present and Carol Parkin, the Assn”s Minutes Secretary

Apologies: Apologies received from Terry Stewart (Rotary meeting), Michael Bond, Ray & Janice Wylde

Accuracy: JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 10 March 2010.


Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported…

1.            Quayside (former Dolphin Quays) development – No new developments

2.            Poole Pottery factory buildings in Sopers Lane – Application for 116 bed care home with an associated Day Centre) is now to be the subject of an appeal to be determined at a Planning Inquiry. NS pointed out that the council”s plan for this key brownfield site is that it should be used as a Science Park.

3.            Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – No new developments

4.            Quay Thistle Hotel site – ditto

5.            Old Orchard House. 39-61 High Street – A payment of £153,173.64 was received from Coltham (Orchard) Ltd and banked on 02/02/10.

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:

JS reported…

75 Canford Cliffs Road (Alterations to existing entrance to form new vehicular access with gates) – The works closing the unauthorised entrance have been completed.

55 Canford Cliffs Road (Front boundary treatment and gates does not comply with Branksome Park Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan) – A Breach of Condition Notice against Barrington Homes was served on 29/03/10. The notice requires the removal of the gates, railings, fence and hedge, and the erection of a low stone wall with planting behind, to be undertaken in the next 3 months. The reason for the long compliance period is that there are new owners living at the property, and the developer will need time to secure access on to the property from them to carry out the works.

Bella Rosa, 37 Haven Road (Erection of blue oblique glass screens positioned around the timber decking area located at the front of the property) – No new developments (Owner required to comply within two months from 05/03/10)

19 Mornish Road (Tree replacement) – No new developments (Preparation for presentation of the details of this case to legal advisers are underway)

15A Westminster Road (Erection of railings over 1 metre high partly along the frontage of 15a Westminster Road, being adjacent to a highway. The boundary treatment then changes to a double close boarded fence over 1 metre high which continues along the frontage of Westminster Road,being adjacent to a highway and then turns South-West and continues down the boundary with Dalkeith Road being also adjacent to a highway)– No new developments (Legal documents are being prepared in order to prosecute the developer for failing to comply with an enforcement notice also served regarding the boundary fence)

2 Compton Avenue & 93 Lilliput Road (Boundary treatment) – No new developments.

Compton Acres – (Planning permission for non ancillary offices on the site was granted on 07/12/98 but it appears that this non ancillary use has been relocated to a different area on the site. The LPA is seeking to establish whether an application to regulate this change is required) – No new developments.

Community Working Group (CWG), Progress re Sir Michael Pitt”s recommendations & IDeA Report: Roy Pointer reported on the Residents” Associations and Community Groups Annual meeting on  10/03/10 and said that the Minutes of the meeting would be circulated the Minutes of tonight”s meeting.

The next Community Working Group meeting is fixed for 05/05/10.

Poole Beaches and Coastal Defences: No new developments

Council Tax 2010/11 & Council”s Budget Monitoring report: William Mutlow reported on the Council Budget Monitoring Report (01/04/09 – 28/02/10) presented at last night”s Cabinet meeting.           

The Year End Forecast £2.5m Surplus is an increase of £397k over that reported at last month”s meeting. However there is an increase over last month”s “Year End Forecast” for Cost of Portfolio Controlled Services (£2.001m) and the subsequent Net Operating Expenditure (£3.049m) that is mainly offset by a newly introduced item “Impairment” with a Year End Forecast (£3.546m). MH gave her meaning of’ ‘impairment’ and offered to follow this up. JS said he would ask the Head of Financial Services for an explanation of the term “Impairment Adjustment”.

The Capital Budget for 2009/10 has been reduced from £49.5m down to £28.9m due to significant slippage, reported throughout the financial year, and will be carried forward to future years.

John Fox asked if the Council could let us know more about what is ‘Statutory’ expenditure and what is ‘discretionary’ expenditure JS said that he will endeavour to get some clarification on this.

Poole Partnership: JS reported that, at last night”s meeting, the Cabinet approved the Partnership”s revised terms of reference and two changes of name…           

  • The Steering Group is to be renamed the “Poole Partnership Vision Group” and its role redefined to clarify its responsibility of maintaining a strategic overview of the work of the Partnership,with a more inclusive membership more representative of Poole’s partners and community.
  • The Performance Management Group is to be renamed the “Poole Partnership Management Board” and its role redefined to clarify its role as the executive board, responsible for the overall management of the Partnership, ensuring delivery of the Partnership’s priorities.

JS said he also attended the Local Development Framework Working Group meeting yesterday afternoon Agenda items included…

“Harbouring a Lifetime of Opportunities” – Draft Refreshed Sustainable Community Strategy 2026 – the update of the Sustainable Community Strategy, follows on from the State of the Area Debate.

Third Local Transport Plan 2011 – 2016 – Timetable for delivery…

Jan – May 2010            Consultation & evidence gathering

June – August 2010            Prepare Draft Plan

Sept – November 2010 Consult on Draft Plan

Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Prepare Final Plan

Feb 2011 Approval process

March 2011 Publication & Submission

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – Local Planning Authorities were permitted to make use of the CIL scheme from last Tuesday (06/04/10),

Conservatives will scrap CIL, if elected and replace with a “local based tariff”. However, all parties agree on the importance of infrastructure planning and delivery. Likely that the CIL principle will re-emerge with a different name meaning current work will not be abortive. CIL to replace Section 106 agreements by 2014.

Poole”s timetable for the introduction of the scheme is as follows…

  • Preferred Options Consultation – Summer 2010
  • Pre-submission Consultation – End 2010
  • Examination – Summer/Autumn 2011
  • Adoption – End 2011

Canford Cliffs Village & proposal to plant trees in Haven Road: Keith Alcroft reported on the slots online progression of the discussion on planting trees on Haven Road, in Canford Cliffs. There has now been some movement on this.  KH had attended a discussion on the options at the Council Offices.  The Council needs to have further discussions with Transportation, as it transpires that there will be a need to remove two or three of the car parking spaces on the North side of Haven Road to accommodate the trees. It was pointed out to the Chairman that this idea might not find favour with either the traders on Haven Road or the residents.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road – JS reported that the Council carried out some works to the lower section of the path where the unmade section meets the tarmac on 20/03/10.

A resident of Westminster Road remains concerned about this and the Rights of Way Officer has suggested a site meeting. The suggested date/time is 29th April at 10am. JS said that if anyone was interested in joining the meeting, please let him know.

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – No new developments.

Bessborough Road – ditto

Possible Charitable Status for Assn: JS has still to set up a small Sub-Committee to look at this.

Canford Cliffs Play Area/Pinecliff Gardens (Sunken garden) CD reported that she had not been able to make any progress on this and that the Council attitude seemed to be that the planting had been done and therefore it was a fait accompli.   However, CD is not very happy about this, especially in view of all the help that has been offered to the Council and feels that we should have a meeting with the Council again. There was some discussion on the area that had been ‘opened up’ by the Council to provide a view of the harbour. MH has viewed this area and wonders if, in fact, the Council have carried out work in the correct area.

Use of Assn”s Capital Reserve & Canford Cliffs Library Noticeboard: – SA wondered if the Association would be able to retain a small part of this board for its own use i e advertising events etc. It would only need to be an A5 size.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) – JS is pursuing.

Poole Council”s Business Transformation Programme – Chairman”s note: Brian Gell is monitoring this on behalf of the Assn..

BPCCRA Spring 2010 Magazine & AGM Chairman”s note: It is hoped that the magazine will be available for distribution during the week commencing 19th April.


Keith Alcroft reported

Former Cafe building, Compton Acres (Change of use of former cafe building A3 to playschool D1) – The Wise Owl Pre-school currently operates from a Church Hall in Ashley Cross which is to be disposed of for development. It is proposed that the pre-school will cater for 30 children, 20 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. Access will be via Compton Acres car park and the gate on Canford Cliffs Road will be kept locked. Residents had had similar assurances when the cafe was operating but delivery vans often parked in Canford Cliffs Road and used this entrance. It was agreed that the Association would take no action unless asked to do so by members.

24 Cliff Drive (Extension to existing beach hut & relocate steps (revised Scheme) – Application granted on 26/03/10.

The three day Planning Inquiry re 11 Leicester Road (a) Outline application to erect a 59 bedroom care home (class C2) with associated parking (15 spaces), bin & cycle store (revised scheme) (APP/Q1255/A/ 09/2118175) & (b) Conservation Area application to demolish existing dwelling & associated buildings (revised scheme) (APP/Q1255/E/09/2118176) will commence on 20/04/10 at The Guildhall, Market Street, Poole at 10.00am. It would be good if as many members as possible could attend to show the strength of feeling, as this will be an important test case for Branksome Park

JS reported…

The Cottage, Kingsgate, 7 The Avenue (Demolish existing and erect a block of 5 apartments and associated garages) – Application was refused by Planning Committee on 25/03/10.

5 Highmoor Road (Demolish existing building and erect 1 block of 9 apartments with basement parking, bin & cycle stores) – Application was due be determined at tomorrow”s Planning Committee meeting but this has been deferred.

Other current planning issues

2 Tower Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect 3no. detached houses with integral garages) – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 16/02/10.

11 Westminster Road (Demolition of the existing building and construction of three detached houses with associated parking and access. (revised scheme – Application registered on 25/01/10. Local concerns.

7 Lakeside Road (Erect a three storey block of six x two bed flats and one three bed duplex with basement parking. (Revised scheme) – Application registered on 26/02/10. Application has been “Red- carded”.

24 Ravine Road

(a) (Demolish existing dwelling and erect replacement dwelling with integral garaging. (Revised scheme) Amended plans received 08/12/09 and 25/01/10) – Application refused under delegated authority on 29/01/10 is now the subject of appeal (APP/Q1255/A/10/2122302) to be determined by Written Representations. The final date for Statements & representations was 29/03/10.

(b) (Erection of replacement dwelling (revised application) – Application registered on 31/03/10.

2 Crawshaw Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect two 3-bed detached houses with associated parking) – Application registered 24/02/10. Local concerns.

Land adj 1 Over Links Drive (Sever land and erect a new detached house (Revised Scheme) – Application refused by Planning Committee on 10/12/09 is now to be the subject of a “Written Representations” appeal (APP/Q1255/A/10/2120940) and not a Hearing. The final date for Statements & representations was 10/03/10.

6 Durrant Road Demolish existing dwelling and erect x2 detached dwellings. (Revised Scheme) As amended by plans received 01/10/09) – Application refused under delegated authority on 11/12/09, now the subject of Written Representations appeals (APP/Q1255/A/10/2121180). The final date for Statements & representations was 10/03/10

Canford Cliffs, Promenade 2 (a) Construction of 18 new beach huts – Application No: 08/24380/005/F & (b) Conservation Area application to demolish 8 beach huts (nos 99-106) adjacent to Canford Cliffs Chine. Application No: 08/24380/007/U The applications were registered as long ago as 22/01/08 &13/02/08 respectively. MH will keep the Assn advised of any further developments.

4-6 Compton Avenue (Non material amendment of planning permission 06/12687/005/F to extend basement parking, an additional staircase, two roof lights, convert half gable window to full height) – Application registered on 14/10/09. There is a technical issue regarding the minor amendment, in relation to correctly linking the amendment scheme to the section 106 agreement of permission 07/12687/006/F which the LPA are trying to sought out with the agent.

8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application.            An entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property. This property is up for sale at is “offers” in excess of £2m.

60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – Confirmation awaited that the Council”s Arboriculturist visited both 60 and 60a to check tree issues and that letters sent to the owners requesting planting under Treework/Planning conditions.

4.            ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JS reported that the total funds as at 31st March amounted to            £36,366.10

5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS

“Celebrating Public Art in Poole” – This exhibition is taking place in the Dolphin Centre today & tomorrow (Thursday)

Overhanging Hedge at Kenilworth Court, 3 Western Road – MH has met with the complainant and Transportation Services will be taking the appropriate action.

Ward Walks – NS reported on the “Ward Walk” carried out earlier in the day with MH The areas covered were: MacAndrew Road, Bodley Road, Beaumont Road, Doyne Road. Dalkeith Road west of The Avenue, The Avenue end of Buccleuch Road and Ettrick Road.

NS & MH are recommending to officers that all possible is done to preserve the character of these areas.

Crime in the area – Wayne Hancock reported that 90 bicycles had been stolen over the last 12 months and wished to draw members attention to this. MH said that she would raise this at next meeting of the Parkstone, Penn Hill & Canford Cliffs Safer Neighbourhood Team at Parkstone Yacht Club, Pearce Avenue, Poole Wednesday 28 April, 6pm – 7pm

Pot Holes – Mrs. Daphne Howells asked if anything were to be done about the large number of pot holes on the roads in the area that had appeared since the winter frosts. JS said that he felt sure that this was on the Council’s “radar”.

Tree Management Policy – William Mutlow drew members attention to the fact that, at yesterday”s Cabinet meeting, Cabinet Members approved a Tree Management Policy covering trees on Council-owned green spaces, woodlands and highways (Planning issues such as Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation Areas were outside the scope of the Policy),

Until now the Council have provided a reactive service concentrated on non-statutory tree work applications.

NS confirmed that a pro-active planned service is to be provided which should significantly reduce the number of complaints from residents.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

Date of next meeting: The next meeting is the AGM on Saturday 15th May 2010 at 10.30 am in the Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm”s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)

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