Poole Council Budget Simulator

The Government is reducing the public sector spending to cut the national debt. This means all public bodies, including the Borough of Poole, will get less money to fund services

As a result, we anticipate that the Council’s budget for local services in Poole will have to be reduced by approximately 10% by the end of the next financial year (2011/12)

This means the Council must save money by reducing what it spends and look at raising more from fees and charges to fund local services.

The council are asking you to tell them where you think the savings of 10% can be made and what role fees and charges should have in funding local services to inform the budget setting process.

The Budget Options Simulator shows the services the council provide and how much each costs. This will help you decide where spending should be reduced or increased and will help Poole Council understand what you think their priorities should be in future.

Please visit the following link and follow the instructions.