BPCCRA Minutes September 10th 2008





Terry Stewart President

John Sprackling Chairman

Keith Alcroft Planning Officer

Stan Alfert Data Protection Officer

Bob Young Magazine Advertising Manager

Cllr Mrs May Haines Ward Councillor

Cllr Neil Sorton ditto

15 Members/Wardens

Welcomes JS welcomed Cllrs Neil Sorton & Mrs May Haines and all those present.


Apologies: Cllr Mrs Carole Deas (role had a fall in the Dolphin Shopping Centre earlier today), Val Short, Roy Pointer & Phyllis Young

JS thanked Diana Rogers for stepping in at the last minute to take notes of the meeting.

Accuracy: JS said that he would sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meetings held on 13 August 2008.


Poole Pottery/Quay Thistle Hotel sites update: JS reported that…

  1. Quayside (former) Dolphin Quays development – no further developments.
  1. Poole Pottery factory buildings in Sopers Lane – ditto
  1. Former Poole Pottery & Swan Inn site – ditto
  1. Quay Thistle Hotel site – Permission to demolish the hotel has been 642-414 certification refused but an article in the Daily Echo dated 26/08/08 quotes the Planning Officer as saying “We may approve the scheme for the redevelopment “ TS said that Cllr Bulteel had ‘Red-carded’ the application.
  1. Old Orchard House. 39-61. High Street – no further developments

Planning Enforcement, TPOs/Tree replacements – update:
JS said that he had heard nothing further regarding the S210(1) unlawful felling summons re 19 Mornish Road.

Fitzmor Homes Ltd sites at 49 & 49a Haven Road & 7 Balcombe Road -a letter was sent to Fitzmor Homes Ltd last month requesting the removal of the illegal advertisement board and flagpoles at this site within 14 days.

21 Wilderton Road – JS said that NS had had a note from the Planning Enforcement Officer. The owner is aware that if separate family’s and/or unrelated individuals occupied the property he would be susceptible to Planning Enforcement Action.

NS said there is an anomaly, as for rating purposes, it’s treated as three units but for planning purposes it’s one unit.

Poole Beaches and Coastal Defences: JS reported that planning consent to construct five rock groynes for coastal protection and replace existing steps with ramp for access at Branksome Dene Chine was granted at the Planning Committee meeting on 28/08/08.

Cllr Adams had asked JS to say that, at the time of the Assn’s last meeting, he was unaware that the application had been brought forward from the Planning Committee meeting on 25/09/08. NS said that he was also unaware of the change.

JS said that he had been informed by Cllr Roger West, a Bournemouth Councillor, last week that Nick Lyness of the Environment Agency that Defra will be writing to the objectors 642-617 dumps and that the Environment Agency will be having a “scrutiny” role in making sure that what is being proposed by Poole is good practice. NS said that the Council were acting under the advice of Wallingfords who were acting for Defra

Council Tax 2008/09 & Financial Monitoring report: In the absence of William Mutlow, JS said that at last night’s Cabinet meeting, that an underspend of £½m was reported as at 31/07/08. NS said that there are some worrying pressures such as the cost of energy and the concessionary fare scheme.

Poole Partnership: JS reported that, in his capacity as Poole Partnership Steering Group representative for Residents’ & Tenants’ Assns and Community Groups, he had attended a meeting on 03/09/08. The Transportation Services Capital Programme Manager presented a Powerpoint presentation about delivering the current Local Transport Plan and to share ideas which could influence future plans. This covered such issues as Air Quality; Accessibilty; Bus Strategy; Road Safety; Quality of Life; Asset Management & Highway Maintenance

One of the slides listed the roads in the Borough where there are concerns about air quality – see below. Ashley Cross is the cause for most concern but it is not yet sufficient to designate it an Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995.


Poole sites close to the DfT threshold of 40mg/ m2
Ashley Rood
Commercial Road
Longfleet Road

Poole sites with increasing Air Pollution
Pottery Junction
Parkstone Road
West Quay Rood
Gravel Hill
Poole Road
Lindsay Road

NS said the need to improve the air quality problems at Ashley Cross was one of the justifications for the proposed new traffic system in this area.

Lindsay Road to Station Road Corridor/Speeding: No further developments.

Canford Cliffs Village: JS said that he had been invited to attend the Canford Cliffs Traders Assn 1st AGM on Wednesday 24th Sept at 6pm in the Village Hall MH confirmed that she would be attending this meeting.

Later in the meeting Ben Hurley referred to the possible closure of the Newsagents/General Store at 23 Haven Road. It is understood that the owners face an increase in their rent from £10,000 to £20,000 which they cannot afford. At JS’ suggestion,, MH agreed to raise this matter at the Canford Cliffs Traders Assn AGM NS said that tenants are at the mercy of landlords and the rent is determined by market forces.

TS said that he understood that another newsagent had agreed to buy the newspaper delivery round.

It is understood that the Spar store, 21 Haven Road is owned by the same landlord and face a similar rent increase. MH said that the Post Office is to be taken over by Spar,

Skywalk Tower, Sandbanks (Application No. 06/12765/016/F): MH said that the LPA is still awaiting the Environmental Impact Assessment. The planning officer dealing with this is currently on sick leave but MH will follow up.

Local Bus Services: No further developments.

Public Rights of Way:

Westminster Road end of Dalkeith Road Mrs Wylde reported that two large rocks have been placed at each end of this footpath, engraved ‘Private Road’ and cars seemed to be deliberately parked at weekends to prevent vehicular access, JS said that he would contact Michael Shaw bout this.

Buccleuch Road to Lakeside RoadSA said that he hadn’t heard anything more from the Council about this footpath but is aware that it is trying to find out who owns this footpath.

Bessborough Road – no further developments.

Update re ‘Branksome Park Conservation Area is at RISK’

31 Western Avenue (Demolish existing house (retain pool complex) and erect 1 no. detached house with integral garage) and Conservation Area application to demolish existing dwelling) JS reported that the Appeal Hearing (APP/Q1255/E/08/2067926) is due to be held on 23/09/08 at 10:00 at the Guildhall, Market Street, Poole and encouraged as many members as possible to attend.

Haig Ave & Lawrence Drive

3 Lawrence Drive (Development:Demolition of existing and erection of 8 apartments with underground parking (Revised scheme)subject to ‘Written representations’ appeal (APP/Q1255/A/08/2078484) Date for Final comments was 27/08/08.

6 Haig Avenue (Development:Demolish existing dwelling and erect a block of 5 flats and 1 detached dwelling with detached garages and new access from Haig Avenue. (Revised scheme) The application has been ‘Red-carded’.

Ben Hurley said that the recent Cliff Drive Appeal Hearing, the Planning Inspector made a particular point that he had to follow Central Government guidelines to increase density to 30 dwellings per hectare so we face a “rocky road ahead”.

Possible Charitable Status for Assn: JS said that he had still to set up a small Sub-Committee to look at this.

Action to prevent Travellers accessing Beach Road car park: MH said that there had been no further developments but would follow-up.

Canford Cliffs Chine: MH briefly referred to the meeting with Cllr Peter Adams, KA and Dr & Mrs Creasy to view the condition of Canford Cliffs Chine on 28/08/08, Cllr Adams was taken aback by fact that the vegetation had been cut back so severely. JS said that KA had written a report on this and he would distribute this with the Minutes.


KA reported that…

14 Nairn Road (Demolish existing bungalow and erect a four storey 6 bed house) – Application registered on 08/08/08. Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 01/09/08. Ben Hurley thanked MH for ‘Red-carding’ this application.

12 Wilderton Road (Demolish existing and erect a 2/3 storey replacement detached house. (Revised scheme) – Application registered on 18/08/08. Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 01/09/08.

JS reported that…

75 Canford Cliffs Road

(a) Conservation Area application to demolish part of existing garage)Granted with conditions on 20/08/08.. This is with the proviso that there is a scheme submitted to ‘make good’ the building. This is due to the fact that the partial demolition of the garage is not considered to be acceptable – as long as the building is ‘made good’.
Demolition of part of existing garage and erect new garage with pitched roof and rooms in roof space. Form new vehicular access and drive – Refused on 20/08/08 and an Enforcement Notice has been served.

8 St Osmunds Road (Demolish existing house & erect a 2-storey house with vehicular access off St Osmunds Road) – granted on 12/08/08. Rose Rogers said that , following the Assn’s last meeting, she had asked Cllr Parker to ‘Red-card’ the application but JS explained that this was too late as the application had been approved the previous day,

Tesco Store, Poole Road (Extensions to existing store at front and rear Installation of ATM Unit. Alterations to vehicular access and car park & Installation of enclosed entrance lobby) – applications registered on 04/08/08. The Minutes of the Poole Council’s last Transportation Advisory Group meeting on 31/07/08 that…

“Tesco had reviewed the car park access arrangements (but) currently had no plans to further improve pedestrian facilities across the car park access but had been made aware of the petition by local residents and have agreed to bear this in mind should any opportunities for improvements arise in the future.”

JS said that he presume that this is Tesco’s ‘last word’ on the subject.

A member said that, whilst waiting in the car park for a short while, she had observed 24 cars using this as a cut through’. JS said that Tesco were well aware of this issue and it had been reported in the Daily Echo that the Company had written to at least one local resident asking him to desist.

1, 2 & 3 Alington Close & 2a & 2b Shore Road (Demolish existing and erect 6 x two/ three storey blocks comprising 32 flats with basement car parking, accessed off Alington Close and associated works and landscaping) (Amended scheme) granted by Planning Committee on 01/04/08. JS reported that the Case Documents are being considered by the High Court Judge to decide if the case is strong enough to justify a Judicial Review. The decision should probably be known in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

JS said that, if the Judge gives the go-ahead for a Judicial Review local residents should bring pressure to bear on all Ward Councillors throughout the Borough to press the Council to petition for a settlement rather than wasting Council Tax payers money fighting this case, bearing in mind that, at last night’s Cabinet meeting, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Dr Brian Leverett said “The current Medium Term Financial Plan is the more challenging than it’s ever been,”

MH referred to Canford Cliffs, Promenade 2 (a) Construction of 18 new beach huts) – Application No: 08/24380/005/F & (b) Conservation Area application to demolish 8 beach huts (nos 99-106) adjacent to Canford Cliffs Chine. Application No: 08/24380/007/U The applications were registered as long ago as 22/01/08 &13/02/08 respectively. MH said that these applications are for 2 storey constructions, these do not comply with the Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance and the Head of Planning Design & Control Services and the Head of Leisure Services have reviewed the entire length of the promenade to see if there is a more suitable site(s). MH will keep the Assn advised of any further developments.

John Fox referred to 62 Haven Road (Erect 3 x 4-bed houses) subject to a Planning Inquiry (APP/Q1255/A/08/2081952) The date for Final comments is 07/10/08. The developer in this caes has tried for one replacement house, then two, then a house on half the plot, and now three, all of which have been refused by the LPA. JF hoped that those members who were able, might to attend the Inquiry in due course. JS thought this was likely to be in December 2008.

Other current planning issues

Land rear of 2 Mornish Road (Erect 3-storey house with detached garage to be accessed from Mornish Road) – Local concerns. The application has been ‘Red-carded’. Amended plans lodged on 26/08/08.

7A Bury Road (Demolish bungalow and build a 3 storey dwelling with basement and parking) – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of the Assn on 07/08/08.

140 Canford Cliffs Road (Erect 8 no.3 bed and 1 no.2 bed flats with  underground parking and cycle store) – Application registered on 24/07/08. NB Application for 6 x 3-bed and 1 x 4bed flats was granted with conditions on 24/07/08

146-148 Canford Cliffs Road (Demolish existing and erect three storey block of 9 flats with basement parking) – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 06/08/08.

16-18 Durrant Road (Demolish existing and erect 2 blocks of 6 flats (12 total) with single linked basement garage ) & 1 – 3 Compton Avenue (Demolish existing and erect a block of 11 flats & 1 maisonette with basement parking Revised Scheme) –both applications were granted by Planning Committee on 17/04/08 and are currently subject to review by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Land rear of 2 Mornish Road (Erect 3-storey house with detached garage to be accessed from Mornish Road) – Application registered on 25/06/08. Local concerns. The application has been ‘Red-carded’.

19 Sandbourne Road (Demolish existing and erect 5 apartments over 3 storeys with basement parking and associated cycle and bin store) – Letter of objection lodged on behalf of Assn on 24/06/08. In a letter from Bournemouth Borough Council Planning Dept dated 18/08/08, it says “You will note that cliff stability is a particular issue for certain residents in this locale and therefore I would recommend that your suitably qualified engineers investigate this matter to their professional satisfaction.”

12 St Clair Road (Construct 2 detached dwellings with associated parking as amended by

plans received 14.07.08 (Revised Scheme) granted by Planning Committee on 24/07/08.

Earlier application subject to Planning Inquiry (APP/Q1255/A/08/2076118) but withdrawn on 27/08/08.

5 Shore Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect detached house with integral garage) – Application withdrawn on 22/07/08. Revised plans expected.

5A Shore Road (Demolish existing dwelling and erect detached house with integral garage) – Application withdrawn on 22/07/08. Revised plans expected.

1 Over Links Drive (Sever land and erect a detached house with integral garage) – application withdrawn on 27/03/08. Awaiting revised application.

1 Shore Road (Demolish existing and erect 7 apartments on 4 floors with basement parking) – Application withdrawn on 28/07/08.

8 Shore Road – BPCCRA will continue to monitor possible tree work application. An entrance has been created on the Haven Road side of this property.

60A Kings Avenue (Tree Replacement Notices to replant 3 Scots Pines) – subject to Written Representation appeal (GOSW Ref SW/THM/8147/1038)

4.      ACCOUNTS TO DATE – JD said that the Assn’s net income was marginally below that reported last month. All bulk subscriptions had been received bar one which was expected later this month.


Government’s proposed Free Swimming scheme for 60+: JS reported that, at their meeting last night, the Cabinet is recommending to Council not to proceed with the Government’s proposed Free Swimming scheme for 60+ and under 16s at this time; until the proposals are fully funded by Government, and not time-limited to two years

Proposed year-round dog free area on a section of Sandbanks beach: JS reported that, at their meeting last Monday, Cllr Peter Adams called for a show of hand for this proposal and a majority of members of the Southern Poole Chairmens’ Liaison Group voted in favour of this proposal. MH commented that a dog ban is already in operation during the Summer months.

Community Safety Survey 2008: Rose Rogers raised concerns about the 12 page questionnaire which she had received from Opinion Research Services based in Swansea on behalf of the Dorset Police Authority (DPA). The form asks a lot of personal questions about health, housing etc

JS said that he had already been contacted about this by Geoff Solomon, a former Chairman of the Assn who was concerned amongst other matters, about the cost of the exercise, bearing in the underfunding that the DPA is experiencing.

Chairman’s note: GS has since received a reply from a Spencer Challenger on behalf of the Chief Constable…

“The Community Safety Survey is an annual survey. It satisfies a mandatory requirement for all Police Forces to consult the community around policing priorities and funding of the service. The survey is a valuable process for gathering a wide range of views in a structured way and allows the identification of priorities and ways of improving trust and confidence in local policing.”

Social HomeBuy Pilot Scheme for Affordable Housing: Chris Stracey referred to Central Government’s Shared Ownership scheme which is being promoted by the Department of Communities and Local Government’s and wondered, in view of large number of unsold flats in the Borough, the Council might wish to take advantage of the scheme.

TS said that he thought that there were about 1,500 unsold flats in the conurbation. He has been told that some of the ‘Affordable’ flats above ASDA in West Quay Road still remain unsold.

NS said that he would counsel extreme caution as he didn’t think that the Council Tax payer should take on the risk and this should be left to market forces.

SA said that Shared Ownership had been in existence for 30 years and was an ideal situation which had been adopted by many Housing Associations. It works quite well but properties have to conform to certain standards and flats in the area covered by the Assn were unlikely to fall in the category as ‘Affordable Housing’.

JS asked if CS would write a note to him on the subject and SA suggested that the known Housing Assns in Poole be contacted.

NS said that, following the departure of Simon Hendey, as Head of Housing & Community Services, Kelly Ansell, Principal Strategic Housing Manager was currently, Acting Head of Housing.

Mass Rally in Bournemouth: TS reported the CPRE are organising a Mass Rally on Saturday (13/09/08) in Bournemouth Town Square sponsored by six Councils opposing the Government’s plans for an additional 48,000 homes in the area.

Proposal to plant trees in Haven Road (Canford Cliffs Village) KA asked if consideration could be given to planting trees along the pavement in the village. There is only one tree at present.

JS said that he would put this on the Agenda for next month’s meeting.

Chairman’s note: KA writes “The provision of several leafy deciduous trees would complement the existing four flower baskets at each corner of the village. In addition they would mask the unsightly and drab upper floors of the shops which in many cases are empty or used as store rooms and would enhance the pleasant shop fronts below.

An avenue of trees is know to help to calm down traffic and their introduction would be a long term investment into the beauty of the village and would also form an excellent setting for Christmas lights.”

JS closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

Date of next Meeting: The next meeting is on Wednesday 8th October 2008 in the Main Hall at Branksome St Aldhelm’s Parish Centre (Entrance via Lindsay Road)