BPCCRA Minutes August 12th 2009





Terry Stewart President

John Sprackling Chairman

John Defty Treasurer

Keith Alcroft Planning Officer

Bob Young Magazine Advertising

Val Short Minutes Secretary

Cllr Mrs Carole Deas Ward Councillor

Cllr Neil Sorton ditto

10 Members/Wardens


JS welcomed NS & CD and all those present, especially those attending for the first time.

Apologies: Apologies received from Michael Bond, Stan Alfert & Ken Sanson

Accuracy: JS said that, subject to this amendment, he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meetings held on 08 July 2009.


Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported that…

1. Quayside (former) Dolphin Quays development – The empty property rating legislation changed from 1 April 2008 to remove exemptions and discounts from empty property after the initial rate free period. From 1 April 2009 the de minimus threshold was amended 640-692 dumps from £2,200 to £15,000 meaning any empty property with a rateable value less than £15,000 is exempt. However, this legislation only applies to properties on the rating list. The owners of Quayside are liable for empty property rates on any of the units that are on the rating list i.e. the 5 units on the ground floor and those on the first floor if they are empty after the initial rate free period. Currently only one unit is actually empty and the owner is being charged accordingly. The remaining empty retail units are also just shells and therefore, not rateable.

2. Poole Pottery factory buildings in Sopers Lane – No further developments

3. Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – The Eileen Soper Illustrated World, featuring the work of author Enid Blyton’s celebrated illustrator Eileen Soper is due to open at the Swan Inn site by the end of this week, August 14.

4. Quay Thistle Hotel site – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 03/08/09.

5. Old Orchard House. 39-61. High Street – JS has asked Mike Randall, Vice-Chairman of Parkstone Bay Assn to put a question at the next Hamworthy East & West, Poole Town Area Committee meeting on 09/09/09 about the current ’state of play’ in relation to the Public Work of Art at Old Orchard Plaza (Described in report by Head of Transportation Services presented at the Area Committee meeting on 09/07/08 as ‘Installations Space’ to house small-scale performances of musicians/street entertainers. Serve as an exhibition space for local artists’ temporary public art. To exist as an attractive feature in the public realm when not being used for other activities.) TS referred to the Public Art at the Penn Hill/North Lodge junction and said that he thought this was due to be formed of two pieces, one at the Penn Hill junction and the other at the Archway Road/Bournemouth Road junction. JS said that he recalled that this was stated at the Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill Area Committee meeting in March 2008. JS said that he would follow this up.

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:

75 Canford Cliffs Road – Removal of fence and re-instatement of the boundary wall at the newly created entrance to be completed by 15/08/09.

Bella Rosa, 37 Haven Road – Retrospective application to erect glass 640-822 screens to front and side of decking at front of property was refused on 03/07/09. Planning Enforcement to pursue?

2 Compton Avenue & 93 Lilliput Road – A number of breaches of Planning Conditions in relation to Application No: 06/11668/007/F have been highlighted by the LPA.

51 Chaddesley Glen – A new planning application has been requested due to noticeable alterations to the double garage located to the rear of the property. The Agents had asked for the proposal to be treated as a minor amendment to that previously approved on 27/12/07.

Progress re Sir Michael Pitt’s recommendations following independent report into the control of development at the Borough of Poole:

The draft report, following the IDeA Peer Review, is likely to be available at end of this month.

Stephen Thorne is to present an update on Sir Michael Pitt’s recommendations at the next Council Efficiency and Effectiveness Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting scheduled for 03/09/09.

Next Community Working Group Meeting to be held on 30/09/09.

A discussion took place over the issue of whether or not Borough-wide concerns could be discussed at Area Committees. This follows the decision by a Legal & Democratic Services officer not to allow a question from Terry Stewart on he IDeA Peer Review and Sir Michael Pitt’s recommendations. NS stated the Terms of Reference for Area Committee Meetings are that matters discussed must be pertaining to Ward or groups of Wards only.

Chairman’s note: I’ve checked out the BoP website and Appendix 10 of the Constitution and the two references to Area Committees seem to be contradictory. I’m seeking clarification.

Poole Beaches and Coastal Defences: Roy Pointer has kindly agreed to attend the Poole & Christchurch Bays Shoreline Management Plan Review – Key Stakeholder Group meeting on 28/09/09.

Council Tax 2009/10 & Council’s Budget Monitoring report:

JS asked NS if the 1st Draft of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2010-2013 would be presented at the Cabinet meeting on 08/09/09 but NS thought that this was unlikely.

JS said that, in an article in yesterday’s Daily Echo, Cllr Leverett is quoted as saying ““Regrettably there’s going to have to be council tax rises above the rate of inflation,” This is even before this year’s Budget round has begun.

JS reported that £1,082,446 has been cut from Poole’s Growth Point Capital Grant allocation for 2010 to 2011

JS also reported that Dorset, Poole & Bournemouth have been chosen as one of 13 areas to pilot a new initiative, the ‘Total Place project’, to identify how local public agencies can better work together to deliver front-line services more efficiently.

NS said that there is pressure on the budgets of all local authorities and initiatives such as Multi-area agreements was to make the money go further.

JS reported that a ‘Matter for decision’ at the Cabinet meeting on 08/09/09 is to consider continuing Membership of the Dorset Camera Partnership and its financial implications.

NS pointed out that the purpose of cameras is to cut the rate of accidents and injuries on the roads, not to raise revenue. Peter Dulieu added that the money raised by fines goes to the government, but can be given back to local authority, if road safety can be improved.

Poole Partnership: JS reported that the Poole Partnership Performance Management Group (see below) met on 05/08/09 and their recommendations will be considered by the Poole Partnership Steering Group on 30/09/09 (1600-1800 Committee Suite, Civic Centre)

Richard Dimbleby – (Co-Chair) Poole Partnership
Brian Leverett (Cllr) – Borough of Poole
Adrian Crook – Dorset Fire and Rescue
Adrian Dawson – NHS B/mth & Poole

Cathy Riordan – Jobcentre Plus
Christopher Beale – Poole Council for Voluntary Service
David Luckhurst – Government of the South West
Debbie Hillier – NHS B/mth & Poole
Lynn Hart – Dorset Police
Martin Hiles – Dorset Police

Richard Bristow – Poole Citizens Advice Bureau
Sarah Hughes – Learning and Skills Council
Stuart Dickie – Job Centre Plus
Sue Farrell – Learning and Skills Council
Trish Taylor – Learning and Skills Council (Dorset & Somerset)

TS informed the meeting that the Sustainable Communities Act permitted local community panels to put forward to the local council schemes for improvements. TS was concerned that Poole’s local panel had only three members which had been asked to consider six proposals. JS said that he would distribute with the Minutes the report to the Full Council meeting held on 20/07/09 on the ‘Recommendations arising from the joint meeting held between the Sustainable Communities Act Working Party and Local Panel on 13 July 2009′.

TS expressed the view that there is very low awareness amongst Poole’s residents of the activities of Poole Partnership and a lack of publicity and low contact with the forum it is meant to be representing. JS suggested an article in the Autumn 2009 BPCCRA magazine might be appropriate.

Chairman’s note: I have sent a note to Richard Dimbleby suggesting that this is something we might address at the next Steering Group meeting on 30/09/09?

TS also feels that, in my capacity as the Steering Group representative for Residents’ & Tenants’ Assns and Community Groups, I represent all tenants and residents in Poole, but I have “little contact or two-way information flow with Poole tenants”. I know that this challenge is not peculiar to me but to all of Poole’s Service Units and is currently being addressed, with her limited financial resources, by Sue Newell, Poole Council’s Improvement and Policy Officer – Equalities.

Canford Cliffs Village & proposal to plant trees in Haven Road:

KA reported that he had met Warren Leaver last week and reported that the council are undertaking the tree planting in Canford Cliffs Village.

As regards the recently erected Bollards at Ravine Road end of service road behind row of shops in Haven Road between Ravine Road and Maxwell Road, NS stated that the bollards are on private land and there is a notice displayed to that effect.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road – No further developments

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – ditto

Bessborough Road – ditto

Possible Charitable Status for Assn: JS has still to set up a small Sub-Committee to look at this.

Canford Cliffs Chine: KA reported that the Chine had been strimmed and tidied.

Canford Cliffs Play Area: CD reported that the Play Area is on the list and work may start in October/November. A suggestion was made that gym equipment for adults could be included.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) – JS is pursuing.

Conservation Areas under threat: TS reported that English Heritage are very concerned that Conservation Areas are not being protected in the way they should. All councils are required to report to English Heritage on Conservation Areas. There are no areas in Poole that are under threat.

NS added that councils are required to review Conservation Areas every 5 years or so. Periodic reviews had recently been carried out for Sandbanks and Branksome Park.

Travellers sites: JS reported that Poole, along with other Dorset councils, is appointing consultants at a cost of £250,000 to identify and recommend sites for the Dorset-Wide Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan, which would need to be adopted by each authority. The project is not due to be completed until 2012.


KA reported…

2 Tower Road (Conservation area application to demolish existing dwelling & erect 3 detached dwellings with associated parking) Application refused on 30/07/09.

11 Westminster Road (Demolish existing dwelling & erect a block of 5 2-bed apartments with basement parking & bin store) – Application withdrawn 03/08/09

7A Bury Road (Demolish existing and erect replacement two storey dwelling with basement (Revised Scheme) Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 05/07/09. Amended plans lodged on 06/08/09. NS has ‘Red-carded’ this application.

JS reported that a Pre-application meeting re 19 Torbay Road had been held on 15/07/09. He proposed that the Assn should take no further action until the application is submitted.

JS encouraged those present to attend the Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/A/09/2101686) on 18/08/09 at 10.00am re 31A Western Avenue (Demolish existing and erect replacement two storey dwelling with basement (Revised scheme)

JS asked NS if he was aware that the Draft Section 106 Agreement for 11 Leicester Road

(Outline application to erect a 59 bedroom care home (class C2) with associated parking (15 spaces), bin & cycle store (revised scheme) had been requested as long ago on 11/06/09. JS thought that it was time the Agents were asked to withdraw this application.

The application (Conservation Area application to demolish existing dwelling & associated buildings (revised scheme) was registered on 19/05/09. Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 29/05/09.

Other current planning issues

10 Wilderton Road (Demolish existing and erect a two storey, five bed detached dwelling with rooms at basement level and in the roof space with dormer and velux windows. A detached double garage with a dormer window. (Revised scheme) – Application registered on 30/07/09.

7 Ventry Close (Erect a link-detached 3-bedroom dwelling (revised scheme) – Subject to ‘Written representation’ appeal (APP/Q1255/A/09/2102722) The date for final comments

from the appellants and LPA was 29/06/09. The date of the site visit has yet to be announced.

Land adj 1 Over Links Drive (Sever land and erect a new detached house (Revised Scheme) – Letter of objection registered on behalf of Assn on 03/04/09 and application has been ‘Red-carded’.

14 Nairn Road

(a) Demolish existing bungalow and erect a four storey 5 bed house. (Revised Scheme) Appeal (APP/Q1255/A/09/2100972) withdrawn on 23/06/09.

(b) Demolish existing bungalow and erect a four storey five bed house. (Revised Scheme) Amended plans received 15/06/09 – Application granted on 10/07/09.

Victoria School, 12 Lindsay Road (Extension to existing classrooms and loft conversion to offices) – Application granted with conditions on 30/06/09.

3 Tower Road (1 x 3 bed detached dwelling) – Application withdrawn on 09/07/09.

Land adj. 2 Mornish Road

(a) Conservation area application to erect a 5-bed detached house with integral garage, access from Mornish Road (Revised scheme)Appeal (APP/Q1255/A/09/2098623) allowed on 24/07/09.

(b) Erect a 5-bed detached house with attached garage, access from Mornish Road. (Revised Scheme) – Application registered on 29/06/09.

Canford Cliffs, Promenade 2 (a) Construction of 18 new beach huts – Application No: 08/24380/005/F & (b) Conservation Area application to demolish 8 beach huts (nos 99-106) adjacent to Canford Cliffs Chine. Application No: 08/24380/007/U The applications were registered as long ago as 22/01/08 &13/02/08 respectively. MH will keep the Assn advised of any further developments.

19 Sandbourne Road (Demolish existing and erect 5 apartments over 3 storeys with basement parking and associated cycle and bin store) – Arboricultural officer comments lodged on 02/06/09.

20 Balcombe Road (Demolish existing and erect 3 detached houses (Revised Scheme) –

Application refused on 27/05/09) – Application subject to Public Inquiry (APP/Q1255/A/09/2107902) to be held on 10/11/09 at 10.00am at the Civic Centre.

12 St Clair Road (Construct 2 detached dwellings with associated parking. (Revised Scheme) – Application registered on 08/05/09. Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 09/06/09 and application has been ‘Red-carded. The Companies House website reveals that 12 St Clair Road Ltd (11 Ravine Road, Canford Cliffs, Poole, Dorset BH13 7HS Company No. 05796600) is still a ‘Active’ company but the accounts to 31/03/08 are overdue.

107 Lilliput Road (Erection of 12 flats with basement parking, cycle and bin storage.(Revised Scheme)

(as amended by plans received 26.06.09) – Application granted on 07/07/09.

4-6 Compton Avenue (Demolish existing and erect 2 blocks of flats (10 in total) with basement parking, bin and cycle stores. (Revised Scheme Block A). Revised plans received 05.02.2008) Application was registered as long ago as 18/12/07. Most recent posting on BoP planning Application website is a letter from the Agents dated 19/08/08 referring to the outstanding signed Section 106 Agreement which was due to be “issued to Poole Borough Council shortly.” The flats have been largely constructed but it appears that no further work has been carried out on this site since the demise of Ravine Lifestyle. It states at 3.2 ‘Distributions’ of the Administrators’ Progress Report for Ravine Lifestyle dated 21/07/09 that “Clydesdale, the secured lender also had cross guarantees in place over 57 Haven, 4 & 6 Compton, 101 Lilliput and Future 3000. Due to significant shortfalls for the secured creditors in these companies no further realisations were possible for Clydesdale.”

8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application. An entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property.

60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – Confirmation awaited that the Council’s Arboriculturist visited both 60 and 60a to check tree issues and that letters sent to the owners requesting planting under Treework/Planning conditions.

4. ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JD reported that funds at the end of July amounted to £34,299.20.

JD said that it was unlikely that there would be any significant change in this figure until after the distribution of the Autumn 2009 magazine.

JS said that the deadline for material for the Autumn 2009 magazine was the end of this month and he encouraged those present to write an article for the magazine should they so wish. If all the prospective advertisers go ahead with their adverts, the income generated should cover the cost of magazine and may show a small profit,


There being no AOB, JS closed closed at 8.10pm.

Date of next meeting: The next meeting is Wednesday 9th September 2009 in the Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm’s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)