Election Candidates to attend BPCCRA meeting 13th April 2011

The eight prospective candidates standing in Canford Cliffs Ward have been invited to attend our (BPCCRA) meeting on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It has been agreed that, under Any Other Business, each candidate will be given the opportunity to speak for two minutes in order to outline their hopes/aims, if elected. To be fair to all candidates, there will no follow-up questions and each candidate will be taken in alphabetical order.

There will be an opportunity to chat with members at the conclusion of the formal meeting, which we expect to finish about 8.45pm


  • Baker Michael David – Liberal Democrat NB Mr Baker may not be able to attend, unless he can re-arrange a prior engagement
  • Carvell Susanna – Independent  NB Mrs Carvell has asked Carole Deas to speak on her behalf,
  • Deas Carole – Independent
  • Haines May Yuen – Conservative Party Candidate
  • King Avril Kathleen – UK Independence Party
  • Pawlowski Peter George – Conservative Party Candidate  NB Mr Pawlowski has sent his apologies as he has a prior engagement, which is a longstanding commitment on his part and he is unable to rearrange it.
  • Sorton John Neil – Conservative Party Candidate
  • Walker Ian Louis Buchanan – Independent