Suspicious Telephone Calls Reported by Dorset Police

Dorset Police have received a large numbers of calls from members of the public across the County advising them of suspicious telephone calls they have received. The callers have been asking occupants questions about their home security and what type of property they live in. A Parajumpers Sverige

large number of them have also been asked for their age and on some occasions they have been asked for bank details and offered alarm systems for sale. The callers appear to be targeting older residents. Please do not give out personal details to

callers over the phone. Do not accept offers of alarm fitting over the phone. If you wish to purchase an alarm, wherever possible seek personal recommendations. Some companies operate high pressure selling tactics so do not be bullied into allowing them to visit you at home.

If you would like security advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team. (01202) 222222.

2. Parajumpers Jacka Herr Dorset Police would like to advice you of a scam two Dorset residents have reported to Trading Standards. Letters or calls are received from persons claiming to be calling on behalf of SKY offering satellite system insurance. Residents are asked for banking details and direct debits amounts are then taken monthly from their accounts. The telephone number provided by the caller and the insurance policies do not exist. If you receive a call please check the callers’ identity by asking for verification of the company for whom they work before agreeing to anything over the phone.

Do not give out personal banking details over the phone; if they are legitimate they should already have your details on record.