BPCCRA Minutes 10th August 2011





John Sprackling (JS) Chairman

Wayne Hancock (WH)Vice-Chairman

Carol Parkin (CP)Secretary

Keith Alcroft (KA)Planning Officer

John Gunton (JG) MAgazine Editor

Cllr Mrs May Haines (MH)Ward Councillor

Cllr Neil Sorton ditto

Approx. 15 Members/Wardens

JS welcomed Cllrs Neil Sorton & Mrs May Haines and all those present.
Apologies: Apologies received from Terry Stewart (Funeral), Stan Alfert (New Grandson), Michael Bond, Bob & Phyllis Young, Chris Stracey & Ken Sanson.

Accuracy: After receiving no comments, JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true    JS and accurate record of the meeting held on 13 JULY 2011.


Poole Pottery/Old Orchard/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported…
1.    Quayside (former Dolphin Quays) development – No new developments

2.    Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – ditto

3.    Quay Thistle Hotel site – ditto

4.    Old Orchard House. 39-61 High Street – ditto

5.    Land at West Quay Road (Mixed use regeneration and new public quayside to include; the demolition of a listed gate post and all existing buildings on site; the redevelopment of the site with 373 residential units provided in six apartment blocks with basement parking and courtyard) – Amended plans lodged on 07/06/11.

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:
19 Mornish Road (Tree replacement) – The property remains unsold. Any prospective purchaser will be advised of the legal requirement to plant a replacement tree to a specification detailed in the tree replacement notice
55 Canford Cliffs Road (Removal of the gates, railings, fence and hedge, and the erection of a low stone wall with planting behind) – ditto

Current planning enforcement issues
147 Banks Road (Damage to four Corsican pines) – Next Court Hearing fixed for 17 -19th October 2011 at Bournemouth Magistrates Court.
Victoria Education Centre (St Aldhelms Road entrance) – The school has carried out some suitable planting and erected a chain link fence.
2 Compton Avenue & 93 Lilliput Road (Boundary treatment) – No new developments.
Land adj. to 20A Chaddesley Glen (Land be reinstated) – – thditto
23 Ravine Road (Unauthorized tree work) Court Hearing adjourned to 12th August 10am Bournemouth Magistrates Court, Stafford Road

Community Working Group (CWG): WH attended this afternoon’s CWG meeting but said that there were no Agenda items particularly effecting the Association and the    WH Minutes of the meeting will be circulated as soon as these were available.

JS said that his question about the open metal gates proviso in the Branksome Park Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan had not found its way onto the Agenda. If it is felt that this is no longer relevant, then it should be deleted. Having provisos which are ignored in practice undermines the authority of the Conservation Area Management Plan.

Poole Partnership – JS said that he has still to contact Sylvia Webster, Neighbourhood Manager, Bourne Estate.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road – No new developments.

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside Road – ditto

Bessborough Road – ditto

Footpath 82 Spur –JS reported that the RMYC has just lodged a planning application (Construct an extension to the existing marina basin. Removal of part of hardstanding and provision of public footpath to foreshore) which it is hoped will resolve the problem of Footpath 82 Spur.

Possible Charitable Status for Assn: Mike Parkin reported that he has been in touch with a colleague who runs a multi-million pound autistic charity and the conclusion from this exchange was that it would be too much hassle on the part of the Association for relatively little reward – that is assuming that the Association is granted charitable status, which is not at all sure. There was some discussion on this amongst the members and the general conclusion was that it would present the Association with too much trouble for little reward. It was agreed that this item to be deleted from further consideration at this time.
Canford Cliffs Play Area/Pinecliff Gardens (Sunken garden): JS reported that the official opening of the new Treasure island play area above Canford Cliffs chine takes place tomorrow at 2.00pm. Chairman’s Note: I attended this event along with other members of the Association, our three Ward Councillors and a large group residents with their children. The official opening was a great success, Congratulations to all involved with this project.
WH reported that all was going well with the Sunken Garden, and that he would soon be ready for an injection of money from the Association for replanting. He estimated that initially he would need £500/750. JS asked the members for a show of hands to approve that this amount would be made available, and it was duly passed with no objections up to the value of £750..
CP asked for a vote of thanks to WH for his work on this project, both in getting it off the ground and his physical efforts at the working group each week. This was recognised by the Chairman who thanked WH.

Poole Council’s Efficiency Review Programme: JS reported that it was announced last Friday that Councils must publish lists of their assets. A review of the Corporate Asset Management Plan is to be presented at the Council Efficiency and Effectiveness Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 22/09/11.

Localism Bill: WH said that this subject was discussed at the CWG meeting he had been at today. This Bill is going through its third reading at the present time and is constantly changing.

Council Tax 2010/11 & Council’s Budget Monitoring report: nothing to report as there has not been any Cabinet meetings since the Association’s last meeting.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) – Jan Robins said that she had had some experience in this matter through her involvement with the National Trust and agreed to seek advice about this on behalf of the Association.

Hedge at Kenilworth Court – MH doesn’t think this is worth pursuing any further as she is not getting any response to her letters.

Offshore Wind Farm – Roy Pointer reported that, as far as he can see, the Government have powers to enable this to go ahead. It is proposed that 200+ windmills will be erected West of the Isle of Wight. NS reported that the Councillors for Canford Cliffs Ward have been in touch with Robert Syms (MP). Mr. Syms and other concerned local MPs have asked for a meeting with the Secretary of State for Energy. If the Wind farm can be seen from the mainland, they will ask for the turbines to be sited further offdhore. There followed a lot of discussion amongst the members, mainly in opposition to the turbines both from an aesthetic and economical point of view. NS offered to ascertain the latest position on this and the statistics on the number of failures of existing turbines from Robert Syms.
Lindsay Road and St Aldhelms Road Junction – No further developments

JS reported that Keith Alcroft had not been contacted about any planning application during the course of the month but the following applications had been determined.
47A Lindsay Road (Erection of a Class C2 care home for the elderly with associated car parking) – Application granted on 21/07/11. 63 Haven Road (Outline application to erect four detached houses with parking/garaging provisions and formation of vehicular accesses (existing dwelling to be demolished) – application allowed by Planning Inspector on appeal on 19/07/11.
24 Ravine Road (Overhang on right hand side of garage is 800mm but should be 200mm) – retrospective application (APP/11/00330) lodged on 24/03/11. The house has not been built in accordance with the plans and the conditions have not been fulfilled. There is a new planting plan dated 13/07/11. The letter concludes with ‘We believe that the site will now be abundantly planted and full canopy closure should be achieved within two to three years’.
Other current planning issues
5 Excelsior Road (Demolish existing buildings and erect 1 No 4 bed house with integral garage) – Application was registered on 11/05/11 and has been ‘Red-carded’. Amended plans lodged on 04/08/11. 8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application. An entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property. This property is up for sale at ‘offers’ in excess of £2m.
60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – Confirmation awaited that the Council’s Arboriculturist visited both 60 and 60a to check tree issues and that letters sent to the owners requesting planting under Treework/Planning conditions.
4.    REPORT RE CANFORD CLIFFS AND PENN HILL AREA COMMITTEE (27/07/11) – In the absence of Terry Stewart, JS reported that there had been a lengthy discussion on Traffic Regulation Order objections. May Haines gave a verbal report on Pinecliff Sunken Gardens and Canford Cliffs Pocket Park. The report on the Localism Bill had to be deferred as Cllr Mrs Judy Butt was unwell.
5.    ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JS reported on behalf of Paul Fearnley, Hon Treasurer, that Santander have, once again, been unable to provide downloads of their bank statements. PF was told me that this has been a problem since April following the integration of Alliance & Leicester and Santander. There is an incompatibility between the two systems and so far this has not been resolved.
As PF does not have a paper statement to hand he has been unable to finalise the cash flow for this month.


Clubhouse and Tennis Courts at the Wilderton Road – JS reported that the Council intends to market a lease for the operation of the Branksome Park Tennis Courts and associated Pavilion premises as is. The successful tenderer will have to be a tennis operator who may be granted a lease for a period longer than seven years, dependent upon the successful proposal to operate the sporting facility.
The facility will still be used for the local provision of tennis and the Council will work closely with the chosen provider to ensure the community is well catered for in their programme.
The adjacent Bowls Club is unaffected. Extract from note from Head of Leisure Services to Cllr Sorton
The tennis facilities at Leicester Road have been operated under license from the Council by a private company for many years. We are required to re-tender periodically and we are hoping to find an operator to run the facility for public recreation and invest in its maintenance and improvement and pay us as well.
To get all of that we will need to offer a long lease and technically that is a ‘disposal of open space’ although the Council will retain ownership.

BPCCRA Autumn Magazine – JS asked for material for the magazine by the middle of next month.

Poole’s Sustainability and Energy policies (PCS31, 32 and 35) – JG, who is building his own house, listed the costs of ensuring ‘Level 3’ is met, and doesn’t think the Local Authority is fully aware of this.    For instance, the cost of getting the necessary certificates for a single house can be between £2,000 and £8,000.. JS said if JG send him details of his concerns, he would arrange frod this mater to be raised at the next CWG meeting.

Proposed article for Poole News – MH said that she has had an enquiry from the Editor of Poole News as to whether there would be any interest in putting an article in Poole News about what the Association is doing at the ‘Sunken Garden’ This was agreed and MH said that she would follow this up.

Sewers – Roy Pointer wondered if members were aware of the change in responsibility of the maintenance of sewers by local water companies. RP suggested that the Association should ask for a representative from Wessex Water to come and explain the ins and outs of what was going to happen. It was agreed that this was a good idea.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20 pm

Date of next Meeting: Wednesday 14th September 2011 in the Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm’s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)